An Evolutionary Occurrence


An epoch-defining process is already future-shaping an unprecedented Earth-existence. In an abruptly imposed interlude, the World’s organising is put into a shock-state of suspended animation.  As all are vulnerable all are engaged – inherent and necessary human-unity is made self-evident.

This ‘New-Age’ is organised reverse of the ‘Neolithic Era’ situation. Everyone was mobile-nomadic until that first revolution’ (from 12,000 years ago). Forced into first-time settlement with agriculture and urbanism, a new ‘Life’ developed that same way everywhere. Locked-together in a rapid expanding massed-society our ‘Civilised History’ was war-made in territorial-conflict encounters.

Now, not ‘War of the Worlds’ Martians – yet an instant-overwhelming ‘alien species’ invasion has taken its full-control over Human existence. In our body’s most personal activities and in local and world-collective lifestyle (irrespective of race, religion, gender, class, intelligence, wealth, power or prestige) we are already its unwilling carrier-host – its global-operating occupied territory.

A virus formation is a ‘robotic’ construction; neither ‘life’ nor ‘non-life’. Its success or otherwise is in its propagation or containment in an ‘incubative’ species – as now self-established parasitic on us.

Complete separation is individual enforced, effective via the new electronic global-network. So this is a second recorded instance of all Humanity together ‘revolutionary’ conditioning a common flock-interest. Again accepting an uncomfortable collective-action – again defensively installing an unprecedented technologically-based Way-of-Life, its format again an applied geometric paradigm.

A FUNDAMENTAL FORMATION: Virus-shell Icosahedral Symmetry is ‘Euclidean’ [1] – exact-minimal geometric enclosure in its ‘spherical’ constitution. 20th-century science revealed this as an organising condition of the Cosmic Construction. A finite-form sets-out the origin and evolution of everything in this self-organised ‘Relativistic Universe’. Specifically, in the DNA helix-coding of ‘life’, a virus-shell containment ‘intelligently’ hijacks that configuration. A constructive organising mechanism intrusively adopts and adapts our same geometric-formed genetic vulnerability.

This (my past and ongoing “Space-Cell” Blog-series) is an ‘Icosahedral-based’ introduction to a general understanding of how collective Humanity organised this key-point of change in a Cosmic Evolution. Until my generation we were an Earth-confined species – but, as of that Neolithic Era, self-directed to go where our future lies. A geometric-rationalised exploring, discovering, inventing and adapting to the Universal mystery of ‘Space-Time’ existence (within us and a creative Cosmos around and beyond) set the mobile and interactive crowd-framework of our present predicament.

‘Civilisation’ had imposed 12,000 years of 2-D-planar-coordinated cultural and technological development. 20th-century ‘Modernity’ abruptly changed everything, instantly equipping us for extra-terrestrial engagements: ‘C2‘ had finalised that spatially directed rectilinear design strategy.

But now we have a major-disruptive ‘Earth’ based encounter with the aggressive self-interests of a most ‘primitive’ species. Electron-microscope ‘seen’ – a geometric-formed atom-scaled deadly entity is technologically exploiting our new-gained mobility to opportune-advance its own-world ends.

Humanity has installed a bio-stressed global-breakdown condition. However, from that we must learn to new-organise a successful existence for our continuing individual and collective interest.

Previous and following presentations show how creative work of radical Architects, Philosophers, Scientists, Artists and Designers achieved a long-past and most-recent shaping of future existence.


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