This New Universe


Form Follows Function1

Architecture Sets-out the Geometric Formula Activating Universal Evolution

An initiating entity (origin of ‘Us’, personally and collectively engaged in advancing a Conscious Existence) seemingly exists beyond a sense of logic. Universal Evolution from a void – unprecedented ‘Creation’ – is inherently inexplicable apart from absolute miracles as descriptive narratives of Religious Convictions. Yet, our cosmos formed somehow, ‘Ex nihilo’ (evidently ‘from nothing’), outside of any locatable Space, Time or Material productive formula. [Placing this ‘origin’ within an infinity of endless cycles of Multiverses only deflects formulating an ‘initiating’ formula/event]. However, a long-known generative formula is evidently operative as a base-conditioning, via ‘Us’ as Architecture, defined in this Blog-synopsis.

Within our most recent two or three generations a Revelation was advanced and proven via E=M.C2; Universal Evolution exactly defined and well tested. A ‘Black Hole’ location photo exemplifies a wholly new scientific realisation and systematic understanding. This, ‘Our Age’, was instantly one of unprecedented and unpredicted intellectual and material Realisation – that all is constructed since a singular ‘big bang’ occurrence. Immediate and future consequences were inherently transformative. Our new ‘Age’ is being fabricated and explored as never before. Again ‘An Architecture’ will promote its operation and outlook.

Vers une Architecture”2

From instant Neolithic Era origins 10,000 B.C.Civilisation constructively operates through a same standardized environment.3 Every Urbanism defines a recognisable Culture via its iconic Architectures. Over thousands of years the long-lasting Empires of Egypt and China maintained distinctive conditioning forms. Greco-Roman ‘Westernism’ applied a ‘Temple Facade’ formation to global locate Imperial Authority well-into the 20th-century. Then an immediate advent of ‘Modernism’ was soon effectively rebranded ‘The International Style’.

Over the short course of the 20th-century, Humanity’s understanding of existence was transformed – and uniquely transformative. Thrust from the immutable constancy of the ‘Classical Age’ we now live in a ‘new-made’ and expanding Universe. ‘Relativity’ defines Energy/Mass as evolutionary interactive, co-variable in the constancy of a Space-Time ratio C2. As Light-radiation is two-dimensional background, a fixed picture-plane to Universal Evolution, every graphic device evidences Us’ advancing in our actions.

A so-brief Historic Episode [40 years 1905-45] was immediately identified as the setting for ‘Existential Modernity’. Accessing a New Universe and its operating strategy was radically effective in every mode of production, organisation and enquiry. However that, in its self-motivating environments, met strong resistance. It aroused conservative backlash – firstly [1930’s] as Political-Military ‘Fascism’ then [1950’s] Cultural-Economic ‘Post-Modernity’.

Einstein’s algebraic/alchemical formulation [E=M.C2– 1905] precisely defined everything as understandably organised on premises of the greatest simplicity4. That inherent simplicity is one we define and construct via a most ancient understanding – ‘Geometry’, Greek-age set-out as“Euclid’s Elements” 2,300 years ago. The global origins and evolution of Civilisation gives the key to appreciating and extending that geometric-organising dynamic of the Universal Evolutionary Scheme – as same evidenced in its and our Architectures.





John McClellan – 2019.

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