‘Through the Looking Glass’ – Every Mirror shows how space-existence1 is truly 2-D plane-constructed. 1905 Einstein had formulated ‘Space-Time’ E=M.C2 . As we ‘see’ our minds en-‘Vision‘ a self-constructed ‘Alice-like’ existence. From 2-D photon-images, ‘C2‘ is absolute-infinite-eternal 2-D ‘Light-Space’ that has no ‘Time’ [M/G] to tale.

12,000 years ago, world-wide Neolithic Revolution2 installed its key discovery – 2-D flat space. Planar-rectilinear settlement and agriculture soon became ‘Civilisation’ – radical-designed global-reorganisation. Since then every drawing, map, book-page, photograph or screen wall-surface image-projected C2. That 2-D-flat-conditioning was the infinite-timeless purpose of ‘Civilisation’. The 20th-century electronic revolution so-concluded an human-transformative ‘Earth Epoch’: Humanity entered ‘Wonderland’ as a new-found Universe3

In practical effectiveness, every moment of every-day-life of everyone so-living was spent towards collective-constructing that conscious access to ‘C2truth as 2-D ‘Planar Space’. All history was rectilinear-accumulative of knowledge and testing towards that most radical theory’s realisation (just 40 years on from 1905) in 1945’s instant-transformative activation.

An astonishing ‘Cosmic’ event (beyond prior human-control) was dreadful-demonstrated in ‘Civilised’ annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; left instant timeless 2-D planar in C2 transforming Epoch-conclusion – Humanity’s cruel initiation in Universal Development.4

Whether that was for an ultimate good or ill, is yet unknown – but it new-revolutionised understanding and experience of Universal Existence. It showed (in theory and practice) how to transform and condition everything. A Western Industrial-era ‘avalanched’ human activated transformations; planar organised societal reconditioning was violently finalised.

World-Wide-Warfare had rapidly set our terrestrial development towards today’s new decision point. Daily recognition of ‘Environmental Crisis’ is now demanding world-wide ‘post-civilisation’ reorganisationinstalling a completely new way of life for everyone.

As E=M.C2 ‘Special Relativity’, although complete as effective-activated in 1945’s dire ‘C2Revelation, is not yet properly interpreted by any reference in ‘Science’ . ‘Space’ is till now assumed as seemingly a Classical 3-D ‘Volume’, but with 1-D ‘Linear Time’ fixed-finite in a 4-D continuum. However, Einstein soon recognised such absolute Euclidean construction is inherently impossible to activate in a Gravity-curved Universe. ‘Time/Mass’ conditioned ‘General Relativity’ [1915] only part-addressed ‘space-time’, that most basic Cosmic issue.5

However, ‘Modernity’ already [1908] had instinct-applied 2-D ‘Space’ asCubism’6. A coincidental ‘Constructive Revolution’ of Art, Architecture and Technology was soon all-pervasive in 2-D-installed historical finality of our Spatial-conditioned ‘Civilised’ Existence.

C2 everywhere ‘Mirrored’ Neolithic-era 2-D planar origins of our most ‘Modern’ lifestyle7.

1 See Note. 5: Just as water is H2O assembled, we exist in a fluid-like dynamic construction – Universal ‘Space-Time’.

3 The timeless-two-dimensionality of radiant [light] existence was expressed as Civilisations across history have tried to spectacularly install its planar-permanence. As did Ancient Egypt, Japan too. Kyoto, 2-D planar, retains Asian ‘spatial’ conceptualism – as that re-conditioned late-19th-century European radicalism in the range of ‘Modern’ Art Movements.

5 A. Einstein – ‘Scientific American’. April 1950 – “On the Generalised Theory of Gravitation”. “According to general relativity, the concept of space detached from any physical content does not exist. The physical reality of space is represented by a field whose components are continuous functions of four independent variables – the coordinates of space and time. It is just this particular kind of dependence that expresses the spatial character of physical reality”. [Note – JMCL – “space” as Einstein used it here, is made explicit as defining“space-time”.]

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