The Neolithic Reformation of society was evidently evolutionary effective. 12,000 years ago, in an Axial engagement with Nature, a new ‘logic’ precipitated Humanity’s material and social development. [ https://www.sciencealert.com/ancient-carvings-in-turkey-show-a-comet-hitting-earth-changing-civilisation-forever  ] That necessary foundation was and remains primary – effective towards sustaining our ongoing Cosmic enterprise.

Long after the primordial control of Fire had ‘energetically’ separated humanity from all other species, that precipitous Neolithic event materially manifested and selectively activated a same (cosmic based) ‘logic system‘. The natural law effective of an inherent aspect of Universal-conditioning was ‘intuitively’ applied towards utmost transformative ends. A space-organising geometric-strategy as planar-based was made evident in permanent record, accounting and projective planning.  A new-found ‘rational aesthetic’ was activated in the invention and organised application of Architecture + Agriculture. [Ref; Marcus & Flannery [2004]:“The coevolution of Ritual and Society”].  https://www.researchgate.net/publication/8127726_The_coevolution_of_ritual_and_society_New_14C_dates_from_ancient_Mexico 

That applied ‘logic’ set in place access to the Universal Mechanism of analysis and accumulative control of the ‘spatial-structuring’ [radiant] aspect of all extant, emergent and evolving existences from Atoms to Universe.

As Einstein’s ‘C2‘ [1905] it was planar-recognised as constant and absolute. Moseley’s Nuclear-Atomic Series soon after [1913] revealed it as base-formative in the material manufacture and interactive operation of everything.  When ‘knowingly’ applied in geometric-organised access to atomic transmutations and DNA’s biomorphic coding we evidently initiated a new Axial Age.

So an Earth-bound reformatory epoch is just concluded, as Cosmic engagements immediately commenced with satellite communications and regular extra-terrestrial excursions.

Because that activating and sustaining ‘Spatial-logic’ was made descriptively evident only via 20th-Century’s revolutionary advances in Science [Relativity Theory] its absolute-conditioning geometry is yet ignored (or misleadingly defined) in more general ‘social studies’ – as includes Archaeology, the visual Arts & Architecture where its constructive operation is critical to their operating conclusions and effects.

However, in instinctive following a Neolithic-set planar premise [potentially infinite as a rectilinear-gridded operating paradigm] we have just arrived at this ‘time’ of most radical conclusion of an Era – and the consequential organised entry into a new investigative and transformative Epoch.

Fundamental discoveries and advancements in 2-D organisation and coordination of every activity have computer-facilitated that same operational ‘spatial-logic‘.  Every individual is set commonly active and interactive; a ‘Global-City-System‘ is pocket-portable, mobile-organised on a micro-chip.

In directed contrast, ‘Time Conditioning’ naturally engenders a Cosmology of cyclically closed morphologically transforming diversity in locally differentiated multitudinous separated existences [Individuals, Groups, Species, Clans & Tribes].

However, in biomorphic emergence, birth and death (and the daily exigencies of a Hunter-Gatherer life) existence is ever fatefully dependant-on a chance constancy of Nature’s regenerative ‘Time’ logic. Consequently, everything is vulnerable-to predictable or unpredictable constructive/destructive encounters – ‘Roulette Gambling’ against regular (and eventually inevitable) overwhelming forces. “Time-logic” is spherical-cyclic-based – local-closed as an inherently finite system [Bio-cellular; ‘Black-Hole’ in extremis].

A conscious ‘Spatial Conditioning’ is infinite-accumulative in mineralised reformation of that ever recursive ‘Temporal’ operational paradigm. Soon, in every ‘Civilised Existence’, ‘Time‘ was made apparently linear-contiguous – Historic and Dynastic. Everywhere was so organised to thus set permanent a ‘spatial-projective’ base for that Epoch as inherently lineage-directed. Monumental construction and a uniform-planned ‘calendar-spreadsheet’ located and enforced a constant and hierarchical predictive ordering. Fixed reordering of variable nature’s cyclic ‘Time’ periods and physically or notionally ‘re-locating’ its consumable productions and/or productive resources and entities [plants, animals, goods, workers, slaves] was ‘economically’ effective in sustaining that accumulative control or Empire expansion.

From 10,000 years ago in world-wide and/or time dispersed projects, Neolithic society was thus set uniform-operative; ritual conformative, forced cooperative, judgementally investigative, expansively mass-productive and centrally accumulative. In an involuntary collective progression that ‘spatial agenda‘ was advanced until absolute world-commanding in its ‘Relativistic-Space’ imposed conclusion – August 1945.

Yet our most advanced ‘Civilised’ intrusions must remain inherently unprotected from nature’s ever-ongoing extreme transformative forces, unrelenting directed towards its objective (even as those are seemingly ‘man-made‘ catastrophes) as a new era of activity seeks technologically advanced survival solutions.

* * *

Via working studies, constructions, papers and presentation at high-level International Forums, I have set-out those base-organising principles – now well-proven as Universally operative in the disparate range of science, cultural investigation and social-sustaining productions.

However, in encounters with those progressing such key investigations, I have immediately met with defensive-resistance to communicating such cross-disciplinary intrusion into ‘self-contained’ academic or ‘specialist’ domains – most vigorously, initially and ongoing, from my ‘native’ Architecture. Even in educated mindsets the Classical Cosmology seemingly yet ‘safely’ sustains its illusionary operative logic.

With that in mind, I recently started to ‘Blog’ around that general conception. Such informality might be less intrusive into any reconsidering of ‘comfortable certainties’ as condition other’s interests and engagements.

Taking my studies into consideration gives a precise outline of how ‘Axial‘ transformations of existence evidently recondition everything. All is comprehensively interactive within Relativity Theory’s Space-Time formulation – in organised following of the most basic Geometric parameters.

That Neolithic societal metamorphosis was material organised via a ‘geometric revolution‘ – the co-ordinated location, standardised organisation and integrated output of every activity. In that notional and material construction of a ‘Logic Gateway‘ daily and lifetime projections were selective, ‘spatially advanced‘ in a predictive and planned reconditioning of every ‘momentary‘ aspect of nature’s biological-time existences. [Universal Selectivity must operate from its most basic formative level – a ‘Quantum Gateway’ is so set to organise space-time existence directed as spatially progressive. That insistent evolutionary-organising mechanism has necessarily engendered and located our now ‘consciously’ active involvement.]

So the acute socio-economic era for material-evolving Humanity was that Neolithic ‘Axial Age’.  A  spatial-operative and directive programme was progressively effective unto a moment of atomic-made Global finality – in a new ‘Axially-turning’ as a major redirection of Human endeavour.

At Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 20th-century Humanity precipitated this new ‘Axial Age’.  A dire destructive event exhibited ‘natural’ access to nuclear radiant energy as the primal geometric-organised source of substance – Cosmic Fire [Ref. Oppenheimer’s awestruck assessment].

I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’

As then made Global evident, accumulative investigation had achieved the initial Neolithic aim. Organised control of creative-transformative ‘radiant-space’ revealed it as timeless – 2-D ‘Cubist’ Planar Inclusive in the uniform assembly and conditioning of Universal existence.

A ‘neo-tectonic’ reconstitution has since advanced in a new-connected environment.  We are thus redirected towards achieving new ‘Cosmic’ realisations. New constructions organised as to recondition our cognitive and imaginative functions must selectively ‘retune’ human consciousness to Universal Evolutionary directives – as effectively as did that Neolithic ‘planar-space’ survivalist-conception.

* * *

Universal Existence is inherently organised via base-principles of the simplest geometric logics – Relativity-proven as 2-D planar-surface expansive ‘Space’ [C2] + 1-D spherical-surface integrating ‘Time‘ [M/G/T]. So we can appreciate that Neolithic event was a selective imposition of the uniform ‘spatial-geometric’.  An expansive-directed reorganising and forced inclusion, it transformed and integrated every local aspect of variable temporal-conditioned ‘Life’ and its sustaining agencies.

Such Euclidean 2-D Flat ‘Space’ was ‘logically’ active as 19th-century Cartographers planar-surveyed and mapped the ‘spherical-surfaced‘ world [Gauss 1820]. Soon invented, a non-Euclidean Geometry approximately accommodates that inherent curvature discrepancy [Pi – 22/7] in thus applied formal-descriptive logics].

Via planar-based rectilinear Architecture + Agriculture that Universal Conditioning System was appropriated to progress its spatial-organised uniformly-extensive effect towards a global-controlling conclusion.  Now ‘Google Earth’ satellite-surveys to global-locate everything.

Since the 1960’s [Ref; Prof. Roger Sperry] studies of ‘mind processes’ in humans (and other species) showed how ‘Spatial-logic’ is a natural-evolved ‘visual cognisance’ and activation of that engendering framework.  A bilateral split-brain separates it from (but ever interactive with) a complimentary located ‘vocal expressive’ ‘Time-logic’.

The Neolithic mass-reconditioning of existence was selectively biased towards implementing that spatial-formative reconstruction of biomorphic emergence.   As directed to our arrival at a ‘spatially-dominant’ world-wide state, ‘Space Logic’ is visionary – inherently a mass-less ‘light radiant’ picture-plane mechanism.  So that ‘unnatural’ matter-reconstruction process could only be Human-mind effected. Material-imposing any large-scale rectilinear-logic is inherently outside of Nature’s potential, being self-generated/restricted by Time-Mass-Gravity curvature in its finite enclosure.

That Global reorganisation was specific-achieved via that ‘Neolithic’ programme of planar-rectilinear mind+matter coordination. A primarily imposed 2-D reorganisation of every aspect of habitation and its mass-productive supportive activity was in Architecture + Agriculture.  http://www.catalhoyuk.com/site/architecture Late-evolved, mechanised Industrialisation more rapidly pursed an ever-forwarding material-conditioning conception.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crystal_Palace

The Neolithic Revolution can be recognised as socially initiating [activating/liberating] a primary ‘mental’ conception – separately and locally same way organised in everyone, everywhere. As common component of that precipitation of a mineral-crystalline gridded-logic, a progressive coalescing framework was 20th-century finalised. In computer-chip micro-logic and its global-internet-connectivity.  A ‘Neolithic Programme’ is only now appropriately finalised – installed and activated via everyone everywhere

Consequential effects of that Modern Metamorphosis are displayed in every personal, corporate and governmental interest and activity.

The now evident urgency of managing an autonomous society to best-protect and progress our collective existence is the reason to be fully conscious of how the Neolithic ‘Axial’ Endeavour was so appropriately minimal-organised.  A simple graph-paper ‘x-y’ spatial coordination eventually activated a latent Cosmic potential, evident in this our new-made Cosmos-exploring condition.


CCI13102017_0009 SPACE-CELL KIT

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