23-01-11 1136Things have rapidly advanced as I ever predicted (since 1964). We are all life-long engaged with installing a fundamentally reorganised social existence – creative as artists, but never “Art for Art’s sake”. As imposed, the post-modern order already unravelled; now a critical world situationi.

As I have set out so many times, the major problems we now encounter are a consequence of none now wanting to recognise ’20th-century Modernity’ as comprehensive; it irreversibly transformed everything.

Never before imagined, the reorganising basis of a social system and collective mind-set was engaged and advanced by the world’s most advanced intelligences, active in every discipline. Yet ‘Modernity’ was feared; loathed and attacked by lesser minds, as Corbusier’s social-transforming genius is yet demonised.

Most are unconscious as active in this ‘Post-Modern Society’, well-installed since 1950’s ‘intervention’ ii. I experienced it instant UK applied at Kingston’s Architecture School, 1960. A world where everything is celebrated as a ‘Lady Artist’ admitted – ‘Fake’. ‘Learning from Las Vegas’, it is always ‘caveat emptor’ and ‘never give a sucker an even break‘. The Thatcher-Reagan era boasted of such effective survivalist supremacy; “Greed was Good” and “Debt an Incentive” as it advanced those interests. Since 2008 we all live with the end-consequences of that neo-Darwinian ‘Age of the Glutton’. Those so engorged vomit-up unashamed extravagance, excrescences of that new culture, as the ‘Arts and Architectures’ of ‘Post-Modernity’.

Paris may host a community that sees-though the superficiality of Koons-Macron – but the radical work required to uninstall such ‘robotic malware’ has to become epic – professional and persistent.

Only realising the Human value of ‘Constructive’ work promotes a most significant social advance.

Just 25 years ago a completely new programme of ‘instant automation’ global-imposed an internet activated mind-set. A creative-destructive instinct had unprecedented productive opportunities – but set unknown social challenges. Now, via a global coup by a Banking Elite, a neo-feudal hegemony is operative – robotic-controlled via Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, AirB&B etc.

This new existence is yet to be well defined but its electronic basis has been fully assembled and a global network installed, central-directing of every aspect of every life – except true creativity.

That aim is already operative in the rapid transfer of all ‘labour’ and every ‘transaction’ – mental and physical – onto ‘cloud controlled’ robotic instrumentations. Most has already been achieved. In a decade we have been far-advanced in that transformative endeavour; so recently an outlandish science-fiction project is now instant-organised, effective on the vast mass of Humanity.

However, a profound consideration in analysis of this absolute revolution is not yet evident; nor encouraged, as my ongoing experience shows it aggressively rejected, frustrated in every encounter.

A Machine Intelligence is being imposed to accommodate everything. How can the inherent Universal Will to Creativity now be mass-accommodated? How can ‘human intelligence and creativity‘ be realised and progressed – as I and others had 1950’s enjoyed a so-brief societal liberation?

This is an immediate and unprecedented problem. Paris an anarchic-authoritarian situation – mass-mayhem/mass-manipulation. UK’s so-called ‘Housing Crisis’ is induced as swathes of Community Housing is demolished/appropriated. Unprecedented ‘mass-homelessness‘ already a crucial indicator of imposed ‘financial reality’. ‘Luxury Life’ new-presented as a quarter-share ‘ownership‘ of a rented one-bedroom sub-urban flat; with no alternative, so trapped in a life-time debtor’s prison!iii


Unlike the originating Neolithic Transition, 8,000 B.C., there is now no authoritative ‘Men’s House’ – intelligence-promoting icon, prototype of everyone’s Home-based existence. Till just now its Geometric Manifesto physically constructed a societal ordering of Learning and Law.

Via Jobs and Gates, everyone everywhere was instantly-integrated into an advancing ‘Neo-tectonic Revolution’.

Without humanistic planning or insightful programme the Iconic Smart-Phone engages every event.

For this rapidly advanced relocation only my“Space-Cell” work has consciously projected analysis in a programmable consideration – where ‘Housing’ is re-appropriated as a creation-locator.

Corporatist-Markets force-feed mass-produced consumerism in vulgar distractions of those selected, imposed and supported as post-modern ‘Artists’ and ‘Starchitects’; ‘Earl’s Court’, a key mega-billion redevelopment, imploded as I predicted it must. Populist-evident, ‘Brexit’ & ‘Trump’ broke-through a barrier as independent mindsets reject the cruel distortions of a gargantuan-debt economy.

In apocalypse, a Machine Creative Endeavour is propelling us towards achieving an inchoate goal. Where are we going? What are we doing – why in this way? All of us are irreversibly committed to living in this fundamental reconstruction of terrestrial life; for better or worse not knowing whatever it is now or must soon become. No ‘Modern’ artist-intellectual survived the ‘post-modern’ pogrom – only subservient ‘spokespersons’, so trained ‘social influencers’ paid to mindlessly sustain that coup.

Yet, in similar way, our ancient forbears were immediately inducted into a ‘Neolithic Revolution’iv, without other option except nomadic isolation. Willing or not made into ‘Civilisation’; but then with a constructed sense of Cosmic Purpose as Architecture continually re-creatively defined it up to 20th-century Modernity. My work alone communicates and extends that coherent creative progress.

At the end of History” – seemingly ultimate aim accomplished – ‘Civilisation’ was a ‘Classical’ past conditioning. My analysis defines how Architecture, creative necessity in the forming of everything, is again in our time key human activator of an urgent Cosmic Evolutionary progress.

We are all self-situated at this lead-edge of the globalised project; world-transforming as the pioneers of Modernist Architecture urban-framed it. DoCoMoMo – – has taken-on the responsibility of preserving and promoting the intent of that radical movement – but lacks a Theory of Form as appropriate to defining the purposeful logic of that crucial enterprise.

‘Modernity’ is somehow everywhere recognised – yet hated or admired, adopted or decried. Evidently radical as the fundamental societal-transformative ‘Social-Cultural Movement’, Siegfried Giedion’s“Space, Time and Architecture” [1940’s] did attempt, but could not convince most (or any) of Modernity’s true scientific nature being crucial to programming that epoch-changing effort.

While a yet-necessary theoretical formulation remains ‘unspoken’, that particular issue – “what can be silently shown-as V what can be spoken-of” philosopher Wittgenstein succinctly expressed as a consequence of his brief encounter with assembling a Loos’ inspired House, compulsively formed following those principles of Modernity. He then [1927] intuited unspoken ‘visual rules’ he could not define. Yet no academic studies take account of that most basic ‘creative’ realisation.

Already we exist in an new Earth Epoch of unprecedented technological transformation – as 20th-century ‘Modernity’ installed. We are inextricably engaged in fundamental struggles for a clear world-vision to safe-accommodate this unavoidably new-connected society.

The reason why progressing my life-work is absolutely essential is that it alone explains how it was with the invention of Architecture [The Men’s House]v around 8,000 B.C. that a worldwide ‘Neolithic Revolution’ was immediately activated. Its rectilinear-organised geometry was never before so-expressed. The key ‘Neolithic’ discovery was ‘Space in a House’ formed 2-D planar – walls, floors, roofs and ceilings – permanent foundation of a Societal-Revolution just as Wittgenstein’s House and Philosophy and Corbusier’s ‘Designed Modernity’ 20th-century concludedvi.

The Neolithic-era’s ‘Agrarian Revolution’ became necessary subsequent to the secure establishment of ‘The House’. Literacy + Numeracy had to come in building-construction and accountancy’s 2-D administered process, continuing up to our computer-chip directed age. Yet the archaeologists have ever taken (assumed) agriculture as primary, instrumental in activating that (otherwise) well-defined total-transformative progress. Even so, as my 2-D definition ‘planar-space’ was fundamental to advancing that agrarian situation – production-effective in the flood-plain food crops of those early Classical Civilisations.

The Neolithic-era life-style was everywhere unprecedented; as laid-out flat-planar based on a rectilinear ‘grid’ it worked as both urbanism and agriculture. Operationally fixed, installing and promoting materially accumulative growth, it soon supported vast-extending populations as ‘Civilisation’ – as ‘Modernity’ concluded that world-wide way of life we inherited.

Clinical psychologists [1960’s] demonstrated that a planar-rectilinear spatial-logic is visually selective, right-brain basedvii. So, as Wittgenstein had earlier discovered and installed, one that can’t be adequately (as left-brain) verbalised. A ‘planar-spatial’ mineral-organising logic is the predominate ‘thinking process’ of most Men. Women far-more diverse, vocally imaginative as left-brain located in predominate ‘time-based’ complex logics of biological-adaptive ‘birthing’ of evolving existence.

‘Modernity’ came suddenly [1905-8]. In technological closure to a 10,000 year Earth Epoch it recaptured in rectilinear plane-space that original [Neolithic-era] spatial-set 2-D plane origin. A ‘primal’ link between ‘Cubist‘ Modernity [1908] and ‘Special Relativity Theoryviii [1905] was explicit in polemic manifestos, science’s formulations and 2-D planar-spatial, intuitive visual associations of its diverse pioneer practitioners. As radiant-expansive directed – soon mass-literacy and numeracy, cinema and TV visually promoted it.

NOTE: 16th-century Japan [Sen no Rikyu] had realised that base-understanding – ‘Zen + Shinto’.

A Civilised Lifestyle of refined design (products, architecture and urbanism) was Western transmitted via Dutch/Scots traders. As UK inheritor, soon the ‘Arts & Crafts’ were Zen-based root of ‘Modernist’ architectonic assemblies [Art Nouveau – Jugendstil – Mackintosh – De Stijl – Bauhaus – Russian Constructivist]. My work is alone in conclusive proving and promoting that planar-realisation of the social purpose and effectiveness of ‘Modern’ culture.

* * *

Although my papers are very compacted in their presentation, they do that to comprehensively resolve fundamental problems. For example the relationship between religion and urbanism is so strong because each expresses a common [inherent] formal relationship – the fundamental ordering of a society – within its perceived, presented or agreed, ‘cosmology’.

Relativity is the new Cosmology – as it radically redefined the geometrics of ‘Space’ and ‘Time’.

The geometric principles underlying a base-ordering of material existence were being revealed in that 20th-century epoch of major discovery – as Relativity, Quantum mechanics and the genetic code. Ancient conjectures, expressed in religious doctrines, had long before arrived at very similar ‘formal’ prescriptions – whence those base-conclusion had been then applied as ‘axioms’ applied to the organised layout and planning of mankind’s unrelenting inventive and creative efforts in settlement as Architecture and Urbanism.

An unprecedented permanent-settlement process began almost instantly after the last ice age, 10,000-12,000 years ago. That soon progressed to the ordering of complex civilisations in our urbanised and technologically dependant existence (but yet illusory in ‘Classical’ concepts of Space and Time). Archaeological discoveries over the past century have shown these same formal conjectures and conclusions [ancient and modern] have been applied as mankind’s universal paradigms. Humanity geometrically shaped this revolutionary Anthropocene epoch in intelligent direction of new aspects of an ongoing Evolution as Cosmologically dictated.

All these key points – of ancient development and recent discovery – are referenced in the footnotes to my paper ”ARCHITECTURE & EVOLUTION”. Now in a new epoch, this Post-Classical Universe as only ‘Modernity’ reframed it, a new Architecture is essential to maintain and progress existence.

20th-century ‘Modernity’ installed a new mind-set in a Post-Classical social economy. The retrogressive ‘Post Modern’ counter-revolution soon (1970’s) reimposed a ‘Classical’ neo-feudalism – as Prince Charles’ ‘Poundbury’ development plainly endorsed that ‘ideal’ vision.

Design, Art and Architecture, conditions every existence – forms individual and social mindsets. The recent G-20 Meeting showed that the ‘New World Order’ is incoherent of any positive future. In discordant crisis no constructive progress can be made outside those Universal Organising Principles I analytically delineate – as those then leading (now societally disavowed) Modernists had instinctively applied them to unprecedented world-changing effect.

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