Relativity & Architecture


ARCHITECTURE RESOLVES EINSTEIN’S DILEMMA – Einstein published his ‘Special Relativity‘ theory – 1905. It transformed understanding of existence. Setting out radiant-organising C2 (electro-magnetic constant of a new Cosmology) initiated our new Human Epoch. We live in a new-discovered, vast but finite, predictably well-organised Universe.

Most do not appreciate he was soon driven to develop a very different concept, ‘General Relativity’ – 1915. That set in place Universal integrating effects of Mass-Gravity + Time.

Yet essential principles (as disparate ‘geometric fields’) of his two separately well proven theories were recognised fundamental but incompatible (by him and all concerned since). The rest of his days were unsuccessful in attempt to reconcile those in a ‘Unified Field’.1

Persistently pronouncing a basic simplicity of his overall theory (while working under the intrusive assertions of his prior tutor and renowned authority, mathematician-Minkowski) hid the simple reason that neither he nor others could/would accomplished that ultimate ‘connective’ aim – a singular-matrix Unity’ theory – as all ‘Architectures’ ever do that!

A ‘missing link’ is revealed in his and all others Classical-conditioned false assumptions. As still in place, those are authority-accepted/imposed basic misconceptions he clearly accounts for here:- From: Encyclopedia Britannica – 1926. Albert Einstein on “Space-Time”.

Nothing certain is known of what the properties of the space-time-continuum may be as whole. Through the general theory of relativity, however, the view that the continuum is infinite in its time-like extent but finite in its space-like extent has gained in probability”. [Emphasis Jmcl].

But the reverse conclusion is daily evident – logical in the observed-as-presented facts. A Universal ‘Space’ domain as being potentially infinite-expansive is conditioned by that absolute Euclidean-constant C2 [light] explicitly two-dimensional, a picture-plane. But as ‘Classically’ conceived a 3-D finite space-volume (authoritatively yet assumed) must set its unrealistic edge-boundary. However ‘Time’ is ever cyclic, surface-observed recorded infinite-locations (e.g. ‘Black-Hole Eternity’). ‘Space-Time’ existence is dynamic in surface integration; a recurrent combinatorial dis-continuum. Considering an infinite set of finite Universe cycles could have installed Einstein’s misplaced conclusions – in its probability’.

Even as an initial and ongoing spatial expansion was long-since located/affirmed2, infinite Euclidean-plane radiant extension was-not/is-not recognised inherent base to Universal formation. Einstein even considered Gravity a major problem; he later admitted his ‘biggest blunder’3 as introducing a ‘Cosmological Term’ to artificially stabilise a dynamic integration – but radiant C2 is Universal, spatially-expansive active evidence of that ‘Special’ theory.

Planar and spherical conditions are Pi π infinity-irreconcilable. A spherical-closed surface of Gravity/Time everywhere forcibly installs in ‘space-time‘ the integrating mechanism of finite enclosure. As all ‘Time’ conditionings are separate-localised, we too must accept our finite-cyclic bio-conditioned local enclosure – in dynamics of a too-short ‘life-time’.

A dynamic existence is in a dis-continuum of 1950’s4 predicted quantum-foam Universe. These ongoing Blogs show how a ‘Space-Cell’ Architecture deploys a concept of ‘space-time’ cellular construction of existence to accommodate this newly-installed global lifestyle.


2Hubble Constant of Universal Expansion – 1929.



Restaurant in Fukuoka – Japan.

ARCHITECTURE MATERIALLY INSTALLS OUR SPACE-TIME CONSCIOUSNESS – in this Universal dis-continuum of irreconcilable Space and Time geometrics.

This modest gem in ‘Zen-Modernist’ restaurant-design delivers its geometrically explicit-local integration of that dynamic-continuum of Existence. The Constancy of the Space is periodic conditioned by a biological meal-timing of its events – implied in the circular ‘sundial’.

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