Mid 20th-Century questioned, why he designed Square Buildings? – accomplished Architect Erno Goldfnger’s abrupt response was ”only Pygmy and Zulu live in round houses!”. Expressing racial and derogatory stereotypes then prevalent in Western Society, a bald assertion made its geometric point. A duality, evident in a rectilinear installation and advancement of ‘Civilised’ society, was everywhere constructed from a recent-organised control [Neolithic Era – 10,000 B.C.] over the cyclic roundness of our primordial origins – everyone’s ancestral roots.

How Architectural Geometrics Have Conditioned Our Society – ref: 2009 Consciousness Studies –

1964/5 saw my Final Year at Kingston School of Architecture. A college-task was to survey and ‘modernise’ the layout of an ancient-established rural community – Diss, in Norfolk, UK.,_Norfolk

The previous school-year had completed its survey of V. Gordon Childe’s 1930 ‘revelatory’ excavations at Neolithic Era Skara Brae – to the far-north of Scotland.

Exceptionally well-preserved, those most-ancient of Europe’s dwellings appeared as rounded – but their internal layout and ‘stone-age’ fittings were rectilinear; well-crafted as any 1930’s ‘Bauhaus’ or ‘Goldfinger’ concept. It prompted me to consider that same question – why do we ‘civilised’ peoples so ‘squarely’ design our elegant and comfortable homes – whereas tribal peoples construct their round environment?

Our Art School Library came-up with the answer – in less than an hour. “Black-Elk Speaks * – told how “when the White Men came to our land” we Native Americans were forced from our rounded homes and an efficient mobility of a “Tepee” encampment, to be permanent-imprisoned in their squared confinements. So, not only Pigmy & Zulu but nature-dependent ‘nomadic’ peoples everywhere – from ancient times till now – require (and deeply desire) their homes to be rounded! The Mongol Ger/Yurt is yet effective, desirable as a portable ‘machine-for-mobile-living’.*

Why do those so-want/need their geometry? US researcher Prof. Roger Sperry [same time – mid-1960’s] revealed the answer – via his surgically invasive brain-investigations.

He showed ‘Time-logic’ is left-brain-made cyclic variable – bi-laterally separated from a right-brain ‘fixed-Space-logic’ well-evident in mammalian and avian make-up. That base-duality is fundamental to promoting advanced existence. In the bio-rounded nest or fire-placed birth-homes of the mobile lifestyle- a female (left-brain) time-logic life-style controls a centralised – but soon moveable – security of that ‘sacred territory’.

Diss is a small market-town – an agricultural settlement in its post ice age river-valley, well built on a hill-side above its unique crafted ‘Mere’. An iconic ‘gem’ is immediately experienced as a self-confined ‘sacred territory’ – remote as a very long walk away from its eastern railway connection to Urban Modernity or a southern road that bypasses it.

In studying a forced ‘modernised’ redevelopment, its prospects saw me concerned – how to preserve and advance a unique but fragile long-time assembled charisma?

Diss has its obvious ‘organic’ layout – that set my thinking on biomorphic lines. Cell- morphology dictates our biological origins and living presence. D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson’s ** Classic Cambridge study “On Growth and Form” set-out how geometrics condition the science of cellular bio-evolution. So my “Space-Cell Systems” project was instant initiated. Its geometric impulse was to formulate a ‘Natural Architecture’ as then demanded for advancing an unprecedented Cosmic mobility and a World re-ordering 1957 evidenced in ‘Sputnik’ orbit.**

A ‘Space-Cell’ approach to renewed urbanism was radical – but soon vindicated via the ‘Observer‘ Sunday newspaper. Their renowned Architectural Critic was Ian Nairn. He gave an authoritative review of that Diss Project’s presentation – then showing at London’s ‘Building Centre’. He observed that of all those proposed schemes mine alone showed an appreciation of the town-form as a unique masterpiece – to thus flow with it.

But Erno Goldfinger’s contrasted relationships between round and rectilinear form in Architectural Geometrics (as definitive in setting everyone’s life-style) had yet to be science-explained. What inherent logic (evidently critical) was needed, as diversely effective?

Universal Existence is in geometricSpace-Time’ – measured and proven finite from its ‘Big-Bang’ origin and inherent expansion at C2 constant-speed of Light. But Time’ has no presence where everything is radiant C2two-dimensional planar – photo-graphic space. Gravity is spherical-localised as Mass accumulates matter to install ‘Time’ G=M=T. So ‘Space’ & ‘Time’ are separated geometric potentials of a vibrant discontinuous foam – a ‘Space-Time’ Energy Matrix.

My key-realisation was seeing in Einstein’s 1905 Relativity Theory newly demonstrated geometrics of Space & Time. Classical ‘Space is seen (remains) as a neutral void – for Einstein too a nothingness as simple containment of material events, with ‘Time’ same-way a linear-measurement in past-future connection of those events. His maths tutor Minkowski [1908] asserted that in a four-dimensional measuring – three dimensions of volumetric Space then ‘welded’ to a one-dimensional time-line – but he was wrong in that ‘Classical’ assumption, as science references yet define it!

Rectilinear Architecture & Agriculture made ‘Space’ manifest by fixed-installing those uniform planar-space 2-D surfaces – of walls, floors, crop-fields and rice-paddy – everywhere the same – in Goldfinger-defined ‘Civilisation’. ‘Time’, proven as directly associated with Gravity/Mass, is spherical-surface rounded and cyclic in periodic arrangements. So ‘Time’ is ever variable, localised as his ‘Pygmy and Zulu’ nomads must momentary depend-on that (ever adapt-to Earth’s daily, monthly and annual variety and constant changes) in a moveable subsistence lifestyle.

But of course, Planar Form and Curved Form are inherently ever separated. They cannot have a common denominator nor smallest [infinitesimal] particle to same-way make, measure or conjoin them – except as a constant dynamic-ratio ever ongoing in an infinite series Pi22/7‘Squaring-the-Circle’ is the Universal Constructive Formula we must apply. Every architect’s plan-layout or cartographer’s map-of-the-world is a 2-D flat approximation of a curved surface existence, as 1919’s demonstration of Universal Gravity Curvature conclusively proved Einstein’s postulate.

In the same-way, every photo or mirror’s 2-D flatness takes Mass with its ‘Time’ dimension away from the Spaceit reflects.–SRrT_WXqCjVoQ

That geometric duality (as Goldfinger clearly stated it) indicates two opp’osing outlooks on our worldly existence. Since a generation had installed our Neolithic Revolution the Architected resolution of that eternal diversity has been intelligently constructed,: e.g. Renaissance Architecture – Buddhist Stupa – Mecca’s Kaaba; same way world-wide in every religious or secular construction. Our planar-formed homes and work-places set the cyclic routines of us as ‘civilised’ occupants in a Universe-resolving dynamic – as do the arena of recreation in sports and entertainment.

Our body’s cellular construction is organised via a linear genetic-coding, Helix-Cycle assembled in DNA. Same way in our writing; the Western Alphabet is based on the ancient origins of Hebrew script – 22–letters/numerals as set out in its 7 groupings.

Conclusive showing: Each Atom has its characteristic linear-expressed properties installed via a planar-radiant nucleus [Moseley] separated from a periodic spherical-closed orbital electron-cycle [Mendeleev]. In that contained geometric as a Pi-resolving duality those are then the interactive building-blocks of material existence.

JOHN McCLELLAN – 01-09-2021

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