Our’s is an unique life-time of fundamental transformations; one inconceivable even a few decades ago. This continuing Blog sets out a description of how our ‘Architectures’ have, in the distant past and just now again, been the key evolutionary-activators of this urgent ‘Cosmic’ progress.

Evolution, inherently self-creative, ever connective – is observably ongoing, high-active in a major reformation as progressed by our interconnected ‘neo-tectonic’ society. Universal Existence was 20th-century re-defined in still astonishing and barely understood scientific revelations. New as so experienced, it is measurably finite – expanding from a defined origin in its beginning of ‘Time’.

Universal progress is in an assembly of elements made in-and-from a primal energy-dense medium – ‘space-time’;Space-Cells” are its liquid-foaming*. A uniform-mix as an unhardened plastic or concrete, it is the most basic ‘aether-substance’ from which all material form is ‘cast’. Standard ‘sub-atomic’ parts are 8-way-formed** by basic geometrics active as ‘shutterings’. A ‘Leggo-like’ Universal Building System [“Space-Cell Systems”] is progressively assembled as those few standard parts form 92 stable-constructive building-blocks – the ‘atoms’ of existence. Linearly-exact development of those selectively-formative ‘bricks’ is constructive in assembly of everything-else. So existence has come-about in the simplest of possible ‘building arrangements’ – that of a Universal modular-element Architecture – the base on which we have since built Our World, as ‘Civilisation’.

Initial ‘Creation’ itself remains a secret – a Mystery as an Enigma; but now, as Einstein recognised and formulated, one observably organised along lines of greatest simplicity. Already, our society has taken the outcome of his miraculous decade of crucial insights [1905-15] and applied that into the creative organisation of our ‘Neotectonic-age’. Human-made transformations, nature-unprecedented material constructions, are already regularly so-formed via his scientific-defined ‘Alchemy’. We soon entered a legendary-imagined time of everyday-made Miraculous Existences.

The Cosmic Architecture is assembled in Atoms, Stars, Galaxies, Planets. A Universe is formed and interactively conditioned by the three most-basic shapes – geometric-square, circle, triangle. Those design-agents are fundamentals as dynamic potentials interactively formative of everything else. So we-too have ever applied them, consciously or intuitively, in our constructive designs and worldly re-organising efforts – but only since a brief revolution,*** so suddenly initiated, 10,000 years ago.

That ‘Neolithic-age’, in following those Nature-formative principles set Civilisation secure until re-set in the same geometric-way, as apocalyptic devastation at Hiroshima – 1945. We all then became radical ‘Modernists’ – responsible (morally or immorally) in our new-gifted control over existences – active in transformative engagement with every conceivable aspect of organisable life (and death).

Exactly from 1905, over three 20th-century decades, scientific and artistic genius came together to so reconfigure everything on new-discovered base-principles. ‘Relativity Theory’ and ‘Quantum Mechanics’ same geometrically defined those as ‘Science’, just as ‘Modernity’ then socially applied them in ‘Arts’ and ‘Architectures’ – all new-made in the simplest of base-geometrics.

Now we are situated at this lead-edge of a radical project so recently made world-transforming – but yet one without recognised philosophical purpose. No humanitarian objective is evident- except colonisation of inhospitable extra-terrestrial realms; as Earth is yet the Nature-made Paradise.

The creative pioneers of ‘Modernist’ Arts and Architectures had consciously framed that as basic to realising a World-wide social revolution. A spontaneous creative response to then world conditions, it came at exact same-times as those most dire-dangerous economic and social deficiencies activated unprecedented terrors, organised mass cruelties and cataclysmic World Wars. Soon technologically threatening to annihilate Human existence, that world-waring menace has not retreated – rather become vastly enhanced, up to this very moment.

Britain’s earlier scientific, social and political reformers were radically effective in enthusing the American, French and later Russian Revolutions. Its 20th-century pioneer practitioners were again socially and morally concerned – informed by those and a more recent revelation as Darwin’s thesis was new ‘evolutionary’ guidance.

‘Modernity’, in its reformative intent, was soon proclaimed ‘Socialist’ or ‘Communist’. Almost immediately in those most-turbulent times it came under diverse critical and some-time deadly political assaults. ‘Creatively opposed’ late-century, a revisionist ‘Post-Modernist’ art-culture social programme was activated. That world-wide effort was too-extravagant, associated with neo-liberal socio-economic manoeuvres as brought 2008’s Banking collapse and now ever-ongoing ‘recovery’.

Around the 1940-50’s, a small group of UK artists, as ‘Constructionists’, had geometrically art-engaged with that then ongoing ‘Modernist’ social-creative progress – but soon made redundant.

‘DoCoMoMo’**** has taken-on the responsibility of preserving and promoting the ‘genius intent’ of that 20th-century radical ‘Modernist Movement’.

Yet a ‘Universal Theory of Form’ is not well-defined as natural or human-made conditioner of that or any other transformative endeavour or ‘Creative Movement’. Siegfried Giedion’s 1940’s“Space, Time and Architecture” attempted that, but did not convince most (nor any?) of Modernity’s true scientific nature – nor of it being crucially important to ongoing world-transforming efforts. As Relativity Theory has so affected everything else, the connection with Architecture was vague.

As many think, “maybe an ‘Art Theory’ is not required?” However, ‘Modernity’ is somehow recognised self-evident as a social-transformative ‘Movement’ (as yet virulently hated or consummately admired – promoted or attacked). When conceived, 2-D planar typified as ‘Cubist-Art’, it pioneered a technology-expressed ‘Bauhaus Design’. That now conditions the ‘Modern World’s homes in a spatial-expansive logic – everywhere 2-D flat-pack-installed via ‘IKEA’.

Whilst a ‘Modernist’ theoretical formulation remains ‘unspoken’, that particular issue – “what can be silently shown-as V what can be spoken-of” – was impressed (as he said) on foremost Modernist Philosopher, Rudolf Wittgenstein. A consequence of his brief encounter with assembling an Adolf Loos’ inspired House [1926-8] he discovered there are intuitive but unspoken ‘visual rules’, aesthetic principles as he intuitively planar-applied them, basic to such designed ‘Modernity’.

The reason for my progressing in this work – as ‘Architecture and Evolution’ – is that it alone explains how it was with the planar-rectilinear invention of ‘Architecture’ [“The Men’s House”] that a ‘Neolithic Revolution’ was immediately activated [around 8,000 B.C.]. Our existence since then is obviously ‘constructed’ in-and-as that same spatial-planar-way – but yet as none-others recognise it.

That key ‘Neolithic’ discovery, never before nature-possible nor so human-expressed, was radical; design-formed in a biological-Nature restructuring as planar-rectilinear geometry of a ‘Men’s House’ ***** Later, agriculture too was laid-out planar-uniform, in crop-productive fields or paddies.

From its initial organising of a Social-Revolution, that permanent planar foundation was applied in world-wide dispersed locations. Established in its continuous-connective geometric, that was the ‘Civilised’ basis of existence up-to a 20th-Century ‘Modernist’ way of life.“From Men’s House, to Bauhaus to Our House” an epic journey was just completed – to arrive at a new point-of-departure.

Inextricably engaged in unprecedented technological transformation, a World now struggles to find a clear vision of how to accommodate a changing society – new-connected, in an new Earth Epoch.

* * *

A Neolithic-age ‘Agrarian Revolution’ was necessary, but only subsequent to the secure ‘intellectual’ establishment of that bureaucratic design-strategy as a building-constructive process. Yet the world’s archaeologists have ever agreed (assumed) agriculture as being primary, instrumental to that (otherwise) well-defined ‘Neolithic-age’, in material and social-economic transformative progress.

Because an unprecedented Neolithic-era life-style was laid-out everywhere based on a planar-rectilinear ‘grid’ – so it worked. It was operationally fixed, permanent productive in secure housings, cropped-fields and rice-paddies. In organised materially accumulative growth it soon supported a vast population – as ‘Civilisation’ became the world-wide way of life we inherited.

Clinical psychologists have [since 1960’s] demonstrated that planar-spatial-logic as visually based. It is specific-organised in our bi-lateral brain in its right-side asymmetric locations. As Wittgenstein had earlier discovered – that ‘spatial logic’ is one that can’t be adequately verbalised. A ‘planar-spatial’ strategy is the mineral-organised logic of all Electronic Computers – and the predominate ‘fixed-thinking’ characteristic of most Men. Women are far-more diverse-skilled; much the best in the predominate time-based (analogue-cyclic) logics of adaptive, biologically-complex, existence.

‘Modernity’ came so suddenly, as ‘Cubism-shown’. In a lifetime recapturing a spatial-rectilinear ‘Neolithic’ origin as technological-closure to a ten-millennial Earth Epoch.

The co-incidental link between ‘Cubist Modernity’ and ‘Special Relativity Theory’ is 2-D – planar-spatial. ******So made explicit in scientific formulae, polemic manifestos and visual association by its pioneer Architectonic practitioners – ‘Modernist Material Manufactured’ in works of diverse groups: Dutch De Stijl – German Bauhaus – Russian Constructivist – UK Constructionists.

That UK ‘Constructionist/Constructivist Group’ were its last primary-practising inheritors – just as Computer Designed engagements took-on the complexities of a ‘rationalist’ design programme.

That dual-imposed rectilinear-spatial logic – Neolithic & Modernist – is now made absolute; at all times with everyone, everywhere.

The ubiquitous but unprecedented appearance of ‘desirably’ high-polished and well-sculpted silica-stone ‘Hand Axes‘, *******10,000 years ago, was the indicator of a Neolithic-age – sudden and fundamental in human-evolutionary transition. Active in a new way of thinking, a geometric-laid Revolution was so-made operational-absolute – the formative basis for our contemporary existence

Silica-crystalline geometry is hard and planar-exact in molecular array; the perfect worked material for a sharp and smooth hand-axe – or electronic organiser of computer coding.

So now a desirably-polished ‘Smart-phone’ is everywhere hand-carried, operative in its same ‘silica chipped’ geometrics and aesthetic ‘hand-form’ as that Neolithic-age ‘Hand Axe’.

That is again Revolutionary – electronic-re-organising as controlling the globally-interconnected existences of a common-based world-wide society.

Now thus immediately ‘Mobile’, we are returned to a re-tribalised nomadic condition



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