Atomic Creation

© John McClellan – 2020 – “Little Boy”.

A replica is of that code-named Atomic Bomb “Little Boy” as dropped over Hiroshima – August 6th 1945. This bomb used different type of trigger-mechanism to the so-named “Fat Man” dropped on Nagasaki – August 9th.

The ‘linear-organised’ device used a gun-shot detonating principle – firing a projectile into a core-target to ‘instant’ effect that ‘critical-mass’. The Nagasaki “Fat Man” bomb (spherically-formed more efficient energy-releasing) used an icosahedral implosive-symmetry. Each geometry ‘safe’ achieved nuclear-mass-compression to liberate ‘excess’ radiant energy.

As oppositional dynamics spherical-Mass [G/T] fusion-compression ‘instant’ released ‘C2‘ – absolute-radiant expansion. Super-intense-pressure triggers nuclear-atomic fission or fusion – effected via initial implosion organised as critical-mass core-compression.

Both devices worked, as had that at the July 16 Los Alamos Testing: Oppenheimer applied a phrase form the Bhagavad Gita – Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”.

So, 1945, Nature’s creative agencies were instant appropriated – to reduce the human-organising 2-D-flat planar fabric of ‘Civilisation’ back to that 12,000 year-old [Neolithic-era] Stone-Age-organised base-condition.1

Applying the most basic ‘school-book’ geometry (interactive but π [Pi] irreconcilable flat-planar and spherical surfaces) had same-way set active the Geometrics of the Cosmic Creation – as Einstein’s 1905 Relativity Theory and archaic-instructive Buddhist Stupa perfectly defined that Universal Formula – “E=MC2. Triangulated Energy = Spherical Mass x Planar Space C2.

Humanity, first-time accessing the Universal mechanism of creation/destruction, instantly initiated our Epoch of cosmologically-based revelation, reorganised lifestyle and enquiry.


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