This ongoing assembly of conference-presentations and associated illustrations sets out the basis for reaching a new understanding of the nature of space and time as redefined by Relativity theory – then demonstrates their direct organising relationship to Architecture.

It shows how relativistic ‘space’ and ‘time’ patterns and relationships are not confined to the more obscure, abstract or intellectually remote realms of physics – but, naturally, define the generation and ongoing manifestation of every aspect of our physical and conscious existence, in all our natural and self-constructed environments.

Einstein’s Relativity theory is arguably the most important physical theory; he often said that it is one of the simplest. In the first half of the 20th-century it challenged scientific orthodoxy, bringing to an end the 2500-year-old Western line of rational belief in the eternally solid and substantial base-nature of matter – “materialism”. Soon proven, it irrevocably changed our understanding of the nature of physical existence – it effectively “de-materialsed” matter, while unintendedly projecting a complete new Cosmology.

Relativity theory is a geometric theory – one that shows how the “material” universe is fabricated from “dynamic geometric energy-fields” as generating and organising entities; Matter emerges woven like the design-pattern on a carpet, or a “knitted” or “crocheted” process [as String-Theory’?], product of this field-energy system. As the transient and changeable product of the local energy-density, ‘matter’ must form following the laws of  all-embracing field systems – just as the linear-nuclear/cyclic-periodic series of Atomic Elements shows that is dualistically activated.

The four irreducible base-components of this universal generative and constructive system are Space, Time, Energy and Mass. These are separately defined and experienced conditions, interlinked as inextricable variables – so a change in the magnitude of one component entails a corresponding shift to the other three. In 1945 the demonstrable proof of this theory was with the explosive transformation of mass into energy [E=m.c2].

Via nuclear atomic weapons that was to impact on the subsequent and future political and economic development of the world. Relativity theory, together with quantum theory, enabled a whole new cosmology to be formulated – describing the ‘big-bang’ birth and subsequent ‘predictable’ evolution of the finite universe.

That mass/energy transformation process is now better understood via quantum mechanics. Associated with the regular transmutation of atomic elements, it is widely employed as a controllable source of heat-power for electrical generators (but not without already cataclysmic evidenced risks).

But the space/time translations that accompany relativistic mass/energy shifts remain less well described and investigated. Still poorly understood, those may seem to have no appreciable impact on our day-to-day existence, which apparently remains more or less in line with the classical model as developed over the last few thousand years. Even Einstein still postulated our material existence as taking place within a ‘finite volume of space’ and extending over a period on the ‘infinite line of time’, just as conceived by classical [Newtonian] physics. But this is clearly not so – it contradicts the basic postulates of his Relativity theory. Presently, neither philosophy nor science yet defines ‘Space’ or ‘Time’ as being geometrical conditionings – as here presented.

Relativistic Space/Time translations and transformations are a real and necessary component of every aspect of physical existence.

In the 1960’s, Professor Roger Sperry first showed us how the human brain is asymmetrically well organised – bi-lateral as a split but interlinked structure – that allows us to experience and express the fundamental and distinct differences that do exist between the natures of Space and Time.

So reaching a proper understanding of those elements within the new framework of Relativity is the key to developing a better working knowledge of those mental processes we recognise as “consciousness” – as applied in our organized activities.

Wittgenstein (arguably the 20th-Century’s most important philosopher) intuited that same all-embracing duality when thoughtfully engaged with applying the principles of ‘Modernist Architecture’. He conjectured that consciousness is separately defined by “what can be said” [so with a left-brain temporal logic] and “what can be shown” [so with a right-brain spatial logic] – [ref. NYIRI – 2000 “The Picture Theory of Reason”]. This bi-partite conditioning is a necessary part of everyday existence.

While a photograph is a demonstration of the infinite-open 2-D plane of light-defined “space”, a closed spherical/cyclic wave-form and grammatical pattern defines speech, along with every time-dependent (closed) aspect of our “living” biological, cellular existence.

Because these basic differences between ‘Space’ and ‘Time‘ are simple geometrics we can see, in the systematic geometric reorganisation of our environment that came with the development of civilization, how space and time transformations are ‘logics’ incorporated into the construction of every aspect of our material, social and cultural lifestyles: ‘Space’ is potentially infinite – ‘Time’ ever finite and closed.

Archaeology in the 20th-century showed that, while hominid evolution progressed over many millions of years, it is only in the last 10,000 years that the world-wide way of life we term Civilised’ has come about – now made global – since the discovery and development of agriculture and architecture in a post-glacial Neolithic technological revolution.

“ARCHITECTURE AND EVOLUTION” presents a comprehensive description of how our ongoing social, economic and cultural evolution follows a pattern dictated by universal formative and interactive organising principles – those of Space and Time’ as dynamic geometrics.

Although this concept originated about 50+years ago [1964] it is a study whose “time has come”. ‘Earth Summits’ regularly express grave concerns of geopolitics, ecology and global economics while the search goes on for a scientific understanding of our biological, social and cultural roots.

The “innovation” present here is in showing that relativistic ‘Space’ is demonstrably 2-D, a two dimensional Euclidean-plane-metric – a finite constant as the Universal limiting condition; radiantly one that is already clearly expressed as such as “c2 in Einstein’s legendary equation [E=mc2].

Time’ is revealed as a non-Euclidean spherical surface metric “m/g” – the Pi-based [p] formula that General Relativity resolves into the notorious “Big-Bang/Black Hole” gravitational theory – “Genesis/Exodus” of modern cosmology. Gravity and Time are direct-related expressions of mass – of a spherical-surface integrating geometry – so Space-Time is ever-dynamic integration of irreconcilable tendencies. [That material integration is ever ongoing – via ‘quark’ triangulated principles of energy structurings.]

The 20th-Century ‘Modern Movement’ revolution in the arts and architecture can be now seen as the ‘Cubist’ 2-D re-discovery of the spatial two-dimensionality of the rectilinear picture-plane, photo-expressed as such in the Pythagorean-based equations of Special Relativity – a2+b2=c2 > E=mc2.

Our ‘Axial Age’ has brought to a close an Earth-epoch, exact as begun 10,000 years ago. At that time the organizing paradigm of a 2-D surface-conditioning was radical, applied in planar/rectilinear Agriculture and Architecture – so a mental-organised [right-brain logic] manifesting of the otherwise ‘unnatural’ bio-conception of ‘Civilization’.

So this thesis presents a necessary and “inevitable” discovery. The determining, forming and limiting characteristics of real Space-Time existence are the basic but incommensurable organizing geometries – Plane + Sphere. Applied, experienced and naturally expressed in the world around us – ever active in every aspect of our daily lives – they are advancing a Universal Evolution in this new Earth Epoch.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018


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