As The Greatest Story Never Told.

A moment ago (in terms of Universal Time) our home was a primal ‘Paradise’. That Natural World – a ‘Garden of Eden’ – is one now lost except to those ever threatened few recognised awaiting induction into our ‘Civilisation’. As aboriginal, or identified misleadingly as ‘lost tribes’, they live fearful of its deadly impositions; so how and why did we soon come to create this condition?


Before 10,000 years ago Human planetary interventions were so slight as to become barely traceable – most-all soon lost to Nature’s regenerative urgency.

However, abruptly then until now those intrusions have been made permanent. Following a common pattern – 20th-Century they exponentially extended to transform the World and enter the Universe beyond.

Since remade, Earth precariously accommodates Humanity in occupying everywhere.

Nature’s generosity is overwhelmed and near-exhausted; we have gone far-past a return to any re-generative primal order.

Constructively brought to an Earth-age Terminus, future journeying has to be Cosmic Conditioned. 20th-Century engendered in an electronic organised existence, the vehicles are already ‘virtual’.

In accord to an Neolithic-age Pattern we have a reconstructed World – intelligently re-made to discover, define and apply the secrets of Cosmic creation, as determined in the ‘Men’s House’.*


By an inherent and unrelenting ‘Force of Mind’ humanity aims to become ‘Mistress and Master to the Universe’.

Attending on an ancient-conceived age of ‘primary school’ material engagements we have just 20th-Century graduated to a ‘secondary-school’ level – having only the vaguest conception of what that really means or entails for us. No Philosopher has presented us with that ‘Plan’.

Science has conclusively shown ‘life’ atomic-organised as a construction. Made evolutionary self-effective we are now activated [1953 – DNA] as its transformative agent; yet we remain blind to any purposeful objectives – except a self-serving ‘survival of the fittest’.

In continuing as a mass-collective only our self-arranged technology can support us. How that is to be directed is the key issue; but Earth has clearly called ‘Time’ on prevarication.

A coherent new scheme can be organised. But first we must understand where we are now, and how we got here so soon – via that Neolithic-age programme. [A Technological Revolution was initiated in the codependent invention of Architecture + Agriculture. Both, as planar-conditionings in a global-collective existence, were ‘Spatial’ directed toward uniform expansion – a disciplined control over the localised vagaries of ‘Time’.]

Having completed that selectively-divisive task, our consequential engagement is now in organising a Creative re-Integration in ‘Space-Time’ existence – exactly as Minkowski (in 1908) observed as consequence of Einstein’s [1905] Relativity Theory.

* * *

Archetypal images are portentous – the most exact in their depiction of Reality as a Picture Theory of Reason

As we depict the world so we remake it – to then remake ourselves.

Ten-thousand years ago in a place forgotten, an individual’s ‘Cosmic’ conception was initiated.

From that instant, Time’slunar‘ female-cyclic primal regenerations were linearly spatialised – masculine ‘solar‘ usurped as ‘Cronos’ God of Historic Time was installed.

Global Time’s productive periodicity was force-enshrined – Feminine ‘Khali’ constrained. House-bound, Her localised duties were now ‘domestic-science‘ – energy-maintaining; preserving a bountiful Harvest and a sustaining Hearth. In ancient Greece – as daughter of Cronos,

‘Hestia’ was made goddess of House and Hearth.

At that fateful conversion our present existence was immediately determined.

As Masculine re-directed, Humanity, self-advancing to command the World’s limits, was inspired to reach to the Stars beyond.

In and as that primal ‘Men’s House’ * a completely new way of thinking, acting and organising was then imposed. It’s prototype Architecture was reproduced in every subsequent changed society.

Masculine ‘Cronos‘ in his linear-historic directing was thereby empowered of a new-released primal-energy. A linear-radiant progress was historically-accumulative – Constructive – until 1905.

Then, at Bern’s Clock Tower, ‘Cronos’ was immediately arrested, his usurper linear-reign concluded.


Again by the force of one man’s mind – again in an instant – the linear-dynamic of ‘Historic Time’ was stilled.

Exact four decades later, long-prisoned ‘Khali’ *** female Goddess of ‘Periodic Time’ – Death and its global and localised Regenerations was shown freed in her new command of the World.

‘Her’ all-devourings forced evident at Hiroshima, 1945. Humanity’s Temporal Existence immediately returned to Her command – maybe for the next ten-thousand years.




  • Minkowski started his 1908 talk with the famous paragraph,35 “M. H.! [ladies and gentleman!] The views of space and time, which I would like develop, have sprung from the experimental-physical soil. Therein lies their strength. They tend to be radical. Henceforth space by itself and time by itself, fade away completely into shadow, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve independent permanency”.

  • Only after the city’s western defences were extended again in 1344–46 up to the now-destroyed Christoffelturm, the Zytglogge was converted to a women’s prison, notably housing Pfaffendirnen “priests’ whores”, women convicted of sexual relations with clerics. At this time, the Zytglogge also received its first slanted roof.

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hestia

  • KALI
    Goddess Kali – Wellcome Collection – London

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