IN ‘BREXIT’ CAN BORIS SHOW A SHOGUN’S WAY? – A ‘Japan-ness’ Consideration of how Boris Johnson might Best Direct an ‘Isolationist-Globalist’ UK to a Constructive Global Effect.

“What is our UK’s future”? A most interesting question, as none knows what must soon be a ‘Brexit’ outcome [not even Boris Johnson] – the living-situation here is conditioned by confusion in that concern. The Referendum decision of the majority electorate was to take-back in full self-control of our Island Society’s future. Whatever one thinks, that already has unprecedented National and International consequences; yet no Global conditioning nor organising framework seems set-up to advance such locally-conditioned new situation.

P.M. Boris is seen active – distinct from Mrs. May’s unrelenting indecision. She mirrored in that inability those UK politicians and Foreign interests shocked by terms of a democratic vote as did not fit with their pre-programmed networked certainties. ‘Populism’ (derogatory description, as unacceptable mob-rule) is said to be unlike Hong Kong’s ongoing democratic activity. Likewise Island-confined, both project those same-local conditionings.

My concerns stretch wider than UK’s situation. As Universal: “How can Regional or Local Independence work anywhere in a World as newly reorganised”? Every individual action is ‘light-speed’ networked to unprecedented effect; so what are Boris’s options?

17th-century: Japan isolationist-organised for this eventuality – via a surprisingly ‘Modernfuture-conditioning strategy only now made absolute-effective in our electronic Space-Age. [see 3-No. Formulations – end doc.]

 * * *

21st-century: Classical Imperialism was no longer viable in advancing expansionist Globalism. A ‘5G’ version projects ‘AI’ as computerised instant-control of everything. A generation ago this globalised robotic-existence was not an option (nor advanced in sci-fi imaginations). Electronic-based social-economic restructuring operates to condition networking of every human-concern. This new lifestyle already evidences potential for dire consequences: ‘AI’ controlling-code imposed unforeseeable horrendous loss of life in two ‘Boeing 737-Max’ ‘planes. A 14-million+line computer-programming was two-thirds that required for ‘AI’ controlling a family car. In Globalised production and instant-updating, a one-bit code-error or ‘virus’ can self-destroy any automated system. But Nature is the cosmic-conditioning that creates and sustains all Existence; it shows its ‘Ethical’ self-sustaining programming evident in our symbiotic ‘intelligence’ yet beyond ‘AI’ capacities.

From 2008’s banking-meltdown of classical (risk-assessed) Capitalism, a new decade is made the most revolutionary in human history. ‘Too-big to Fail’ – Finance now imposes its costs and losses immediately computer-distributed onto everyone. There seems no past-pattern on which to build – nor Aim or Theory to model evolutionary progression. Banker Jacob Rothschild sees it as “our 5,000-year financial history’s greatest experiment!”

* * *

But this Civilised’ collective-being was an invention – archaeologically evidenced as-and-in ‘The House’[1] around 10-12,000 years ago. One radical-minded generation initiated a Domestic-Programming of a globally-integrating life-style. Applied as ‘Pythagoras Theorem”[2] it installed uniform rectilinear plane-extension to arrive 20th-century at global  finality. ‘Automated Instruction’ is immediately advancing that formulation; now as Thales’ geometric construction circular-active in electronic integration of all existences. This is the most Momentous Event as Human Activated since our primordial control of Fire.

The ‘Boris’ question is : ‘How did/do Nations best organise to secure their citizens good living? 1776 “The Wealth of Nations” in Adam Smith’s endorsement of Classical Capitalism placed transcendental guidance in the hand of an unseen initiating, outcome-controlling metaphysical agency – 19th-century UK ‘Darwinian-Marxism’ infinite-projected a Man-Made Industrialised future; both predictive as deterministic. No account exists of ‘AI’ as active in our globally-finite ‘Post-Industrial’ indeterminacy. Yet the ‘Relativistic‘ programming of an organised evolution of every existence was-and-is everywhere evident – in Nature’s need a Universal Design Strategy had set us evolutionary-active via our Architectures.

Architecture is the instructive guidance. It shows Japan and UK have a record (as long-previously arranged) of well-organised change. Seemingly, none are presently trained or educated to appreciate how that life-crucial conditioning actually operates. Arta Isozaki‘s “Japan-ness in Architecture”[3] set-out his authoritative localised concerns, defined on this ‘geometric-base’ via Chōgen’s Stupa[4] – but without reaching my guiding conclusion* [see below].

* * *

‘Architecture’ as a human discovery has ever defined who we are – where and how we live and work – in Regal Palace or peasant hovel. Across all History the first-ever ‘House’ was the invention that created and maintained ‘Civilisation‘ – as time or warfare destroys.[5]

In characteristic style, Japan’s Jomon-Yayoi ‘instant transition’ is clearly defined by two contrasting ‘House Forms’ (round v rectilinear). Britain too, in same era of World history 2,000+/- years ago, was geometric in its Ancient British-Tribal/Roman-Imperial enforced transition. As Insular Nations home-change came late but fundamental. Continental-styled Architectonic imposition same-way reformed both national Habitations. Those decisively reconditioned and collective reprogrammed individual and socialised mindsets evident in unique National Lifestyles. As distantly-effective, set to Historic confluence in 20th-century cataclysmic-conclusion [1992 – Fukuyama’s ‘The End of History & The Last Man].

The warmed-climate (pre-Neolithic-era) geo-change gave UK and Japan an island-based sameness. Archaic Tribal Nations defensively occupied vulnerable locations immediately adjacent to a Continent’s Civilised-threat of overwhelming super-cultures. Ocean-facing at Occident-Orient extremities of that continuous land-mass, each sometime critically operate the world’s most ‘advanced outlooks. A British-base extended that ‘Western’ Continental culture globally into an escalating sequence of 20th-century World-War conflicts – as International concern then demanded reconsideration of both Nations projected control. But, 1905, Einstein had formulated the unpredicted Universe-transformative outcome via  architectonic geometry active in ‘Atomic-Conditioning’ of creation and ongoing evolution.

What showed these two cultures so differently-similar was ‘The Home’. From my and others analysis both the ‘Japanese House & Garden’ and the ‘English House & Garden’ have architected the effective solutions to a Nation-forming and psychologically sustaining consideration. So-exploring what it means to be ‘Japanese’ and ‘British’ in that way of home-life conditioning I hope helps everyone consider how, each nation-differently,  they home-acquire a National Character and a socio-political strategy – as here evidenced in ‘Brexit’.

* * *

Building a Home’ is Universal in formation and continuing of every existence – whence ‘Homelessness’ is cruelly imposed. As of 1980’s, a forced-demise of Social Architecture since made Homes, London and around, excessive-costly; unaffordable for most, now an unprecedented ‘Brexit’ influence. So then my life-work exploring that ‘Home’ consideration took me to Japan, 1992 (and fortune of finding such good friends there as let me briefly share their unique way of living). Now Space-Time cost-efficiency in Tokyo-styled ‘LDK’ home-layouts effectively defines London’s minimal-space new-build rental-apartments.

A critical link between German, English and Japanese Home Design during that brief but radical period of ‘Meiji’ restoration (in Japan’s ‘forced-opening’ from ‘sakoku’) goes generally unappreciated. German https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermann_Muthesius architect/author [1861-1927] then eulogised https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Das_englische_Haus a character-forming invention. https://www.spectator.co.uk/2007/08/at-home-with-the-english/.  Preceding German ‘Bauhaus’ design-projecting of ‘Moderist Homes’ were the Japanese-styled UK Scottish interiors of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.** [see footnote]

Tokyo was Edo – estuary fishing-village. Shogun-Ieyasu transformed it to become a City of Nomads. Constant changing locus of a Nation of Tatami-mat transients; now it is the World’s most advanced. ‘Co-living millennial’s’ are everywhere enforced ‘New Nomads’ – in ‘shared facilities’ of dormitory-styled rental units as those of Tokyo’s Capsule Hotels.

New-made nomadic movement stirs the world to venture unprecedentedly into a vast new ‘Universe’ – “Space” explored here and beyond. How ex-London Mayor Boris – Island-embattled ‘Shogun’ – shapes a Nation’s immediate-isolated situation is unknown. That the UK develops a stable and prosperous future is the concern as maybe critical for everyone.

However, four-hundred years ago the ‘Relativistic Base’ for a Universally programmable social progression was geometric-set  Architectonic in homes and cities of a Shogun’s remodelled Japan. UK Homes and Cities once did and again can so-condition our future.

  • Three base-setting diagrams set-out (via Chōgen’s Stupa) that Universal Programming:-

1.  https://space-cell.com/2018/01/29/zen/

2.  https://space-cell.com/2018/01/29/consciousness/

3.  https://space-cell.com/2018/01/29/relativity/

Constructing a future  – https://space-cell.com/2019/06/20/manufacturing-our-new-homes/

** ‘Albertopolis’  [UK cultural hub; late-19th-century set-out in London’s South Kensington Exhibition Road] came urgently as a constructive reaction to the cultural shock of Japan’s designed excellence. It’s craft-work, so elegant as compared to Western Industrialism’s mass-produced crudity, was ‘Japan’ feature of 1851’s Crystal Palace’ radical locating of first-such International World-Industry and Manufactures Exhibition. Seen together, they precipitated Modernity. Very soon, Human existence was cataclysmic transformed.

From the Victoria & Albert Museum: https://www.vam.ac.uk/articles/an-introduction-to-the-aesthetic-movement “The artful home showcased an array of artistic bric-a-brac, but items of Japanese origin or inspiration took pride of place. Japan’s forced opening to foreign trade in 1853 revitalised the European veneration of all things Japanese, exemplified by England’s passion for old ‘Blue-and-White’ Asian ceramics. Extensive displays at the Old Water Colour Society and the 1862 International Exhibition’s Japanese Court introduced a wider audience to enticingly ‘exotic’ Japanese forms. A Japanese inflection – featuring asymmetry, flat patterning, simplified form and elegant surface ornament – became a hallmark of the Aesthetic vocabulary”. [Those elegantly influential ‘Arts & Craft’ ‘Home’ productions were soon Design-Industrialised via ‘Bauhaus Modernity’ up-to ‘Apple’ Electronics].


The Men's House as Civilisation's Ritual Location.

[1]“The Men’s House” – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15601758


[3]“Japan-ness in Architecture” – Arata Isozaki – MIT Press – 2006

[4]The most-basic geometric configuration – as Square-Cube + Circle-Sphere + Triangle-Tetrahedron.

[5] http://www.catalhoyuk.com/site/architecture

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