WITH THANKS TO: Christoph Rosol, Benjamin Steininger, Jürgen Renn, Robert Schlögl – and the MAX PLANCK SOCIETY

Re: “On the age of computation in the epoch of humankind”.1

Firstly, I much appreciate your group’s concise and elegant presentation of this critical concern, in that ‘Nature’ publication.

Importantly, I saw a personalised relation in this Earth Organising issue is via the ‘Bauhaus’2.

A generation or more separates development of our viewpoints, as that key location critically conditioned my early instruction (via ex-Bauhaus tutors and its design principles) and a continuing ‘Architectural’ analysis of two (single generation) transformative ages.

Humanity’s first-evident collective-organised self-development epoch [an Earth-changing Anthropocene Era3] was confined between two metrically-entwined but distinct time-separated ‘Axial Ages’. As ‘Man-made’ each configured abrupt [40-year] socio-economic turning points, at beginning and concluding of a benign-climate Holocene Earth era. Their common societal-conditioning mechanism, a conceptual catalyst defined by its geometric configuration, was everywhere transformative – as ‘The House’. A design metric where-in a new global existence was envisioned was thus organised, constructed and progressed everywhere in same-way. From very recent discoveries4 that 10,000 year continuous commonality in urban and agrarian environments-around can now be proven/appreciated as I have defined it – world-wide installing a 2-D Euclidean-planar (spatial-operative) logic system.

As said, my analysis (in concern of the same ‘computative’ issue as you define) came from investigating the ancient origins of Agriculture, Architecture and Civilisation. UK based Australian archaeologist V. Gordon Childe had 1920/30’s revealed that as Humanity’s self-installed ‘Axial-Age’5 event – a worldwide Neolithic Revolution6 as of 10-12,000 years ago.

My conclusion shows how in that brief Neolithic Era a single generation consciously formulated a then new computational operating strategy – via a basic and comprehensive ‘geo-metric‘. A globalising Euclidean-constant logic-chain, as Babylonian clay tablets later record7, mentally generated that inherently-extensive [infinite] spatial-organising process. It was resolved/finalised in same geo-metric at 20th-century’s ‘Bauhaus’ – as designed ‘Modernity’ of ‘The Home’. In my presented assessment the specific conditioning ‘technology’ then selected was following Universal formative base-directives – radiant progressing its creatively evolving dynamics. However, that appropriated formulation as Humans selectively applied was not allowed such degree of freedom in the ‘Natural’ conditioning of evolution. It’s unfettered advance as being absolute destructive was finally evidenced in 1945.

Definitively, Einstein’s radical insights – as the ‘Pythagorean/Euclidean’ 2-D absolute constant Space Metric [‘C2‘ – ‘Special Relativity’, 1905] and ‘Non-Euclidean’ locally variable Time Metric [‘G’ – ‘General Relativity’, 1915] – were same-way evolutionary operative. As applied incommensurable geometrics forced ‘interactive’, 1945 set a radiant physical marker in closure of Earth’s first Anthropocene Age – in instant commencement of this new, cosmic-directed, Anthropocene epoch.

As neolithic-era geometrically-made, an Earth Era’s finality was again ‘Axial’ – instant-located – absolute transformative in those mass/energy ‘atomic’ events.

An Euclidean-Planar Space Metric initiating that Neolithic-era had soon initiated and progressed Civilisation. Conceived flat-planar absolute, it yet same-way computationally reconditions the world today; but now via a computer-chip’s plane-surface micro-logic, in radiant-based [C2] global connectivity.

* * *


The World’s global-surface is notionally conceived spherical – so a precise same-time-location. An Earth Age completeness is in ‘simultaneous’ integration of every electronic recorded action/transaction. ‘Local Time’ is differentiated in our bio-conditioned spherically-cellular enclosure and ‘personalised’ separateness.

This new Anthropocene Age is already Cosmic concerned. In an extra-terrestrial exploratory and reconditioning progress, geo-metrics are revealed computational agents, the formative and transformative directives of everything [Quantum Physics].

Now engaged in progressing a second Anthropocene Age, it is upon us to direct it to a creative conclusion, as that brief ‘Bauhaus’ assembly had eventually effected such first Anthropocene closure, in a ‘Men’s House8 reprise.

* * *

END NOTE: Although this ‘geometric appreciation’ of origins of Architecture, Agriculture and Civilisation, thus installing the Anthropocene Era, was conceived in 1964 (as conditioning a contemporary urban planning strategy) the key evidences substantiating that yet radical conclusion had to be discovered and assembled from the print-published diversity of ongoing investigative sciences and constructive disciplines. The Computer Age was not then developed as a consciousness changing era – as we just now experience and activate its global-revolutionary effects in every encounter.

John McClellan – – London – 19/12/18





5 An ‘Axial Age’ as defined by Karl Jaspers [1953] was the recent period around 800-200 B.C. – but other eras were as effective or more-so, as defined here.




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