A House is not just impregnable protection, a convenient weather-proofed shelter. Since its Neolithic-era origins, 12,000 years ago, a well-chosen design was the essential ‘machine’ for progressing a fundamental bio-tectonic transformation. Directed as a major modification of Universal Evolution (as ‘Nature’ unaided cannot accomplish) building a House is in mechanics and statics; creating a Home is psychology, in Architecture.

Two Revolutions, everywhere evident, tell this tale as defined in our Home forming, city and landscape around. The archaic Neolithic Revolution and 20th Century’s ‘Neotectonic’ transformations were instant operative – together conditioning a Home-forming and Urban-constructive mindset. This New Policy Initiative promotes a New Home concept installing a new mind-set; redirecting us in progressing Evolutionary change, now Cosmic Venturing.

Architecture is inherent as Universal formative agent – fundamental material-constructive and social-directing mechanism – us its contractors. Resolving the current ‘Housing Crisis’ is the historic-located opportunity. We must facilitate individual security and a collective creative progress in the vehicle of a new Home’s forming.

* * *

Adopted and adapted: “It is the Best of Times; it is the Worst Times”. Here and around, the whole World is being technologically transformed – yet Home provision is in dire crisis; an unprecedented conditioning. Architects too are dispossessed – evident in style-disarray.

As “A Tale of Two Cities” Dickens’ Londoner genius admonishingly located that “Time” in Paris as engendered Revolution1. An event so radical, so comprehensive, as to eventually change everything for everyone. (Even as the 10-100 Metric System of all spatial engagements – but significantly not ‘Time’, as resisted reform to remain ‘cosmically’ accountable; effective in 12-60 archaic-based logic).

Events of that ‘Tale’ condition this enquiry. Then ‘the People had no Bread’, Staff of Civilised Life; today no affordable ‘Home’ to sustain it. Where now in London to find that ‘Home’ as must be there, somewhere for everyone? If this makes for the ‘Worst of Times‘ where now is the ‘Best’ so located? Dickens recognised: in our ‘Minds’ – since we must live creatively, now in a completely new-discovered and mentally remade Universe, as ‘Home’.

‘History’ is established in hindsight. Epochal changes, seen belatedly, come from small ‘markers’ – a bread shortage, opportune pistol-shot in Sarajevo or lone ‘plane in a bright-morning sky, high over Hiroshima. Pent-up considerations, thought important but not so as to precipitate revolution, culminate in such instants as spark apocalyptic devastations. An existence is instant overwhelmed – taken away by a seeming too-small occurrence.

What then seemingly controllable event is marker to this, as “Worst of Times”?

Our critical point was a moment of ‘Lehman Brothers’ collapse; it set-play to a domino-cascade of Western Banking deficiencies. However, that 2008 instant inevitably followed from decades-long ‘expert-organised’ finance. Loans-made not repayable in ‘Sub-Prime Home Ownership’, sold-on as security, internationally installed sub-prime populaces.

Resolving that institutional-based ‘monetary disruption’, generations now and future are in dispossession of a fundamental life-support facility. A minimal-space London Home accountably costs more than fourteen times that of most annual incomes. The ‘Home-base’ of a 12,000 year Human-constructed epoch was, in that instant, destroyed. [Historically, a 3-to-1 cost-to-income ratio was viable]. Home-ownership or occupancy is no longer sustained from the efforts of a lifetime’s labourings; all such ‘earners’ are enforced ‘sub-prime persons’. Humanity, a newly impoverished sub-proletariat, has entered its critical societal-exploring age; ‘finance’ already effecting an unprecedented reconditioning.2


Natural cataclysms inevitably reorganise the Geological Ages, as they energetically drive evolution. Urgently efficient in achieving its purpose, that destructive/creative transformation is a fundamental cosmic process – recognised in fossil-markers to a past-changed Earth. ‘Home Forms’ – minute molecules, colossal mammalian or avian skeletons – instant appear or vanish-from that record of our pre-conditioned development.

1905; the 20th-Century was instant-made absolute revolutionary. Einstein’s radical ‘New Cosmological Theory’ was soon applied. Intelligence and technology redefined or reorganised space-time access to everything. From Atom to Universe we now live in a new-made Epoch – where Architecture again has its critical role in reorganising society.

Newly reconditioned, everyone’s momentary existence is now in a mental and material metamorphosis. Archaeological evidence must leave its geological layered marker; give it date. Similarly radical, from 10-12,000 years ago, a rectilinear layout first-appears – human constructed in the House’s instant origins. As installed later at Jericho (the oldest continuous urban-habitation) long-previous-laid layers of ‘homes’ as ever rounded constructions were abruptly made obsolete in that origin and evolution of ‘Civilisation’. Never before, then ever after, the ‘Civilised House’ is square-plane based. Something fundamental had changed. That ‘something’ was activity evident in a new way of thinking. A new building geometry had organised ‘Home Life’ and reorganised society. As that conditionally reshaped us up to this point the World around was progressively changed.

If, as now, a populace is abruptly deprived of essential or simplest of ‘Home’ provision such reshaping demands a new form of ownership for any social survival – let alone advance. 20th-Century technology has advanced an unprecedented evolutionary transformation – whereby a sustainable New Society must again emerge. How that is soon accomplished via the new generic Home-Form is this concern.

Human existence is as any biological formation, a fragile construction. An astonishing design is organised and effective beyond present powers of comprehension. Conscious ‘Life’ is precious yet precarious – eventually overwhelmed, lost in an instant.

Any contrived security of that temporary ‘being’ is the outcome of Evolution – epochs of collective efforts install abrupt changes. Atom-based constructions were compounded, radical transformations came as new Biological Species and then Human Cultures. ‘Architectures’ progressively reshaped the World; they will continue to do so as ‘Homes’ critical in directing us in that irresistible Universal ascent towards an unbeknown objective.

“WHAT IS A HOME?” Evolutionary developed, it is an effective lifestyle mechanism. As Bodily-formed, every individual existence is ‘Home’ to a unique conception. But every Species too needs and acquires its characteristic home – an encompassing environment, self-invented or prior construction, specific to sustain its collectivity. As birds Nest, crabs Shell, rabbits Warren and bees Hive, so we Humans Housed ourselves. That was in a unique way only discovered or invented around 12,000 years ago. Then ‘A Home’ came in two generic forms of constructive genius, disparately active and effective until today.

After a long ice-age came a comfortably warming world; the Holocene age – a very recent moment in terms of our many such ages-long evolution. Only then, as our primal hunter-gatherer existence was Nature-made so much easier, a ‘House as Home’ arrived. Why did humanity (fire-commanding, long the world’s most technically advanced species) so belatedly embark on a highly complex ‘modern’ lifestyle? As those few remaining ‘hunter-gatherers‘ fear or abhor 3, our purpose demanded continuous hard labourings in constructive advancement.

* * *

AN ARCHITECTED INITIATIVE : This Policy Initiative is the first recognising such fundamental considerations. A Home formation is the Universal Conditioning of everything; yet, for us, only recently engaged as a socially complex imperative. In almost every respect we are very much an un-evolved species, still becoming collectively conscious of existence, as in a child-hood class of Nature’s Learners.

Until very recently the UK was Global-effective, recognised leader at ‘Home’, or world-wide; confidently venturing, creative, enquiring, inspiring as Dickens. To engage the British Mindset where it was not so long before this ‘Home’ proposition is constructively radical.

‘Britain’ (organised as enquiringly industrious peoples) was renowned exploratory – sometime daring, sometime caring; since Newton’s Time concerned discoverer of the Modern World – inventor of previously unimagined Universal existences. Proponent of advanced lifestyles as the primary Industrial Revolution and the most Modern technology now should confidently advance a presently confusedly-directed Neo-tectonic Revolution. Others take that initiative, as new ‘mobile’ technology presents itself world-wide and out into Space. In appropriate collective environments, a consciousness can again make desirable things, organise creative lifestyles – not just service others enterprise.

How to do that? First make the UK ‘Home’ influential – propose and present one as so previous admired and emulated as was ‘Das Englische Haus’4. In that constructed home-environment am imagination had taken command – as again a new Home can become access to a new mind-set.

* * *

WHAT A HOME IS NOT (nor should-it become) :

  1. A magic money-box: Put £1,000 in this year – next year it has ‘grown’ to £2,000!☺

  2. Ever extending Ladder to ‘Dreamland’ – Spectacular Unearned Wealth and an Effortless Lifetime Income falls down onto its ‘owner’ [in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ work-shy optimism].☺☺

  3. Base Component to a monumental Inverted-Pyramid scheme – ‘first-in’ extracts the wealth of all future ‘investors’ – as precariously piled-in on top.☺☺☺

  4. A Lifetime Debtor’s Prison of ‘negative equity’ for those latter, as enforced ‘speculators’. [**** gloomies]

So what is a Home (as once-was or can become)?

  1. A place of recognised affordable comfort and pride in security of commitment to a democratically progressing lifestyle. A moment-by-moment facility to maintain and enjoy every aspect of a personal, family, work and social existence. ‘Life’ from cradle to grave is appreciated in its temporary passing.

  2. Aspirational Contrivance’. The 20th-century Motor and Aero Manufactures soon engineered unprecedented generic products – functionally ‘stylish’, effective in global-engaged ownership commitment. A ‘New Home’ can be engineered and installed on a similar design, production-line and controlled-cost base if the ‘space’ for it is made appropriate – as roads and flight-paths are ‘socially’ provided for cars and ‘planes.

A Revolution: For the first time in human (or maybe Cosmic?) existence, ‘Home’ is immediately connected to all information in the World and beyond via forms of ‘smart-phone’ living, interactive in world-wide locations. Radical technology and new ‘mobility’ is already the activator of unprecedented socio-economic change.5

A ‘Home’ is not necessarily a traditional ‘House’. That particular-formed concept is of permanent solidity; fixed-placed and fixed-occupied, just as a ‘Western’ child might yet, tutored or imaginatively, draw one four-square facing. As a Neolithic-age invention, from 12,000 years ago it engaged and promoted a specific and restrictive-organised mindset.

As ‘Men’s House’6 that then new formation was Iconic – exclusive in evolution of an hierarchically organised and directed new society. Essential to permanent progress in collective-productive accumulative existence, it was soon ‘man-datory’. Generic-formed, that rectilinear habitation was eventually imposed on almost everyone, almost everywhere.

At that same ‘first time’ (as recognised by Archaeologist, V. Gordon Childe – 1930’s, defining that worldwide “Neolithic Revolution” 7) a very different form of ‘universal techno-dwelling’ was being invented – the instant constructable, lightweight transportable, mobility-Home.

Tepee, Igloo, Yurt/Ger or Mat-House; round-form generic instant-home of the wide-ranging world explorers remains the effective lifestyle-support of tribal Nomads.8 They go comfortably and confidently everywhere from driest deserts to coldest Arctic and in-between. Urban-others go, temporary-tribal massed, camping at Glastonbury.

Those basic ‘Home Forms’ are incommensurable; opposed degrees of technological fixity or mobility, never arbitrary improvisations nor yet interchangeable options. Anywhere constructed, they established new but disparate economies. Divergent lifestyle of fixed Farmer or mobile Herder [Urbanists or Nomads] contemporarily progressed basic geometries in genius inventions. In non-urbanised ‘mixed-economies’ the semi-sedentary Home-form remained circular – as in tribal Britain until the rectilinear-civilising Roman occupation, as recent very dry UK weather revealed those layouts superimposed on ancient tribal ritual locations – as colonial homesteads.

* * *


The Forming of anything is in its Geometry – a base-shaping critical in its origin and effects on its own and others existence. That realisation was made plain by the most radical revelation of Science – Einstein’s ‘Relativity Theory’; rather ‘Theories’ – as there are two of them. 1905’s publication of ‘Special Relativity’ [a rectilinear-based Space Logic] and separately, a decade later, 1915’s ‘General Relativity’ [a spherical-based Time Logic]. Those being irreconcilable prime-geometrics the essential ‘Unified Theory’ was not then (nor yet) formulated – but evidently active, ‘architectonically combined’ material existence.

How can such technically specialist and esoteric Universal Formulations as Einstein’s be relevant to anyone’s day-to-day living? The answer is in that irreconcilable geometric duality; in constructing a ‘New Home’ we must selectively determine such base-formation.

Separately revolutionary each form differently conditions everything as each ‘Theory’ is reduced to a simplest Geometry. Critical for us is a flat-plane-space ‘Home’ environment, ‘Special Relativity’ formulates radiant-expansive 2-D planar-geometry [C2]. ‘General Relativity’ formulates spherical-surface integrating Time-geometry [Gravity/Mass]. From age of twelve our minds are formed able to selectively differentiate, appreciate and apply those separate ‘logics’ to constructive effect. Divergent Home-forms [square House or circular Yurt] formatively-operate in Space and Time to condition us in thought and action.

An empowering access to Classical Greek Academia (the Western cultural-fountainhead) was restrictive. An above-door inscription said plain9, “Let none enter here uninstructed in Geometry”. So ‘Basic Geometry’ was/is implicit key to unlock truths – Universal revelations. Eventually, in devastating verification, Einstein’s Relativity formulation has proven that so as an alchemical transmutation of material elements was achieved in Atomic weaponry. Simple base-Geometry instantly force-changed World existence – electronically organised, it powers and directs us into our future.

* * *


1905, the ‘Special Theory of Relativity’ was such revelation. Einstein presented it exactly as a Pythagoras-diagram – school-book algebra: [a2 + b2 = C2]10. ‘Radiation’ is inherently constant, light-speed Universal in ‘Timeless Existence” – Cine-Photo evident in and as flat two-dimensional ‘Space’C2 absolute condition. A 3-D formation is vibrant-integrated space-time existence. The Neolithic-age ‘Home-base’ separated space + time experience in enclosure of Life. De-constructed, ‘Space’ is a flat-plane surface-formation as constructed in the House and urban and rural productive environments of Civilisation.

As True Space’ is 2-D planar, visual art must timelessly record it as the first ‘House’ constructed it via flat-plane surfaces – walls, floors, roofs. ‘The House’ made the Machine for Imaginative Living. Its planar-base immediately taken-up for ‘Murals’ plane-surface ‘Depiction of Space’ was born in Neolithic beginnings (as at most-ancient Çatalhöyük11). Those realisations remain to amaze and instruct that such ‘first-House’ initiated a ‘Modern’ life-style – constructing a mind-set only so recently finalised as 20th-century ‘Modernity’12.

Archaeology revealed Neolithic-age Çatalhöyük as a ‘first-time’ settlement of close-knit roof-top-entry ‘Homes’ (not pathway-separated ‘Houses’). An 8,000 person community was a radical invention; 2,000-year lasting cubic-formed ‘urban’ enclosure – as ants assemble.

Then-and-there, newly self-confined Humanity had first taken its ‘one giant step’ into technologically occupying eternity – as now Cinema, TV and Computer screens radiantly depict that 2-D space-imagination. In 20th-century’s global finality of our Earth-confined epoch, new Earth and extra-terrestrial existences are being realised founded on those pioneer ‘Home’ constructions made planar-evident at Çatalhöyük.

* * *


‘Desirable Mobility’13– within a consistent framework. [Note; the Zen-inspired Japanese House & Garden aesthetically installed such mass-productive technological practicality – more than 400 years ago. A planar-modular ‘Tatami’14 floor-mat component, transportable in designing and conditioning of a national-tribal peripatetic Civilised Existence, set a constructive mobility effectively operative today.]15

The Productive System: Encourage the Motor Manufacturing and/or allied industries to turn attention to Hi-tech Home ‘Capsule’ developments. Engage the Art and Technology Institutes and Academia; set up collaborative design and research programmes in real-place occupations. Those as mass-produced products would be deliverable for immediate occupancy. In lease-rental, recyclable, updated in energy and material conservation.

The Development Locations : Across the Nation, encourage deprived or concerned communities to establish ‘Enterprise Zones’ for dispersed education, local and ‘on-line’ employment. Built on these principles, post-industrial abandoned locations (as once thriving mining villages or cultured industrial township) presently and future can again give gainful opportunity in the new global techno-connectivity. 1960-2000’s UK considered “too futuristic”, a socially-inspired ‘Capsule Home’ system is now immediately relevant; practical and economic provision across a World range of locations.16

21st Century : Personal electronic communications have drastically reshaped our local economies and Global lifestyles. An evolutionary threshold has been crossed as routine and complex work is automated. Computers ‘AI’ command and world-wide control unprecedented robotic administrative, productive and distributive mechanisms. A Neolithic-era imaginable future is realised: Home-based – in Mobile Universality. 17.

John McClellan – LONDON – 26th November 2018.

1 “Crush humanity out of shape once more, under similar hammers, and it will twist itself into the same tortured forms.”.

8 [accessed 12/09/18]

10Pythagoras + Einstein –

13NOMADS – That Nomadic ingenuity was intelligently techno-adaptive; however, ways of mobile Home formation and transportation precluded accumulative possessions and associated ‘academic’ learning. Our society, as new Nomads, has resolved that issue via techno-connectivity in ‘cloud storage’.

15“TOKYO : A guide to recent architecture” – Noruyuki Tajima – Ellipsis, London – 1995. “In a city where many homes function simply as bedrooms or hotels, Ito observes: ‘the residents of Tokyo, I believe, can be compared to nomads wandering in artificial forests. Today in Tokyo buildings are constructed and demolished at bewildering speed. It is really stunning.’ (Toyo Ito, ed. S. Roulet and S. Soulie, Editions du Moniteur, Paris, 1991)”

16‘Nakagin’ Capsule Hotel – Tokyo – Kisho Kurakowa – 1972 – [accessed 12/09/18]

17LONDON “CITYAM” – 21-08-18 – ‘BoE economist warns AI could lead to mass unemployment – … “on a much greater scale in the future” than during the revolutions of coal, electricity and computing due to AI’s ability to replace both low-skilled roles and some more complex jobs’.

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