Architecture installs Revolution – in local-infinity of 2-D planar radiant space.” The Architecture of Relativity – 2.

july FKU2013 684 (PALACE2)

© jmcl 2019 – Modern restoration of a 1670’s construction. A magnificent accomplishment at Kumamoto1, then a regional political-economic power-base in Kyushu, South-Western Island of Japan.

A 2-D spatial development is model social-political conditioning of Japan’s nation-wide ‘tatami-standardised’ spatial-planning. C2 ‘Zen’ gridded mechanism A.D. 794 installed its Civilising Mindset’ at Imperial Capital Heian-kyo2 [Kyoto]; ‘Revolutionary’ 3 effective up-to an enforced conjunction with extreme-contrasting Shogunate Base Edo. An organic Mass/Energy Tribal-Temporal complex active in commerce and popular culture (as London/New York/Paris), EDO-Tokyo remains the world’s most populous city – E=MC2.

Each urbanism planned in ‘oppositional’ layout effected its contrasting psychological and social-political counter-balance in power-assembly locations.4 A most-radical ‘Edo-Era5 so secured Japan’s 250-year isolation in ‘Peace and Tranquillity’; a forced ending conditioned WW2 and its ‘Global-Consumerist’ organised outcome – become ‘Post-Modern’ confusion.

Exemplary in rectilinear-designed Timelessness – radiant purity accommodates Universal 2-D planar space. Perfection of its Architecture institutionally-advanced and harmonised conflicting societal relationships. But Kumamoto is so close-by Nagasaki (between it and Hiroshima) where Einstein’s catalytic E=MC2 radiant-installed our new Epoch. A Neolithic Revolution first transformed Humanity’s Cosmological-based existence in that planar-way, 10,000 B.C. Same way the planar-radicalism of 20th-century ‘Bauhaus Modernity’ is here evident, 17th-century operational in the Architecture of Japan’s Zen-conditioned ‘Edo-era’.

3Compare Versailles + Paris. Same Architectonic conditionings 1789 installed French Revolution + Napoleonic Era.

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