© John McClellan – 2020 – The Dynamic Architecture of Existence.

MISSION STATEMENT of MY GENERATION – We Changed the World – but none noticed how.

Within my lifetime in our late ‘Classical’ existence, most everything as seemed certain has been radically reformed except for a key-concept – the organising nature and operating effects of ‘Space’ and ‘Time’.

So-set within a new-revealed Cosmos, life is lived as never before conceived. 2Oth-century’s epic-era of most extreme violence installed new transforming means – along with a responsibility to Save the World from ourselves.

I was fortunate – born into this era at a location directing the facts and acts of this Cosmic Event. Gifted with security and support of family and friends, I could confidently pursue an unpredictable investigation to its successful conclusion. Millions endured organised turmoil in mass killings and individual sufferings; yet, in same near-and-far-located places I safely received the instruction needed to resolve that basic issue – one so determining the origin (unseen or unrecognised as evolutionary-organising in Nature) of this unprecedented Earth-based transformation.

New facilities reshape Humanity’s individual and collective purpose; so the question is “how to use that to soon secure a prosperous World future, remade for all to enjoy?”

* * *

A fundamental problem baffled the greatest intellects as giants of Western History. From Classical Greece, Renaissance Renewal to the Modern World – Plato and Aristotle through Newton to Einstein – legions of the most ingenious minds have asked a practical question – “How is our Universe organised – from its most basic level of creation?” But none as best-qualified inquisitors proved a resolution to an ever-present enigma – until one young man’s most-simple concept set its instant-start to that radically-transforming 20th-century.

Although most regarded ‘inert matter’ as being the self-constructive stuff – Einstein 1905 so simply showed Space’ and ‘Time’base-active together – its critical agents.

However (too-modestly) he then allowed others (less perceptive) to design-specify his new-constructive framework – ‘space-time’.1 So that is yet set in ‘Classical’ prescription-terms – seemingly a ‘common-sense’ 3D Volumetric ‘Space’ somehow now 4-D-enjoined with 1D Linear ‘Time’.

Lifetime-onward, ignoring his simple formula, that false-assertion simplistic-conditioned an unsuccessful search for the ‘Unified-Field’ theory. But an ‘unseen solution’ must be ever-determining Creation – as it has so-resolved Universal Evolution for us to set a future.

The Universe is Cosmic Womb. Born, we too-briefly inhabit its ever-creative constructions. From Atom to Us all advance its ‘Architectures’ – as follow its intelligent design-recipe in “E=MC2. 1945 cruel-gifted us the inherent transformation-power of its open-secret – a base geometric formulation. That effective prescription was long-kept evident – as ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ – Vedic ‘Mandala’ and Buddhist ‘Stupa‘.

Instructively, the ‘Civilised’ way of living was ‘instantly’ so-organised 10-12,000 years ago – via an Architectonic-based transition.2 Single-generation-activated around the world, that prior-conditioning event was identified by one man’s insight in the 1930’s – then reluctantly (now properly) recognised as Vere Gordon Childe’s ‘Neolithic Revolution’. Our time too is rapidly world-transformative – as ‘Neotectonic Revolution’. But how is E=MC2 (then-and-again) the instant-effective Universal Formula? Relativity’s answer is simple – in activating that base-organising geometry.

Everything is geometric inter-active – forced-advancing the Universal Framework. So we apply or miss-apply (mostly instinctively) its formal-directives. This “Space-Cell Project” sets-out understanding of that absolute-base-instruction, everywhere seen advancing the Architecture of Evolution – creatively-realising an objective we cannot comprehend.

1 “Through the Looking Glass” instruction – https://space-cell.com/2019/11/22/through-the-looking-glass/

2 Catylhuyuk – http://factsanddetails.com/world/cat56/sub362/item1504.html#chapter-0

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