One World Restored

Part 1

A Search for Solutions

A childhood experiencing the ingenious technology, cataclysms and outcome of WWII set my life-long interests in constructive design and architecture-based understandings.1

1960’s, inspired by a recent wealth of revolutionary discoveries in new sciences of human nature, I applied a geometry as Nature showed working 2 for a new-beginning to my designing a ‘bio-Home’. It soon aroused critical and appreciative interest from a wide range of authoritative and popular press viewpoints. That scheme seemed radical then – but now provides the sensible solution to a world crisis – one that none then considered even a remote possibility now has arrived to leave the world shocked and bewildered – none knows how to resolve it. To reorganise the world and secure new progress a plan has to come – very soon.

At Kingston, my Architectural College’s curriculum was exceptionally advanced. A year-group had just finished a study of an archaeological discovery, far north in Scotland’s Orkney Islands – an ancient settlement at ‘Skara Brae’3 The renowned archaeologist V. Gordon Childe had worked there as the location, timing, forming and preservation of those pioneering ‘Homes’ then and still intrigues and astonishes; as it re-wrote accounts of Europe’s pre-history so till now it set a course in my life.

In considering a radical new ‘House’ design it made me wonder how architecture first came about? That archaeological research into a key part of human pre-history, though limited and speculative, showed how our buildings have ever applied basic geometry. But it was clear that such special ‘Skara Brae’ design only came when humans were shifting from primal mobility to long-term settlements. I realised that by moving from previously ever-round-home enclosure to a ‘House’ as first-made square-based, humanity had conditioned a social and material world-transformation.

It was in that New Home’s new geometry that Gordon-Child’s ‘agricultural’ Neolithic Revolution4 had been made permanent – and progressive. A ‘House’ as then made rectilinear was installing (by a means not recognised by him nor yet others) a new and ever-radical collective-creative Mindset.5 6

The revolutionary and evolutionary effectiveness of that unprecedented ‘geometric’ transformation still goes-on – still unconsidered. Unrecognised by any, even experts as architects, archaeologists, sociologists or historians, it is now conditioning a global pandemic and again a fundamental socio-economic transformation. Confined in our isolating homes we are formulating a solution to a crisis.

Irresistibly, from that-time its ‘spatial-mindset’ was made absolute – a ‘Civilised Lifestyle’ demand. Our society was permanently reorganised as ‘square-based’ up to this point where a computer-chip microprocessor’s micro-millimetre grid-layout arranges our global and extraterrestrial existence. In squared homes an evolutionary effect made fixed-set is interactive with Nature’s other fundamental ordering of day, month and yearly Earth-life-cycles. Intuitively but intelligently and collectively we daily re-address and resolve a same ‘Cosmic’ problem – ‘Groundhog-day-like’ 7 – “Squaring a Circle”. Einstein’s 1905 insight 8 instant-solved that ‘space-time’ riddle; WWII demonstrated it in instant-end of an epoch. In annihilating Civilisation at Hiroshima 1945 – Life was Rationalising the Irrational.

Squaring-the-Circle” is dynamic, unpredictable, ongoing (inherently unresolvable as the formula Π pi). It is ubiquitous – active in all Nature’s constructive systems from atoms to Universe. Newton and Leibniz used that base to generate infinitesimal calculus; as integrated in Gauss and Riemann’s 19th Century Non-Euclidean Geometrics 9Einstein applied that to Gravity and Time’s Cosmos-generating General Relativity – ‘Space-Time’ geometry [G = M = T = E x C2]. In an atom’s nuclear v electron structure, that organises a Genetic Code’s dynamic Helix. But none before (nor others yet) has consciously applied it to explain how, in every-day events, that base-geometric in a dynamic-synthesis observably drives our thoughts and actions – in a thus compelled evolutionary existence.

* * *

I am fortunate in having been handed the best possible eduction in Architecture – and a caring family and friends giving me a long-life support. Those have shown me how UK’s, Japan and Sri Lanka’s ‘triangular-interactive’ Island-based like-minded engagements installed World-changing events and conditions (a key-subject for another Blog). There, a same world-confined-duality as energetic ‘Push-Pull’10 11 drives our individual and collectively-creative evolution. [Space/Radiation expansive-Push is ‘C2 in 2-D planar Universal-Collectivism v Local-Individualism as ‘cellular’ in spherical-surface ‘M’ Time/Gravity Pull-enclosure. Energy = Mass x Squared Radiation Constant].

Applying this living ‘Design Lesson’ is essential to resolving our most critical concern – surviving together to prosper and advance together but (virus-enforced) presently separated two-metres apart.

Space-Cell-Systems” shows how to again design a radical construction for that new ‘Home’ – a new environment installing its new mind-set secures our advancing in an ever evolving Universe.

Nothing that exists is irrelevant; as a product it is part of the jumbled-up jig-saw puzzle we are given to imaginatively assemble, progressively revealing an instructive picture. Life is ever an intelligence test. Reading and writing organised and transmitted New World Order in a new mindset creative in accord-with and-response-to Nature’s new picturing. We can geometrically discover and install a new way of life via the only essential book ever assembled – ‘Euclid’s Elements’. 12 It begins with ‘primitive’ base-concepts to end spherical-assembling an Icosahedron. Q.E.D. That exact geometric progress and finality is now Universally13 defined: Q.E.D.14is an initialism of the Latin phrase “quod erat demonstrandum”, literally meaning “what was to be shown”, is realised.

Rationalising the Irrational: At the start of the 20th century Einstein’s Special Relativity [‘C2‘]15 concept and the radical art of ‘Cubism’ 16 simultaneously same-way two-dimensional-planar showed a shock-dissembling of the old era – same-way as it was 2-D planar-square shock-installed 12,000 years before.1718 ‘Modernity’ in Art and Architecture descriptively summarised that epoch – Q.E.D.

* * *

My purpose in publishing these Blog Posts is to encourage others to think-simply about every-day issues as ones that now demonstrably concern everyone in global ‘Lockdown’. Existence is a mystery – but as Einstein said and showed – “organised on principles of the greatest simplicity”.19

Recognising that simplicity is the problem. We are persuaded it is “all too difficult” for ‘ordinary minds’ to deal with. But I was fortunate – post-war educated in a time when new text-books were scarce. As a 12-year-old my geometry lessons were traditionally instructed from well-used books, pre-war hand-me-downs. In the 2,300 year-old way that Euclid had set it out, so we had to follow. It was and remains a revelation – from that, all-else inevitably follows as I have set-out. Q.E.D.




















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