© John McClellan – 2020 – The Dynamic Architecture of Existence.

MISSION STATEMENT of MY GENERATION – We Changed the World – but none noticed how.

Within my lifetime in our late ‘Classical’ existence, most everything as seemed certain has been radically reformed except for a key-concept – the organising nature and operating effects of ‘Space’ and ‘Time’.

So-set within a new-revealed Cosmos, life is lived as never before conceived. 2Oth-century’s epic-era of most extreme violence installed new transforming means – along with a responsibility to Save the World from ourselves.

I was fortunate – born into this era at a location directing the facts and acts of this Cosmic Event. Gifted with security and support of family and friends, I could confidently pursue an unpredictable investigation to its successful conclusion. Millions endured organised turmoil in mass killings and individual sufferings; yet, in same near-and-far-located places I safely received the instruction needed to resolve that basic issue – one so determining the origin (unseen or unrecognised as evolutionary-organising in Nature) of this unprecedented Earth-based transformation.

New facilities reshape Humanity’s individual and collective purpose; so the question is “how to use that to soon secure a prosperous World future, remade for all to enjoy?”

* * *

A fundamental problem baffled the greatest intellects as giants of Western History. From Classical Greece, Renaissance Renewal to the Modern World – Plato and Aristotle through Newton to Einstein – legions of the most ingenious minds have asked a practical question – “How is our Universe organised – from its most basic level of creation?” But none as best-qualified inquisitors proved a resolution to an ever-present enigma – until one young man’s most-simple concept set its instant-start to that radically-transforming 20th-century.

Although most regarded ‘inert matter’ as being the self-constructive stuff – Einstein 1905 so simply showed Space’ and ‘Time’base-active together – its critical agents.

However (too-modestly) he then allowed others (less perceptive) to design-specify his new-constructive framework – ‘space-time’.1 So that is yet set in ‘Classical’ prescription-terms – seemingly a ‘common-sense’ 3D Volumetric ‘Space’ somehow now 4-D-enjoined with 1D Linear ‘Time’.

Lifetime-onward, ignoring his simple formula, that false-assertion simplistic-conditioned an unsuccessful search for the ‘Unified-Field’ theory. But an ‘unseen solution’ must be ever-determining Creation – as it has so-resolved Universal Evolution for us to set a future.

The Universe is Cosmic Womb. Born, we too-briefly inhabit its ever-creative constructions. From Atom to Us all advance its ‘Architectures’ – as follow its intelligent design-recipe in “E=MC2. 1945 cruel-gifted us the inherent transformation-power of its open-secret – a base geometric formulation. That effective prescription was long-kept evident – as ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ – Vedic ‘Mandala’ and Buddhist ‘Stupa‘.

Instructively, the ‘Civilised’ way of living was ‘instantly’ so-organised 10-12,000 years ago – via an Architectonic-based transition.2 Single-generation-activated around the world, that prior-conditioning event was identified by one man’s insight in the 1930’s – then reluctantly (now properly) recognised as Vere Gordon Childe’s ‘Neolithic Revolution’. Our time too is rapidly world-transformative – as ‘Neotectonic Revolution’. But how is E=MC2 (then-and-again) the instant-effective Universal Formula? Relativity’s answer is simple – in activating that base-organising geometry.

Everything is geometric inter-active – forced-advancing the Universal Framework. So we apply or miss-apply (mostly instinctively) its formal-directives. This “Space-Cell Project” sets-out understanding of that absolute-base-instruction, everywhere seen advancing the Architecture of Evolution – creatively-realising an objective we cannot comprehend.

1 “Through the Looking Glass” instruction – https://space-cell.com/2019/11/22/through-the-looking-glass/

2 Catylhuyuk – http://factsanddetails.com/world/cat56/sub362/item1504.html#chapter-0


  1. Did Vern Gordon Childs miss the point?.

    ”Social evolution was subject to marked ebbs and flows, Childe argued that this could be explained by “internal and external contradictions” that could block progress or even cause regression. Bronze Age societies, for example, had come up against the barrier that copper and tin, the essential raw materials in their metallurgy, were available only in limited supply.

    He appears to have missed the direct link between the Rio Tinto river its copper and the supply of tin from Cornwall. The metals in their raw form were distributed by boat across the Med.


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