‘Neo-Tectonic Revolution’

This thesis – as I have propounded from fifty+ years ago – is very simple: but then and until now euphemistically dismissed,“radically ahead of its times”.

Yet, over those few decades, the global social-economic condition has been dramatically transformed in accordance with that initial [1964] prognosis – while the ‘Architected’ empowering of society has been drastically stalled.

That activating dichotomy is key-evidenced as severe-depleted ‘housing-access’ set against globalised electronic data-processing in instant communication of all activity. An automated new world-ordering is operative in new social controls – since 2008’s Western Banking collapse, already following unprecedented economic directings.

An individual and collective life-transforming conditioning is active and effective, ‘Life’ for everyone has become something very different from any as previously experienced or imagined.

‘Science-Fictions’ never predicted such an every-second-connected and automated lifestyle as now everywhere activated. Everyone’s future changes, day-by-day, to becomes more uncertain. How to predict for a secure existence? What basic life-pattern must emerge?

This is now an obvious urgent enquiry – yet, seemingly, none other has addressed it as this comprehensive and constructive analysis.

I began these researches those decades ago. The only informative reference was one as then world-wide in social-economic and technological effects of a previous crucial and effective change, made around 8,000 B.C.

From Stonehenge to Space-Station

In a brief ‘Neolithic-age’ following from Earth’s post-glacial climate disruptions, new living opportunities were laid-out on a new-formative base.

From primal conditions, a thoughtful few (mobile subsistent as Nature-time-conditioned hunter-gatherers) seemingly realised and imposed an unprecedented way of life as operating from and in a fixed-space system. Now recognised ‘Revolutionary’, that ‘New Stone-Age’ spatial-discovery was geometric-formed.

It was a constructive basis for a permanent lifestyle, continued as we experience it until now effective, as minds are electronically brought-together, instantly and globally in an epoch’s transformative conclusion (as we meet via this Blog).

After tens-of-thousand years of human life, Architecture + Agriculture were instant inventions.

Both are planar-rectilinear-formed, interactive vehicles of that Evolutionary change.

That new way of collective existence must have applied over just two generations, to become fixed-set and regularly operative.

As “Men’s Work”, a primary constructive activity reorganised everyone’s life. Then, in those new-fixed House-locations, pottery-making, thread-spinning and cloth-weaving became possible. So, in productive and creative activities a ‘Home’ was made effective for “Women’s Work” as they were then ever domestic-confined in child-raising. [Late Germanic typified as.KinderKücheKirche].

That new-living formula took ‘Space’ and ‘Time’ differences as its ‘principles’. Those are innate as Universal organising tendencies, active in an asymmetry, evident in every aspect of existence. The simplest geometric forms, planar-space-squares and cyclic-time-circles harnessed-together are dynamically interactive. As ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ opposites – transformative and creative; so-made to follow Nature’s Universal-creative directives.

A weaving-loom’s ‘warp-threads’ are a fixed-base; a permanent rectilinear space-grid so-made for progressing timely-cyclic ‘weft’ as repeatedly inserted; together interactive in constructive and creative development of woven arts and artefacts.

Such a planar-fixed ‘warp’ format is inherently uniform in its spatially-organised linearly-exact way – just as is a well-ploughed field. A ‘Neolithic-era’ can have imagined it an organising and operating basis for the new lifestyle, so applied in Architecture and Agriculture.

Such conceptually infinite space-grid could be laid-out seemingly the same anywhere on Earth; ever uniform as a rational and productive-coordinating facility.

So a rectilinear-formed ‘House’ was first-made; then mass-produced in its prototype ‘warp’ of fixed-plane Space constructions – enabling a ‘weft’ of Time’s dynamic-occupancy. That transformative facility was one seemingly never before imagined. Mentally-effective, it emotionally and physically organised changes to everyone’s previously nomadic lifestyles. Made a necessity, it permanently enforced new economic and social relationships – as active until today.

As Agriculture’s provision, a daily sufficient and long-term reliable food supply is life-essential. From that new fixed-base a limited selection of foods and utilities was conceived and standardised to be mass-produced and ever available. Some foods as chemically produced were new or preserved in new ways. Drying, smoking, fermenting, brewing and baking made for a long-term stored support of that settled and rapidly expanding community – a granary was an Iconic Symbol.

A House’s centralised Hearth was made ‘female sacred’ (in the Greek house-keeping of ‘Goddess Hestia’). Constructed for a new ‘Women’s Role’ in processing those new-foods, the Fire-Place was material transforming. An Oven or Kiln is womb-like-creative in heat-technology, effective as cooking/baking for a new-life products as Bread – or strong-made clay-based utensils, mass-produced hard-wearing and fire-resistant pots, standardised tiles and House-building bricks.

In those permanent-fixed locations, ‘legally owned’ and maintained, a fundamentally effective organisation of everyone’s daily, annual and life-long role and routine was immediately and permanently imposed. Collectively endorsed and celebrated, records could be kept and learning transmitted as writing and reckoning was invented.

As flat-surface recorded, ‘Civilised History’ was so made as not cyclic-time-closed but spatially envisioned in eternal continuity; ‘masculine’, ever linearly uniform extending from past to future. Truely ‘Time’ is repeatedly cyclic – productive as female confined.

Progressively extending, everywhere was so new-made organised – constructed in permanent buildings and organised landscapes. Planar/rectilinear layout of standardised and co-ordinated Housing, along with associated crop-producing Fields is predictably productive. Onto and into that common-fixity was progressively woven complex ‘weft patterns’. Those dynamic growth and regenerative cycles, small but accumulative or ephemeral changes, are in everyone’s diverse but so-limited ‘Life-Times’.

Each such society was everywhere integrated as based on that same permanent planar-grid. Locally different considerations were in environmental or personal demands and preferences.

World-wide, ‘Civilisation’ was same-way invented and thus made progressive, productive and linear accumulative of time-cyclic-periods in recorded continuity of Historic developments.

Eventually a linear/planar-based ‘design-format’ was spatially extended – stretched-out as competing Empires reached to economically and culturally embrace Earth’s finite limit.

That most-basic unifying effort was 20th-Century completed as designed ‘Bauhaus Style’. Made evident in technological ‘Modernity’ the aesthetic-polished Neolithic-age ‘Hand-axe’ has morphed into a desirable smooth-surfaced ‘Smart-phone’. Each, as the Universal Tool of its time, is silica-crystaline operational; similarly hand-shaped and sized. In that exact-personalised unity an Earth-epoch is closed – a Neolithic-organised cultural-cycle completed over the course of 10,000 years..

Discovering the electrical-effectiveness of the exact planar-rectilinear flat surface of a silicone-chip, a computer-organised World-Wide-Web was geometrically laid-out. Its grid-format is that geometric as first imagined and made operational as ‘House’ and ‘Field’, 10,000 years previously.

Micro-miniature, an instant communicative spatial-existence is transportable as extended even into Cosmic realms. A new life awaits development for the benefit of all, together in creative pursuing our Cosmic Odyssey. Re-based but yet constructed as historical-secured, Human Culture is ever dynamic, complex-woven onto that gridded-platform.

In that initial Neolithic manoeuvre a ‘House’ first-laid the essential rectilinear-foundation for our techno-transformative age. So again, in this 21st-Century-time of immediate ‘new beginning’, new ‘Housings’ must geometrically condition new mind-sets, evolutionary ever active in creating new existences.

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