By the early 1960’s, following-on several years of intense study along with home and international work experience, I was in my final-years at UK’s ‘Kingston School of Architecture’.

That ‘Bauhaus-styled’ course was set at the most-advanced social-progressive level, as yet then rebuilding a post-war world. An annual ‘field-trip’ was a key part of the research programme.

A year previous, the study-site had been at far-remote Orkney Islands, ‘Skara Brae’. There V. Gordon Childe’s innovative theory of social-archaeology had recently well-evidenced an astonishing process. Constructive accommodation of a fundamental social and technological Revolution was well underway – as had already precipitated “Civilisation” elsewhere in the world.

Investigation had revealed a well-conserved Neolithic-era social, cultural and economic transformation. Even more surprising was its never expected location – being as far North as Nature and geography had allowed such constructive enterprise. After the last Ice Age those ancient-peoples were obvious as intelligent (or better) as us – expert survivalists. Already high-skill, progressive, adaptive – they had laid the ‘architectural’ foundations for our ‘Modern’ way of life. It was only in the 1970’s that its most ancient origins were dated as of 5,000 years ago – before the Pyramids or Stonehenge monumentality – contemporary with earliest Civilisations in the mid-east.

Then I came thoughtfully to a radically unifying and constructive concept. Our brief age is already the end of an Earth Epoch; 10,000 years-on, conclusive of its Neolithic-era instigation.

‘Civilisation’ had just been rapidly remade in ‘Modernity’ – as a ‘New Revolution’. Yet this unpremeditated event, our ‘neo-tectonic’ transformation, was then and remains unrecognised as a completely new realm of Human Existence – it is operative but yet un-programmed.

Inspired by the 1957 ‘Sputnik’ attainment, my idea came as in Arthur C Clarke’s 1945 visions of Satellite Technology – an instant Social re-making in Global Unity; my “Space-Cell Systems”.

Already we have activated such creative ‘noosphere’ in the new-built electro-social environment. What awaits is a new socially-constructive conception – evident as Architecture.

This Blog aims to progress a positive development of that now ubiquitous ‘New Society’. How it is constructed depends on everyone’s creative input – as already made instant available.

This very short time is the most critical in Human Existence. All are force-engaged in an evolutionary transformation – a failure can be as catastrophic as any of the past Earth-ages.

* * *

How to become a Creative Genius? Just be born!

As this Universe is pre-designed as an ever-evolving re-creative work-in-progress – so are we.

Everything is Nature-organised to survive, to maintain and progress its pre-allocated environment. But then, in a proceeding process, we must all become looser; at some point we die – to hand-on to others the creative challenges or advances we make.

Because Evolution – the Universal Imperative – is eternal change, historic conservation is the Human construction of a collective creative-memory. Significant creative achievements in enigmatic monuments as enduring as ‘Skara Brae’, ‘Stonehenge’ or ‘Pyramids’, may yet convey information critical for our progress and survival – if we can ‘read’ into them with the minds of their makers. Until now, Architecture is ever silent witness to that ‘hidden’ impulse that is the mysterious Universal Creative Strategy. Architecture records Evolution in action, just as fossils remained to tell us their evolutionary story.

So Creativity is inherent as existence – is the origin and self-perpetuating state of this ever-changing life. In an irrepressible ‘Will to Form’, sexual attraction instinctively propels it.

Creativity is socially admired – ‘Stars’ are born. ‘Art’ objects are coveted and costly. So why is ‘Art’ generally considered an odd adjunct or exceptional attribute in human behaviour? Why is Art not made the main-spring of our highly selective education systems? Every competitive business relies on creativity and innovation, but the most highly advanced Arts and Architectures were recent most loathed – even deadly feared. Everywhere diligent ‘authority’ strove to eliminate those radical conceptions and their perpetrators as made ‘Modernity’ a radical turning-point in Universal existence – our ‘Axial Age‘. That was the crucial 20th-century task ‘Art’ accomplished – absolute Radical – again as Revolutionary, as at Skara Brae!

My self-activating creative experience was in the UK ‘Art Schooled’ socialist-generations of the 1950’s – those that made the British Cultural Explosion of the 1960’s effective. Its creative talent a ‘genius’ instantly world-wide recognised as exceptional, so soon a major force in global change. But then ‘Art’ was considered a lesser education. A late consequence of the Industrial Revolution, ‘Arts & Crafts’ schools were regionally available for making ‘useful’ those from all social classes on a ‘second-or third rung down’ on the socio-economic success ladder. Those were thought-of as unacademic – so less ‘gifted’ – intellectually unqualified, not top-rung material. Until now, our ‘leaders’ are ever selected from ‘top-rung’, ‘non-art’ backgrounds – but none have been evident as geniuses, or barely competent on past and present performance.

Yet we are all creation-designed to progress an overall evolution, where everything is inherently interactive as a work of creative change. We are all nature-made ingenious (some malevolently others benevolently) in organising rapid transformation of this total system, no matter how much we may revere or rely on past achievements.

Individualism, as Creative Genius, has both a positive and negative presence. It must work both for and against maintaining its system – one that may yet be indispensable, oppressive or obsolete. For us any change must brings untested conditions – uncertainty.

However, now is exact-evidenced an exceptional time of fundamental change – so one of unprecedented uncertainty.

Darwin’s radical concept was “survival of the fittest” – but, fitted for what? In selection under unforeseen and unforeseeable changing circumstances, as now, is survival to be via instinct and chance or just the will of a predominant ‘Elite’ – as Dinosaurs once ruled on Earth?

As science-evident in the late 19th-century, biological evolution is ‘miraculously’ active as the essential ‘consciously’ transformative condition. 20th-century, that ever evolving reality extended into revealing the origin and progressive reconditioning of all phenomena. In constant or abrupt changes and transformations the new Epoch had demonstrably arrived.

So this brief time is unprecedented in revelation of the Creative Patterns of Existence.

In unrelenting advancement towards a goal we cannot comprehend, we must hope and have faith in the reasonableness of such inevitable and irreversible change. The parts we are pre-formed to play are yet instinctive in that otherwise-organised re-creative enterprise.

Universally an inherent conflict-of-interests – as conservation set against change – must necessarily be resolved with an overall bias towards a secured progress by whatever method is then effective. Passively resolving an inner-conflict (in acceptance of ‘fate’ or the ‘collective will’) may prevent ‘dangerously radical’ instincts as ‘creative genius’ generally developing. But that must produce inner tensions as ‘creative-desires‘. Those individualist frustrations can culminate, explode or mass-proliferate, in deadly effects – as 1930’s NAZI Culture well demonstrated – or now, regularly, random mass killings by ‘lone’ individuals. That too is an inherent Universal potential science acquired in its ‘axial’ engagement – Nuclear Fission.

* * *

20th-century, Science defined in detail how the Universe and our personal world has been constructed. The basic formula of ‘natural creation’ and ‘individual creativity’ was revealed and regularly applied as being one-and-the-same – but not then nor yet identified as such.

Everything is formulated as rapidly evolved from a ‘primal-soup’ of energy-made-finite. Everything is atomic-made separate, but mysteriously ‘quantum’ connected as it develops on natural progression of a simple creative formula. We are formed by that ‘logical’ process – a ‘creative formula’ as we must then ‘constructively’ apply by logic or instinct.

Yet ‘creativity’ is not yet recognised as following any formula; that base-deficiency is a cause of continuing confusion and disruption in all our worldly-engagements.

The purpose of this Blog is to define and explain that ‘Creative’ formulation as it is ever evident everywhere and within us, if we choose to recognise it.

* * *

Connective-evolution has progressed so far and so fast via a series of cataclysmic self-destructions and reformations: initial ‘big-bang’ – exploding stars – cometary impacts – sudden ice-ages – world wars. Following-on each mass-breakdown, completely new forms of existence have emerged. It seems miraculous – but that self-organised re-creative progression is well-proven; although not everywhere positively guaranteed – we are its product!

So how are those catastrophes preconceived as designed creativity? What is that formula obviously at work in all ‘creativity’? Other post on this Blog set-out that system – one as so recently proven via Atomic Weaponry in a precise moment of organised change in existence.

WWII a ‘civilised genius’ for creative and destructive involvements was extended to nature’s limits – in nuclear fission abruptly made materially transformative and societally reconstructive.

Impulsively and unconsciously accessing that Universal ‘creative’ mechanism – applying that transformative formula – humanity then instantly terminated its 10,000-year Historic Epoch.

That creative/destructive formulation was proven as Einstein had simply defined it: Energy becomes Mass becomes Energy – as it takes Form and is trans-Formed via basic geometry.

‘Form’ is inherently limited by absolute laws – as Euclid’s Geometric Work exactly defines them – we can only follow and apply them. Every act of existence is ‘formulated Creativity’.

* * *

Biological existence is utmost fragile, vulnerable to any untoward ‘reformatory’ event. So our Human Condition, Nature or Man-made, is ever precarious even as we strive to preserve it – as devastated Chernobyl and Fukushima.

When 20th-century ‘Genius’ opportunistically intruded onto the long-evolved and stable concept of Civilised Existence, it instantly provoked extreme hostility. Yet, as ‘Scientific Modernity’, it engendered a fundamental reformation as never before imagined nor possible outside of miracles or Alchemy. Competing Governments took-up that power with alacrity.

20th-century, every aspect of life was remade; some most cruelly, some most creatively.

As thus an ‘Axial Age’, we must live with the unforeseen consequences of its cardinal-point transition – an irreversible transformation of human existence.

Now is yet a brief time for thoughtful consolidation; as so-far, not generally considered. How can our Creativity best be applied to restructure existence? What can we learn from past encounters?

* * *

We believe we are the Universe’s most-complex and advanced of its productions. Born creative, active participants and survivalist geniuses, our prime challenge is ever to secure our existence. We are personally and collectively, immediately and long-term, reliant on Civilisation operating to our Plan.

10,000 years ago – as the Neolithic Revolution – that completely new way of existence was created – planned as our way of life. That ‘Axial Age’ lifestyle was immediately imposed on a few in diverse locations – eventually onto almost everyone, everywhere, as lived until the 20th-century.

Until that Neolithic transition-time all humans had been cyclic-time nature-conditioned – mobile, in family-bands of 20+ peoples. The new condition was directly made permanent. In a fixed-location Life forever-after was mass-settled and collectively organised as maximum productive. Work was essential, standardised as progressively world-transformative via the two key inventions – Agriculture + Architecture. Both applied the innovative logic-system of a planar-geometric operating strategy – a self-perpetuating radiant formula in its inherently infinite-expansive ‘space’ dynamics of standardised mass-production of essential resources.

Although ‘Insect Colonies’ [Ants, Bees] had most anciently evolved as such mass-ordered work-collective existences, as human-invented that ‘lifestyle’ was radical. In exponential growth it extended to achieve its ‘critical mass’ – we have called that finality ‘Civilisation’.

That exact same-way of life for almost all was soon hierarchical – authoritatively organised, centrally based on a self-progressing formula. Maintained and extended for everyone as world-wide integrated, it took 10,000 years to just-presently complete that task.

‘The Internet’ suddenly came, 1989. By 1993 that ‘Same Time’ instant-collective wholistic framework was made ‘public’ – connective-constructive in its extensive uptake and development. The centrally organised ‘Expansive Space’ basis of ‘Civilisation’ was obsolete.

Just 25 years ago that completely new life of ‘instant computerisation’ was global-imposed.

As a new mind-set was instant-activated, a creative-destructive instinct had unexpected and unprecedented productive opportunities but presented unknown social challenges. A global economy is transformed by Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, Bitcoin, AirBnB.

This new existence is yet to be well defined – but its electronic basis has been fully assembled and a global network activated, decisive in integrating and future directing everyone’s life.

The essential goal is already set for the rapid transfer of all ‘labour’ – mental and physical – onto robotic instrumentations. Much has already been achieved in a decade; we have far-advanced in that transformative endeavour – so recently only a science-fiction project.

How this will very soon have its effect on the vast mass of Humanity? That is yet open to consideration.

How will the inherent ‘Universal Will to Creativity’ be mass-accommodated? As Machine Intelligence seemingly can and will accommodate almost everything – how can ‘human intelligence and creativity‘ be preserved and realised?

This is an immediate and unprecedented problem. There is a potential developing as either an anarchic or an authoritarian situation – as mass-freedom or mass-incarceration? The so-called ‘Housing Crisis’ is already a crucial indicator of a new ‘reality’ of mass-produced ‘homelessness‘ – or quarter-share ‘ownership‘ of a one-bedroom flat!

Unlike that Neolithic Transition there seems no authoritative ‘Men’s House’ – a prototype of everyone’s Home-based existence – as then physically constructed as an obvious Geometric Manifesto. For this rapidly advanced Revolution it seems only my “Space-Cell” work has purposefully projected a programmable consideration – where ‘Housing’ is re-appreciated as a Creative-locator. Everyone everywhere has been instantly-integrated into advancing a ‘Neo-tectonic Revolution’ – but without planning or programme.

An apocalyptic Machine Creative Endeavour is rushing us towards achieving an inchoate goal. Where are we going? What are we doing – why in this way? All of us are irreversibly committed to living in this fundamental reconstruction of terrestrial life – not knowing whatever it must soon become.

In similar way, our ancient ancestors were immediately inducted in a ‘Neolithic Revolution’. Without other option; willing or unwilling made into ‘Civilisation’ but with a constructed sense of Cosmic Purpose – as Architecture then and since continually and creatively defined it. Building is Mechanics – Architecture is Psychology.

As that seemingly ultimate aim of ‘Civilisation‘ is already made a past condition, only now “At the end of history” we can analyse it in its creative completeness.

* * *

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