SPACE-CELL SYSTEMS” : ‘Architecture’ is the framing that urgently and productively progresses existence – now at a critical moment of Earth’s fundamental reorganisation.

This analysis of 20th-century’s ‘Axial Age’ revelations and transformations shows how/why ‘Architectural Modernity’ was revolutionary – so-recent key-effective in that re-creative role.

* * *

The Universe has a defined ‘Big Bang’ beginning – formed and located ‘Ex-nihilo’. In that ‘Platonic-Ideal’ origin (from a ‘nothingness’ beyond explanation of any present logic) a cellular-foam energy-plasma initiated our (now logically-analysable) ‘Space-Time’ existence.

Absolute-eternal principles of ‘Euclidean Geometry’ found opportunity for manufacturing a minimum-element self-designing and assembling building system. From that binary-based ‘Space-Time’ construction everything has been progressively organised – including ‘Us’.

We are Universe-formed; same-way bio-cellular. Born with mental and physical capabilities thus pre-set, cognitively-enabled to observe and react, we have analysed and extended our constructive existence – newly-evident in its origin and systematically-evolving totality.

The development of reasoning is thus made coincidental with defining that ultimate mystery of an omni-present ‘Cosmos Origin’. ‘Self Conscious’ questioning of personal presence and purpose in birth and death is inherent in a logic of Creative Formation.

Religions have long-given us ‘transcendental reassurances’ set in unquestionable ‘faith’.

Physically tested evidences came within a recent lifetime of fundamental revelations.

The creative formula exists; Einstein presented it 1905. In that most-basic construction a Cosmic conditioning sets-out its evolutionary programme. Well-tested ‘coded’ creative-simplicity in Nature is inevitably same way formatively-applied with our Architectures.

A too-brief life-span seemingly disallows opportunity to discover absolute and eternal meaning in personal creative facilities and imaginations. But, as we collectively contributed to it over a past ten-thousand years, the Architecture of Civilisation everywhere assembled consistent frameworks – originating logic-systems uniting all investigative understandings.

Classical Architectures, ‘trees-of-knowledge’ seeded or grafted worldwide, became culture-forests. Their ultimate purpose achieved in 19th-century’s final-flowering bore 20th-century’s revelatory fruit. True to the principle of Darwinian Selection, ‘Classicism’ was extinct – with Dinosaurs, wonderful non-operational fossil-relic of magnificent prior species.

‘Housed Enquiry’ (in religion, philosophy and science) has long accumulated hypotheses and history’s-recorded assertions of ‘reality’. Then, 1905, an Earth-era was finalised. Via the simplest formulation ‘Geometric Modernity’ constructively overturned ever-previous unquestioned assumptions – revealed ‘basic facts’ of the true nature of ‘Space’ and ‘Time’.

20th-century set unpredicted realisation of the absolute endeavour. Most-basic geometries shown as ‘Laws of Creation’ dynamic-condition everything to form the fabric of Existence.

1945 installed a ‘Cosmic’ new-beginning. Hiroshima’s and Nagasaki’s Civilised-organising was radiantly vaporised. Made 2-Dimensional-planar ‘Cubist’ in measured and recorded devastation; ‘The Great Reset’ Einstein, Braque and Picasso had envisaged 1905-8.


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