LOST KNOWLEDGE: JERICHO’s Computer Geometry – Universe-resolving Pi.

Darwin’s evolutionary conception – a gradually progressed adaption – was (Western religion-reluctant) science-acceptable in the 1930’s. Then V. Gordon Childe1 made known his ‘Neolithic’ assertion: A radically changed outlook evident in unprecedented activity was revolutionary. Since ongoing, it ‘instant’ imposed the organising basis of a world-changing strategy as our ‘civilised’ social, cultural and economic conditioning.

Although archaeology evidenced – well-shown2 as from 12,000 years ago – his conclusion was too disruptive for most to accept (even in the 1980’s). Slow step-by-step fitful advance (random trial-and-error in “survival of the fittest”) was tolerable (as it legitimated the so-selected authority of the present state) but instant ‘wholesale-organised’ revolutions were politically, socially, scientifically and ‘ideologically’ abhorrent. In the ‘Western’ milieu his radical insight was not well received [on retirement he self-ended his days].

Now it’s well proven; but he (others yet) saw Agriculture alone as key transforming device – whereas it is early-evident that a radical new Architecture accommodated first settlement at Jarmo, Catyl Huyuk,3 Jericho. Gobekli Tepe 4previously installed and promoted the essential Geometry for that planar/rectilinear advance to Civilisation. Several thousand years after [then as Childe’s Urban Revolution] Agriculture became critical in civilised development. As selected crops were then predictively mass-produced in planar-accountable uniformity only that bureaucratic organising sustained centralised and militarised-extensive populous states; specialist-trade’s local production now in defensive-walled towns – all administered from new Cities.

Yet we recognise how past-era’s regular cataclysms have instantly installed new realms appropriate to advancing new species. Existence made-instant in its Big-Bang. Matter is instant self-formed & transformed consecutive in yet-ongoing Cosmic cataclysms; the Dinosaur-extinction well-shown from a moment-event. New life-forms progressed ‘safer’ environments as begot us. Then, in a short but fortuitously-benign Holocene 5epoch we engaged that ‘revolutionary’ Neolithic facility, but only after a comet’s deadly impact brought Earth-shock and brief ice-age return – close to being our extinction-event!6

That base-pattern of Civilised development has been everywhere same-way organised – evidenced since its ‘Neolithic’ initiation. Rectilinear-planar geometric formatting installed uniform, permanent, productive and accumulative settlement: In its 2-D Planning [calendar/map/spreadsheet] Architecture + Agriculture + Industry = Civilisation.

World-wide, new societies advanced that geometric way as new thinking-and-doing selectively activated Nature’s right-brain facility.7 Its Spatial-logic planar-directs analytic powers in visual-defined precisely-prescriptive continuity – centrally-ordered in ‘timeless uniformity’ of literacy, numeracy, planning and accounting. Nomadism separately installed its temporal-adaptive connections via global-dispersed tribal-networks. Oral-creation, intuitive-discovery and opportunistic-trade as left-brain-organised variable resources, recognise and transmit adaptive advances in local facilities and regional change – ever evolutionary active in Nature’s Time Cycles.

A ‘spatial strategy’ autocratic and bureaucratic in warfared-finality, geometrically installed radically transformative ‘cybernetic’ 8 technologies. Again revolutionary, a global-society is now planar-integrated – C2 micro-measured – on smart-phone chips.

20th-century ‘Neotectonic’ devices revealed a self-organised constantly re-creative Universe – urgently ever-evolving via instant-transformative ‘cyclic events’.9 Divisive-and-reintegrating revolutions analogue-activate instructions in Universal Dynamics as demonstrated by ‘Manchester’s Meccano’10 computer-integration. So the ‘Tower of Jericho’11 showed a Sundial’s cosmic-geometry – planar-fixed location of Time’s local-variable cycles; a geometric-ordered existence as Einstein’s Theory defines it.

Hurry – No Longer-Time to Waste!! Einstein’s Revolutionary 1905-Cosmology had its planar-fixed (Constant) base-geometric – radiant C2 – made cataclysmically evident; instant 2-D-transformative at Hiroshima – 1945. Cosmic-metamorphosis in Civilised annihilation was the self-installed terminus to our hopefully-planned 12,000-year Earth-confined Anthropocene Odyssey. That awesome-revelation was a deathly finality, as Oppenheimer’s tale.  https://www.wired.co.uk/article/manhattan-project-robert-oppenheimer

1957 – ‘Sputnik-1’ completed its extra-terrestrial-cycle. A dynamic integrating geometry instantly re-birthed us – Earth-protecting Cosmos-venturing beings applying E=MC2.

That geometric-directed purpose of the Neolithic initiative [see Gobekli Tepe link-site following] was in its archaic forewarning of cosmic-cataclysms; as from 5,000-years later, ‘Stonehenge’ too maintains that alerting astronomy. Precision-engineered Geometry set permanent in those constructions yet forebodes the inevitable extinction-event only advanced technology might some-day avert (soon?) – the Constant Universal Directive sent to any Civilisation.  https://www.sciencealert.com/ancient-carvings-in-turkey-show-a-comet-hitting-earth-changing-civilisation-forever

Now ‘neo-tectonic revolution’ installs our evolutionary shift. New creative thinking in reorganising-construction must again follow base-geometric instructions. ‘Space-Cell’ geometry’s spherical triangle-prescriptions define (as ‘Covid’ virus-formation confirm) their innate adaptive/survivalist potential.12 In renewed climate-change (and extinction-event ever-threatened) we remain hopefully-constructive – forced-urgent in that need.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7459239

UK’s 1951 Festival 13 was directed to constructively secure existence following epic World-War. It demonstrated recovery via applied geometrics; again a Pi-[22/7] resolving mindset urgent-organised new integration for creation in an Axial-Age. In a brief Time of immediate and ‘miraculous’ transformation we too are fortunate? A generation revolutionary in geometric intelligence as installed Child’s ‘Revelation’ – “squaring the cosmic cycle of existence” made permanent at Neolithic-age Jericho.

JOHN McCLELLAN – “Space-Cell Systems” – 14/08/21

1https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V._Gordon_Childe https://www.history.com/topics/pre-history/neolithic-revolution














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