It is recognised1 that at times of cultural or social ‘revolution’ architects commonly explore the use of those primal geometries as Spheres, Cubes and Triangles: e.g. – Egypt’s Pyramids – Boullee’s ‘Monument to Newton’ – Russian Constructivism – Cubism – Bauhaus Modernity – Mies van der Rohe – Buddhist Stupa – Classical, Romanesque, Gothic, Palladian and Baroque Architecture. ‘Crystal Palace’ – Buckminster-Fuller’s Domes etc., set the ‘Tone to an Age’.

The reason for that is they intuit that base-organising of existence as Einstein too so effectively revealed it in 1905. That way, the 20th Century abruptly installed Humanity’s second great change.

Exactly as any Architectural building programme Nature uses those base-forms as it geometrically designs and constructs everything – up-to us in the modular helix of our DNA’s Genetic Code.

From then-on Humans must assemble the next phase of evolution. We began that [10,000 B.C.] via the Architectonics of Civilisation2. First-time then (and ever since) that conditioned lifestyle is based on Flat Plane Surface fix-field locations [Agriculture] as rectilinear containments [Houses + Cities] of our ‘spherical’ bio-organism’s cyclic-activity. Everyday activeness of ‘Life’ is dynamic in resolving the ‘pi’ issue; thus ‘squaring-the-circle’ is not mysticism, but an existence-practicality.

‘Modernity’ expressed that twinned definition with an ‘Organic’ approach and a ‘Mineral‘ design strategy in archetypes. Corbusier (foremost amongst others) expressed and formulated that in all his works and a Dual System ‘Modulor’ [Blue Series v Red series]. Those productions tried to “square-the-circle” of rectilinear v curvilinear form by installing the pi+phi infinite progression. That instinctive creative impulse is a dual logic, as visually and verbally ‘Modernity’ well-showed it.

Just the same way, Einstein sought to resolve two geometrics in his same equation – one flat-planar ‘C2‘ as ‘Special Relativity’ 1905 the other spherical-surfaced ‘M/G’ as ‘General Relativity’ 1915.

Relativity Theory describes the true nature of Space & Time. Those are shown and proven as simply the most basic and familiar geometric propositions. SPACE is ever and only experienced as a two-dimensional-planevisually located on a retinal screen, mirror, wall, floor or any flat operating surface. TIME is a condition of spherical and cyclic local confinement – apparent on any isolated enclosed body as a bio-cell, the Earth, Moon, Sun and its Solar system etc. They are structuring conceptsself-defining propositions as Universal development strategies. Those have no substantial existence in themselves but are together setting the limiting conditions of everything. Relativity gives that visually-simple geometry of existence – as words or numbers alone cannot.3

Those primal-organising principles come together in ‘Space-Time’, a fluid existence as dynamically constructed to evolve. So, everything is a space-time amalgam – active within that variable formula.

Einstein (soon after University studies) made that Universe-appreciating fundamental discovery. As it is expressed in the alphabetical-numerical equation E = M.C2 it ‘verbally’ conveys the true geometric conditions as generate and assemble every aspect of Universal existence. As he said, it is the simplest formula of science – seen active in everything everywhere organising our daily life.

Very soon after he said – “since the mathematicians [Minkowski] got hold on it [Relativity] I no longer understand it myself”! And from then-on he never did! The rest of his life was spent on a fruitless quest for a fixed or determined ‘Unified Field Formula’. But the solution to that ‘squaring-the-circle’ is a geometric problem – the pi-ratio is an infinite ongoing-series, being resolved as Life.

* * *

As the Universal Mass rotates on its Gravity axis4 it generates a ‘flexible-foam mix’ – from which its modular component atomic material is [‘Lego-like’] fabricated. A ‘pi’ quantum-unit [plank-length] sets a triangulated dual-structure to secure existence. Progressively assembling its elementary particles into primal atoms, our Universe is where everything then has a cellular-based vibrating and rotating energy (as every electronic wristwatch shows that).

Energy is an electromagnetic production based on Maxwell’s dynamo-principle of integrating that spherical-surfaced ‘G/M’ gravity/time rotation against a planar-surface ‘C2fixed-space. Of course, imposing that necessary dynamic generates Universal existence in an ongoing integration – so ever materially resolving the pi formula 3.14259…. as it indefinitely extends in a Universal evolution.

* * *

Art and Architecture are not decorative accessories

The point of the Modern Movement in Art and Architecture was that it designed and organised a democratic and practically efficient way of Global Life. A comfortably affordable and creatively accessible material and cultural existence was secured for all – installed in just a few decades.

1951’s Post WWII “Festival of Britain”5 (as a geometric microcosm of a new way of life) stunned the world as 1851’s “Crystal Palace” had. UK’s world-leading socially creative enterprise had set and reprised its primary spark to the 20th Century’s ‘Age of Modernity’. That base-fact must be recognised, promoted and accepted to rectify an advancingly-imposed ‘Post Modern’ catastrophe.

However, that is why ‘Modernity’ was then and remains unacceptable to a small faction of world-society who are thus deprived of self-secured privileges. The consequently installed ‘Post Modern Experiment’ ill evidenced the outcome of an exploitive and dire-disruptive situation, at ‘Grenfell Tower’. Evidently ‘Post Modern’ social, cultural and economic imposition creates its compounding economic, social and environmental chaos – rapid advancing to an imminent mass-extinction event.

Clear-proven events6 now show a mass-extinction threat was recognised as ever-present, 12,000 years ago. Then those in charge devised and imposed the protective mechanism of ‘Civilisation‘.7

That single-generation revolution secured a future for human existence to reach its global finality in 20th Century’s genius revelations. As constructively applied, a brief ‘Age of Modernity’ again had single-generation installed a new revolutionary potential – it remains to be intelligently applied.

* * *

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