One-World Re-Stored

Part 2 – Earth Shock – our Extinction Event

Local Enclosure in ‘Virus-shock’ is unprecedented Global-conditioning – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/52760992 instant Socio-Economic reformation. 1 New localism in Trump’s ‘America First’ is shock-reversal of a well-established ‘Globalist’ paradigm – as ‘Brexit‘ too has shock-renewed UK’s Island future.

In a renewed Global-Warming 2 wild-fires and unprecedented storms rage. Rapid ice-melts, more-often more-extensive floods and life-threatening high temperatures are Nature’s Earth-shock events.

Social impulses and Nature-demands are shock-forcing a fundamental transformation. This is an exceptional time; an Evolutionary moment occurring within the experience of a generation. Major restructuring of Global existence is an extinction event 3the extinction of our past way of life.

Following-on 20th Century’s ‘Modern’ Revolution, this is the second cataclysm the Post-Modern’ world has induced in its brief 30-year ‘Post-Historical’ era. Beginning with the Banking collapse of 2008 these are unprecedented crises with unpredictable prospects that Historical humanity could not have set nor met. How to cope? If a first-time ‘Lock-down’ ends hopefully, what will our future life be like? So many lives and livelihoods are destroyed, businesses and economies ruined.4 This or new-virus invasions can come any-time – this, next or every year – there must be a new World-plan.

It appears [London METRO 27-04-20] from King’s College London research 5 that [UK] ‘mindsets’ are crisis-coping-or-not with this complex situation in characteristically different ways. Men are mostly LockdownAcceptors‘ (as ‘Brexitors’); Women are ‘Sufferers’ anxious and depressed (as mostly ‘Remainers’); nine-percent are rule-breaking rebels as ‘Lockdown Resistors‘. As our minds and bodies are so-constructed in a duality, that result reflects the naturally balanced division of mentality and consciousness. 6 Crisis-confusion is inherent in a Universal base-divided condition – selective-resolved via a conjunction-location. https://space-cell.com/2018/01/29/consciousness/

This is Humanity’s first time in Global Breakdown – simultaneous comparing how peoples and nations differently accommodate crisis. A virtual-world and a real-world are made inseparable – ultra-precise personalised data, traced events and tracked locations are defining a future global lifestyle. Activity instant synchronised within the geometrically organised workings and electronic-connected network of ‘smart-phones’ is in hope of very soon realising a workable outcome.

But for now World Leaders are similarly dazed and confused. No experts gave them forewarning of this transformative occurrence (events unpredictable even day-by-day) nor yet present an outcome. Continuing confusion promotes anarchy; commonly a harsh regressive authoritarianism soon follows. In this immediate climax of world events, lessons of World History must be recognised.

Our world organised in its recent way of life was already evident as unsustainable. That global-consuming consumer-economy compounds global crises. ‘Post Modern’ constant-growth economics of Western ‘Post-Industrialism’ installs accumulative pollution – engulfing evidence of environment destruction. 2008’s banking-crash in inherently unredeemable trillions of dollars of accumulative debt (even with now near 0% or negative interest-rates) showed it was never a healthy economy.

20th Century ideology conditioned its globalism, bi-partisan in stark duality of Communist-East v Capitalist-West evidenced a terminal-destructive mind-set – a bi-polar psychosis.7 Such ill division can only be healthily resolved in a ‘corpus-callosum’ creative-outcome – a new-formed lifestyle.

Overwhelming disasters are forcing a global integration of the new technologies now transforming life. Those are modelling an unimagined future never shown in ‘sci-fi’ speculations. Low-energy self-sufficient lifestyles (recently considered primitive, subversive, unappealing, impractical and unprofitable) 8 are appropriated. But a remote-surveyed panopticon 9 of absolute isolationism – empty-streets imposed everywhere where no close-groupings are allowed – is no future for us.

Separated-supportive; all are being forced to find a new way of life. But none knows what that is – nor how to get it. Fortunately for us Humanity before was confronted by such ‘instant’ global crisis, then intelligently discovered a way to instantly and effectively resolve it. The completed outcome of an epochal-encounter is close-at-hand for analysis and instruction – in our so-recent-past lifestyle.

To know where we are going-to we need to know where we came-from and understand how we got here; know it is we who purposefully constructed this seemingly unresolvable situation. From that experience (with intelligence) we can make a new world ‘Plan’ for more than just a struggle for survival. An extinction event’ is an instantly transforming and confounding termination. Now a very different life-model is needed. One is here ever-operative in bio-existence. ‘Life’ constant encounters addresses and installs change – as evidenced in Darwin’s Adaptative Development.

How the Old-World Planners Global-Installed their New Mindset

Our pre-historic forebears were successfully evolved sole-surviving hominid-species of nomadic or free-ranging hunter-gatherers. But under survival-pressure of Nature’s violent and advancing intrusions 10 11 they understood they needed to adapt immediately adopt a new and very-different lifestyle. Leaving behind a childhood-like day-to-day dependency on Nature’s bounty they took-on the ‘adult’ responsibilities of self-provision. A single-system for immediate security of their world-wide 12 societies 13 was designed and imposed, long-term extended to far-future descendants – as us. 14 Still there, archaeology shows in precise-defined layers (at Jericho 15 and other early locations 16) that moment when-and-how a collectively planned and organised evolutionary development was installed. History began there and then in a day in a first ‘square’ House, 1712,000 years ago. 18

Switching-on the new mindset (an instantly empowering electronic-device) instant activated that latent facility for applying ‘spatial geometry’. Intelligently designed and instant effective, a new life-strategy set-out an Earth-transformative reordering. A rectilinear/planar organising and control of Nature-as-ourselves imposed an unprecedented order and productive efficiency. Inherent expansiveness first applied locally in Building then extensively in Farming was soon industriously-imposed everywhere – the global-reordering geometric mechanism of ‘Civilisation’. 19

12,000 years on, Einstein instant-envisioned that same-way defined Euclidean 20 geometric revelation 21 again applied to instant Earth-transformative effect. ‘C2 is that Universal absolute Constant spatial-defined radiant-expansive background-location. 2-D planar and timeless it sets its absolute limit to extensive existence – every moment experienced in our seeing’ faculty.22 https://space-cell.com/2019/11/22/through-the-looking-glass/ Universal Radiant ‘Space’ is one of a pair ‘switch-like-selected’ oppositional in disputatious-co-operative ordering of the binary condition that installs and drives evolution, the other is localised variable as cyclic-integrating ‘Time’ – so Relativity’s geometric basis of Consciousness. https://space-cell.com/2018/01/29/relativity/

An ‘Adam and Eve’23 event as a cruel punishment secured a future for humanity in Eve’s House Confinement and Adam’s backbreaking Field Labour. Space-disciplined specialist and repetitive time-regulated and productivity-pressured work was mentally stressful and physically debilitating. An unhealthy lifestyle was as it remains for a majority today, far harsher than before. Although a consequential birth-rate increase was rapid (a fortuitous supply of ‘profitable’ new labour) a more restricted diet and recurring crop-failure famines along with (as now) close-contact spread of new diseases, plagues and opportunist pests, makes those planar-defined and enclosed lifetimes too short too often.24

However, consistently installing that most-simple rectilinear design-strategy secured a formula as a ‘natural’ mechanism for rapid social-economic development. That predictive, protective and productive constant orthogonal-effectiveness is as Nature constructs in its ‘Bravais Lattice’ of fixed mineral crystalline-growth ordering 25. It gave that consistent same-support to new and ever-increasing mass-populations and the ascendancy of economic-based government in bureaucratic control over those peoples, theirs and others lands and resources.26 Hierarchic social, gender and racial distinctions set societal defined conditionings. Authority’s exploitative demands were passive-accommodated via geometrics in Cruciform or Stupa architectonics.27 Well organised militarism enforced territorial expansion of Civilisation after Civilisation – justified as securing an essential ‘Lebensraum’. Now in an enforced dilemma, other solar-planets can be prospectively surveyed.

Overwhelming effects of Nature’s self-interests are forced-demand for another rapid and radical collective advancement; we are being shown that if we do not take this last-chance the immediate consequences are dire. An unprecedented socio-economic hiatus very soon becomes a global-economy collapse into unprecedented mayhem. There is no return to that world as was till 2020.28

An acute negating situation previous encountered, Civilisation had given its analytic and predictive geometric-logic-system as a secure way for a reorganised life. But now a ‘virus’ has installed its reorganising geometry in demand we take account of its ‘autonomous mindset’. New strategies will be required to make our world a bio-promoting life-preserving construction.

Nature’s Plan – Accelerating Evolution

In geological records 29 Global-catastrophes mark points of instant origin, demise or development of astonishing environments and species, designed interactive and interdependent. Nature, from its defined ‘Big Bang’ base, inherently designs its instant advancing. Local or general attempts at installing ‘permanency’ or forestalling change are overwhelmed – then or eventually. Nature designs and imposes transformative moments, so ‘Civilisation’ periodically advances-recedes – progressing a Universal Evolution accumulative in technological skill and philosophical insight.

‘Our Time’ (exactly now) was a predictable re-creative moment, inevitable result of Humanity’s two World-transformative revolutions – one distant-past the other very recent. Both same way designed and effectively imposed, they enclosed the ‘Holocene30 + Anthropocene31 Epoch. In that same time-frame (a unique and very short Earth-transforming opportunity) Nature + Mankind worked to soon resolve the problem of ensuring our species Earth survival – to go on to create our Cosmic Future.

Urgently interactive, designing and installing a specific new existence (in those new buildings with new home-industry, along with new food crops, animal husbandry and food processing) organised Time, Space and Energy for new learnings. Literacy, numeracy, accounting, astronomy and earth surveying geometry as spatial-directed skills set the basis of scientific enquiry yet hopeful in discovery of who we are – ‘What is Life all-about?’. This Universe is beyond-amazing; but Einstein said and proved how it is organised on principles of the greatest simplicity”E = M.C2. 32

Civilisation’s impelling purpose was to quickly install a technologically developed society – as one that could continually adapt to protect itself from itself and Nature’s inevitable cataclysms – then as now, both local and cosmic imposed.33 But, by those catastrophes Nature prompts a recurring input from us, its agent. Our intelligent, creative and constructive co-operation and understanding is now indispensable to progressing a Universe dynamic in its shown but unrecognised development plan.

On-going Cosmic Evolution has a base in constant creative/adaptive success. We have come to exist by its not-understood self-made purpose, yet-evident in and around us. Emulating amazing biomechanics and survivalist will of a ‘primitive’ virus 34 in a way fitted for our constant protection is now an overriding demand. 35 As same-way self-forming and adaptive to multiple threats it must transcend any past or present defensive technology. That elementary design strategy is accessed in a new (primal) way of thinking – recognising and applying Universal creative design principles.36

A fixed-located efficiently productive and accumulative society was installed where and when that primal conservationist-instinct of a free-roaming bio-protective lifestyle was forcefully curtailed.37 Now, at an absolute point where in a ‘rectilinear home‘ a caged confinement is a global-instructed protection, an extractive-productive all-consuming system is at its disastrously ‘mineralised’ end.

But everyone’s ‘ap-located’ rectilinear-coordinated location prompts a primordial-impulse. A ‘cosmic installed’ freedom of movement in Nature resists fixity and autocratic imposition of ‘lock-down’. Biological existence is a designed-freedom from a mineral-imprisoned condition.38

The New New-World-Plan – Re-Installing a Primal-Age Mindset

Human’s consciously-organised a collective transformation; recognised recently as then located in a ‘Cosmic-shock’ 39 opening of an unprecedented 12,000-year Earth Epoch. In similar abrupt ending, again Nature enforces unconditional demands as we encounter an overwhelming intervention.

Forced from continuing a Old Stone-Age primal lifestyle, a new ‘Anthropocene Age’ installed unprecedented life-transformative-geometrics. 40 It was ended via unprecedented shock41 of Nature’s absolute-transformative geometrics in 20th Century’s New Age ‘neo-tectonic’ endeavours.

The 20th Century globalised its unprecedented extreme violence. It terminated an Historic era of epic tumult as expansively aggressive ‘Civilised World Development’ – around 8:15 a.m., local-time, 6th August 1945. At a precise-defined point above Hiroshima a linear-directed ‘space-time’ event as ‘Little Boy42 cataclysmic-closed that extensive earth-age. At Nagasaki three-days later an activating spherical-integrating containment of a ‘Fat Man43 device devastatingly installed the ‘more-efficient’ geometry of an impending New Era. [Japan’s isolationist instincts and fears (from millennia before) aided a cruel but epic-transformation explained in Part-3 Blog post “Learning from Edo”].

An Atom-bomb is a revelation.44 A self-explosive device Nature installed against permanency it employs an inherent self-limiting design-strategy. 45 Human-applied, an icosahedral geometry 46 gave the spherical-implosive-effect to trigger a determined moment of ‘safe’ detonation. Instantly reducing Civilisation to its 2-Dimensional-planar primal-base-condition,47 an Epoch was ended.

Nature-organised or human-constructed, an Icosahedron is an energy-efficient containment.48 A spherical-base-geometry (as an Atomic Bomb, now as a Virus) has forced us to install our most extreme-protective conditions. First (against ourselves) was forced global-separation – Civilisation’s East v West duality in absolute-destroying continental-range retaliatory-weapon’s strategy. Now (against Nature, as ourselves) an absolute-localised ‘2-metre distance’in masked personal isolation. ‘Science-Fantasy’ disease-styled creations these are self-imposed ‘MAD’49 50 and bizarre scenarios.

‘Civilisation’ had adopted and applied a mineral-crystallising orthogonal-grid ‘Space’ geometry to global-install a common and connected way of thinking – until now progressively accumulating material resources and intellectual understanding. A brief time is enforced for creative-reflection, to plan for survivalist transition into a new-creative Cosmic Age. As before, to discover and install a practical and instant-effective World-reconstructive system. As before the new environment will reflect and install its new mindset, as again adopting/imposing Nature’s self-organising geometry.

Universal-enclosure 51 and its bio-construction is shown in an icosa-dodecahedral duality 52 – as the local-integrating Cellular Geometry of Biology,53 Gravity and ‘Time’.54 Nature, in again demanding change, has force-imposed on us that ‘Time’ construction as the key-operative base of a New Mindset – the new thinking must now secure Humanity to creatively propel cosmic Evolution.55

* * *

1https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geodesic_polyhedron – Basis of ‘Universe’ enclosure-geometry + DNA, ‘Corona Virus’, ‘Atom-Bomb’.






7https://variety.com/1964/film/reviews/dr-strangelove-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-bomb-1200420465/ + https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/248159#psychosis_symptoms










17https://www.pnas.org/content/101/52/18257 – Co evolution of Ritual and Society via ‘Men’s House Authority’.



















36https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fbioe.2020.00326/full + https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/full/10.1089/ten.TEC.2019.0344




















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