The exit from a subway station – TOKYO – 2010.

After 12,000 years of painful toil and creative endurance an instant Global interaction. A chance moment of cell-phone communication is in an iconic-organised ‘Stone Age’ setting in our world’s most technologically advanced metropolis. It captures Humanity’s debt to Neolithic-era ‘Belt-and-Road’ pioneers in their Civilising initiative, forward-planning and forewarning instruction – at
Göbekli Tepe.
John McClellan.

Our life-time is instant evident as an Axial Age. A new existence is self-initiated; yet an Epochal Transforming Event goes seemingly unappreciated! So too with our primary Axial Event – a Neolithic Revolution activated around 12,000 years ago.

Then – in a briefly benign Holocene climate – a single-generation set-out to be global-effective in its ordered simplification of Nature’s apparent complexity.1 A new life-programme was advanced and operated, yet evident in geometric-based duality. That way installed, our new mindset fundamentally transformed Earthly beingness in Space and Time. https://space-cell.com/page/4/

The extinction-force of a comet’s impact sent that Neolithic age a dire forewarning. Comet strike may have sparked civilisation shift | The University of Edinburgh 2 Our survival demanded a social-transforming initiative directed towards our Earthly salvation. Then planned as hoped-for – a future diversion of inevitably recurrent cosmic invasions is now being configured.3

As ‘The Bible’ narrative tells it: ‘Primal Eden’ existence was ‘shock’ re-programmed. Humanity new-way assembled in collective labour painfully progressed a productive and accumulative life-time in a new daily-routine. Self-constructed, a Civilised way of life timely-advanced an unprecedented planar-installing project – unnatural, uncertain, but urgent as species-saving.

That world-changing undertaking designedly led to 20th Century’s apocalyptic revelation – 2-D-constant planar-space – as C2 Relativity Theory.4 A New Universal Understanding has accessed Nature’s space-time-transformative mechanism. A base geometric duality (same as before) instant re-set us new-controlling life and death – absolute destruction in that seemingly miraculous way, above Hiroshima – 6th August 1945.5

Existence-restructuring via quantum physics, electronic communications and rocketry new-directs an Evolutionary enterprise/purpose in World-saving and Cosmic venturing endeavours. Our existential predicament in cataclysmic climate-change (along with a world-life-style reshaping ‘Covid’ invasion) shows that our species survival remains as the operating imperative.

In that ancient Axial Assessment a ‘Belt & Road Initiative’ installed its global-communications network. It dual transmitted and effected a World-wide re-ordering in the binary-logic of Space and Time’s unresolvable-different geometric configurations. Those are interactive-applied in our split-brain thinking processes, bi-laterally evidencing Nature’s self-organising principle. [Ref: Two different but associated Atomic Element Tables – Time-organised Cyclic as Mendeleev’s6 Periodic orbital-Electron system + Rectilinear in Moseley’s7 Space-Radiant Nuclear-Proton arrangement. Together dynamically-conjoined, they predictively frame the material totality as finite in its self-connective orbital/spherical ‘Time’ containment but potentially infinite in its nuclear-radiant planar ‘Space’ extension].

A Continent’s overland trade-routes and migrant-herding activity ‘road connected’ a ‘Civilised’ lifestyle in rectilinear-organised ‘Man-made’ permanence. Spatially fixed 2D-planar in architecture, urbanism and agriculture, settlement migrations from those centres colonised Planar-Space as productive ‘Lebensraum’. War-Force extended up-to 20th-century’s globally-finite confined containment, that has set us on ‘infinite-road’ extra-terrestrial colonisations.

Meanwhile, Hunter-gatherers have ancient-applied cosmic astronomy across vast plains or navigated sea and coastal routes via a practical, materially and socially different geometry. A Time-based Logic was set in rounded-constructions around a centred Hearth – in that Women’s realm. Daily and seasonal adaptation in ever moveable encampments secured and sustained a finite global-confined life, evidenced effective until today.


Overland-roads joined government-cities along-with river and sea-port trading locations; men effectively conjoining that base-division of world-peoples as separated in their diverse outlooks and activities. Round and rectilinear geo-metrics set-together in Earth-measuring and constructive mechanisms facilitated and transmit techniques and innovations back-and-forth in a world-wide re-ordering. Those interactive base-conceptions as Space & Time Logics installed and progressed the Universal creative-endeavour. 20th-Century technology rapid-advanced that in a time of world-warring – global-controlling East v West finality, cataclysmic in New Age Axial Transformations.

So how can we operate to ‘build-better’? What new World Ordering programming must be installed – planned instant-effective as was that Neolithic initiative?

Einstein, Wittgenstein, Buckminster-Fuller; Le Corbusier, Picasso and the legion of creatives as ‘Modernists’unknowingly had resolved that. Each as exceptional applied base geometrics in their different ways. Again a single generation was Axial-transformative in the early decades of the 20th Century.

A base-constructive strategy is fundamental to existence. A geometric-duality of separated but interactive Space + Time logics installed Neolithic-era creative outlooks in geometric endeavours.8 20th Century it did so again, so It can/must re-programme our ever evolving existence.

An insubstantial [trans-substantial] initiative somehow set-off the ‘material’ dynamics of Universal Evolution. It made humanity to install a Neolithic Revolution and Britain its post-war (1951) Festival, radically progressive in a Thames-side South-Bank development. Those together inspired me (1964) in future-designing Diss (an ancient-sited market-town in Norfolk UK) along lines of a new revealed Neolithic outlook – as my Architectural College had then shown operating in V. Gordon Childe’s excavations at Scotland’s far-north Skara-Brae.9

* * *

The “Space-Cell Systems” analysis and formulation geometrically resolves a logical conundrum in a practical construction. From ages-past ‘religious’ formulations have enshrined it – most directly evident in Buddhist Stupa (so stated in Japan’s ‘Gorinto’ Zen symbolism). Arata Isozaki showed that, as he noted how Architects in times of change apply basic geometrics in their designs.10 But it is evident everywhere in the Phi-dynamic world Nature has created; even as us. Westerners have installed that in an intelligence-communicating ‘Alphabet’ – a Pi-organised origin is a 22/7 letter-number logic.

It is that inherently irresolvable problem of ‘Squaring-the-Circle’ that initiates, installs and drives Universal creation in ever evolving ‘material’ existence. We are same-way organised in that geometric-dynamic [DNA Helix], genetically-coded and programmed to recognise and apply that in our separated consciousness of ‘Time’and ‘Space’ – as ‘Belt-and-Road’ organising.

A Neolithic-era ‘Cyclic-Belt-and-Rectilinear-Road’ initiative yet progresses our existence. Its fixed-planar-organising is now on a 2-D flat mineral base; that ‘cell-phone’ computer-chip is the connective ‘Road’ infinite-extensive in its space-logic. A ‘Belt’ is water-installed, dynamic around a spherical Earth in Life-giving air and sea currents. These tidal-time-cycles daily engender and refresh each fragile-formed, finite separated, bio-formation – as temporally make and sustain us in our short life-spans.

1Albert Einstein 1950 – “The totality of sensory experience can be comprehended on premises of great simplicity”. https://www.brainpickings.org/2016/05/12/einstein-passion-for-comprehension/










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