EVOLUTION – At the Speed-of-Light


This issue is far more critical than I have managed to convey – as it makes an understanding of today’s unprecedented Evolutionary events.

I describes how, in these few last decades, a yet unrecognised but fundamental transformation of human existence is being immediately effected.

Key decisions – good or bad – are already taken or will be applied over the next few decades.

These already involve everyone in events that must fatefully condition Human existence for ever-more.

This very short Time is symmetrical-with (as concluding) one as activated an unprecedented Revolution – around 10,000 years ago.

A simple facility was discovered for organising a coordinated World-wide social-economic transformation – and the present extra-terrestrial engagements.

As radical eras, both applied the same organising geometric as the direct way of instantly reconditioning society.

However, as that long-past crucial event has only recently been recognised, it is yet barely understood as it immediately generated the basis of an unprecedented way of life in our contemporary existence.

This new global transformation is electronically active and robotic controlled. Seemingly an inconceivable proposition 50 years ago, I then designed an architecture specific for this new condition. My conception – though well-noted – was dismissed as ‘too futuristic‘.

Now, that future is here.

As Relativity Theory is an everyday practice, an exponential increasing rate of social change has advanced to the absolute speed-of-light.

Everyone everywhere is already permanently mobile-engaged in this immediate transformative progress – as new Architectures will condition it.

After 10,000 years, again our time is self-made – one of immediate and truly epochal responsibility.

* * *

Firstly consider the constructive references we mostly make to ‘ancient’ human developments [e.g. Stonehenge – Pyramids]; those as from 4-5,000 years ago. As enduring ‘culturally conceived’ edifices they are recognisably products of prosperous, highly organised, educated and learned societies. Being consequence of a much earlier crucial event (a Neolithic Revolution) of around 10-12,000 years ago, so much later generated. They were already then at around half-way point to our present location.

Magnificent monumental achievements along with other enigmatic ‘ancient icons’ were far-from being ‘primal-age’ primitive constructions. The evident level of conceptual analysis, technological precision and organising expertise involved in their construction was already as those of our most recent engagements. They show how Humanity long-since has applied an highly advanced operational strategy – but it needs a catalyst or opportunity to stimulate or realise that inherent creative potential. [I think we all realise to some extent that ‘Life’ is not engendered as a meaningless distraction – not a free joy-ride. We are given it, active as part of a Universal constructive progress of which we understand little – but must engage in rapidly advancing that endeavour to the utmost of our strengths and abilities.]

That so-brief ‘Neolithic’ event was transformative in its separate locations round the world; in its form, overwhelming in redirecting primal society. Even as passing Civilisations came and went, those common constructions and layouts were conserved – a secure accumulative base for our ongoing technological progress. That was critical to achieving our present advanced control of terrestrial existence. Yet its initial occurrence has only quite recently been authoritatively recognised. Since the late 1920’s that is very reluctantly admitted, following from the incisive observations and persistent instructive efforts of one exceptional man – born or made an ‘outsider’. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V._Gordon_Childe

* * *

The closing of natural evolution’s ‘primal age’ was instant – human-made in a ‘Neolithic’ transformation of a nature-dependant, variable and opportunistic lifestyle. Such primeval existence was ever an highly intelligent exercise – fragile but resilient; family-confined in hunter-gatherer’s mobile subsistence, a very few yet live it today.

Then a newly invented lifestyle, restrictive but predictably secured, was immediately imposed – pre-planned as Agriculture + Architecture.

In just two generations those utmost controlling and disciplined activities applied and enforced a then completely new living conception. As constant-based, that was inherently generative of fixed-locations and daily work routines in owned and administered productive environments. Radical as flat-planar propositions [floor-plans and crop-fields] those were later advanced as abstract-mental conceptions – in surveying, writing and accounting [Wengrow]. https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/antiquity/article/changing-face-of-clay-continuity-and-change-in-the-transition-from-village-to-urban-life-in-the-near-east/281408F454ADC511F7A95DB4E7144201

Humanity had taken an highly organised and progressively restrictive command of its own nature to redirect Universal Evolution – exclusively towards serving our own ends. This was achieved using the most efficient of productive and creative mechanisms – applied basic-geometry.

Almost exactly at the ending of the last ice age, disparate peoples in 8-12 locations around the world [ref; Vavilov] began almost immediately to introduced the selective and domesticated-food basis of a way of life as we have depended on – until now. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-05087-5

That ‘Neolithic’ project was already one so radical – minimal, precise and effective – as to eventually engender our extra-terrestrial engagement. For most, from then and until now, that objective would have seemed a fantasy, impossible to achieve from such a simple-set base. But, as just concluded, humanity’s marathon endeavour came – 20th-Century – to that exact realization. In that exact way we reached this stage-terminus, now organised for extra-terrestrial departures.

A stunning ‘Neolithic’ realisation came to Australian archaeologist (located in UK) – V. Gordon Childe – who 1920’s recognised it as a World-Wide effective Revolution. All others had not taken notice (nor appreciated the significance) of the domesticated food plants and animal species as we yet depend on being selectively bred to be mass produced in those same or other locations – all together in that same, very short, time period – as fixed-settlement commenced.

His ‘radical’ idea was resisted (‘Marxist’ – too revolutionary!) but had to be soon acknowledged. A primeval Social Humanity had been Neolithic-age instantly transformed into initiating and progressing an unprecedented lifestyle. It was one so well-organised as to develop and maintain our ‘modern’ mode of living; so an astonishing and absolute-critical Universally-consequential event.

The decision to organise permanent containment in planar-rectilinear defined enclosure instantly made for productive reorganisation of nature’s curvilinear and independently mobile bio-formations. [The archaeology is evidence of an unprecedented but conclusive event – not simply an idea].

Progressively applied everywhere, the same organising pattern soon enabled and supported exponential economic and population growth as amassed-peoples could be supported. Productively assembled or merged they then could be collectively directed on a singular constructive enterprise – as ‘Civilisation’.

But archaeologists, then and yet, concentrated on those bio-genetic advances and associated [‘neo-lithic’] new tools and utensils, in their slight-differing forms expressing unprecedented ‘aesthetic’ or diverse cultural qualities. They paid little regard to the recognised fact that, for the first time on Earth, a completely new but now common form of substantial building had appeared in very far separated locations. However, it was that ‘universal architectonic’ mindset that was the radical intrusion into Nature’s bio-domains; instantly it precipitated that immediate effective social and human-tectonic Revolution – only as now concluded in advancing to a next level of engagement.

The split-brain discoveries of Prof. Roger Sperry [1960’s] resolved an enigma – our mental faculties are separate conditionings of the two basic ‘geometrics’ conceived as ‘Space’ & ‘Time’. ‘Space’ is Planar; a selective right-brain conditioning as the ‘logic’ of the male-mind is predominantly visually engaged. Nature provides no natural opportunity for that static-study, other than in brief water-reflected images or trampled earth sand-paintings – cave-arts ‘morphically’ accommodate uneven surfaces. So well-built and smooth plastered walls were a revelation – as murals instant appeared Mind’s ‘spatial’ development could proceed. http://www.sci-news.com/archaeology/science-catalhoyuk-map-mural-volcanic-eruption-01681.html

Made permanent in our first planar-rectilinear constructions Universal Geometrics had been discovered and applied; immediately expert-organised along with associated Cosmological Observatories* https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/04/21/ancient-stone-carvings-confirm-comet-struck-earth-10950bc-wiping/

Even from 9,000 B.C. those remain enigmatic of a high-refined and purposeful intelligence – one formative and investigative, exact-similar in skill, practice and intent as today’s pioneer work at CERN. https://timeline.web.cern.ch/timelines/CERN-accelerators

For all the hundreds-of-thousand years before, all hominid occupancy was only ‘permanent’ in natural caves or ‘temporary’ in simplest curvilinear-formed lightweight brush-shelters. The only significant intrusions into ‘Nature’ were as ‘Fire’; fortuitous, immediate food productive, weather or predator protective. But these constructions were well organised mental conceptions – immediately aggregated as substantial communities. As a completely new activity ‘Buildings’ were designed purposeful of long-term residence. Permanent, transformative of ‘Life’ as they future-conditioned everything associated with that, especially agricultural produce in its mass-production, storage and distribution, preparation and consumption, tripartite organised dwellings were made a consistent formation [ref; Wengrow].

7,500 B.C. – even before well-organised agriculture commenced – well-constructed mud-brick and plastered close-knit complexes housing several hundred are yet evident at Catal Huyuk. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%87atalh%C3%B6y%C3%BCk

All subsequent social developments – urban and rural – progressing world-wide until now reaching global climax, were consequential on that then ‘new’ geometric organised permanency. But planar-organising strategies demand a constant remedial effort in maintenance against Nature’s immediate and incessant bio-intrusive, gravity and weathering ‘depredations’ – as any farmer, home-owner or gardener knows too-well.

That ‘realisations’ is so very important – critical, as it explains the geometric-radicalism of 20th-Century ‘Modernity’. A ‘purist’ planar-re-constructive effort was extreme in termination of an Earth Epoch. Human-engaged Evolution in its last-push to spatially-conquer ‘temporal’ cyclic Nature was exact as so shaped in ‘archetypes’ of our mythological identities presented by the radical visual Arts of the 20th-century.

That planar-finality was, demonstrably, most-dreadfully achieved at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Soon ‘everyone’ began to complain about ‘Modernity’ as being too-rectilinear – such ‘Architectural’ impositions seen as advancing a totalitarian mindset; but that was the evolutionary ‘logic’ at work.

Yet today, everyone’s ‘desirable’ electronic devices are operative only as exact-grids are inter-active on planar-silicon-chips. Should that ‘rectilinear-dependent’ globalised computer-network ‘crash’ – Civilisation is instant-made in an unprecedented jeopardy – at the ‘speed -of -light’!

Existence – At the Speed-of-Light

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