A New World Ordering is Extant: A Neo-Tectonic Society is the 21st-century condition – fully-formed in unprecedented electronic integrity. I have described it, consequentially in world-wide effect, as intended outcome of a design strategy first activated around 10,000 years ago: V. Gordon Childe, 1920’s, identified that event as ‘The Neolithic Revolution’.

His radical analysis was then too-disturbing of orthodox ‘Western’ social constructs: those particularly resisted any showing of effectiveness of ‘revolutions’. Fearful of any following of French and then so-recent Russian precedents, they hopefully insisted on all or any social-economic changes being slow-accumulative; wealth realised, almost imperceptibly passing secured and same-aristocratic inherited over past and future-continuing ruling generations. [He was later denounced as ‘untrustworthy Communist, by Eric Blair (George Orwell) – to be thus black-listed from UK government engagements during WWII].

Agriculture’s origins were Neolithic-era as first located in Vavilov’s ‘eight zones’ around the world, becoming (1920’s) precise-dated. So Childe (establishment-secured archaeologist) might have been cautious to define its radical effects as wealth-generating in then-selected and domesticated foods with their first organised mass-production; land-ownership since being the Divine Right of Kings, forcibly secured in that government charge.

Consequently, he missed the most basic and effective of Neolithic ‘inventions’ – Geometry; world-changing, so radical it then set humanity on swift course to our technological society.

Discovery of the productive potential of an applied abstract-conceptual strategy was made first evident in rectilinear-planar geometric-logic – that of an intelligent, enquiring-creative, ‘Constructivism‘. From that, eventually would follow writing, numeracy, literacy, planning and surveying in grid-coordinated aspects of a spatially selective consciousness.

That radically effective conception was initiated in-and-as the the first human-constructed Architecture. ‘The Men’s House’ was made and re-made, everywhere centre-located and axial oriented. Controlled prototype – ‘Logos’ – of every University, Parliament & Court House – it thus common-organised learning in directing of discovery and enterprise.

New-energised with agriculture and animal husbandry, new societies arose – tool and weapon equipped neolithic herders and farmers. Nomads versus settlers; as they proliferated they came-to-odds over extending ownership and productive use of territory. A military mindset thus forcefully set constructive humanity on course towards its conditioned defensive-enclosed urbanism. In aggressive spatially-expansive rectilinear predominance of Civilisation, even unprecedented-vast ‘Empire’ of Ghenghis Khan’s yurt-tented grassland hordes eventually became urbanised intellectual experts; professional as City settlers.

In progressive development of adaptive profit-seeking productivity, a machine-labour technology became far more cost-effective than any agricultural bonded-feudalism or slavery. Those historic-based societies were 19th-century financial-industrial reorganised – expanding to become 20th-century ‘Western-Globalised’ Consumer Society.

So encompassing the Globe, ‘Space’ – as territory on spherical-surface Earth – is finite. Confronting Empires, then and now, battle – each determined to embrace it to its limit.

Then, 1905-15, unpremeditated ‘genius’ appeared on the scene – Einstein; with a geometrically simple formula, familiar but now revolutionary effective as Relativity Theory.

Second-such ‘Geometric Revolution’, it too came as a materialised ‘Revelation’. The long-ruling concept of a seemingly permanent, static and stable, ‘Classical Universe’ was just a fiction. A pre-conception, till then a convenient social-organising model, was obsolete; reactionary dangerous if continuing-imposed in nuclear-organised ending of a 10,000 Year Epoch.

In a new reality of Space, Time, Energy & Mass, each was shown separated in basic-geometric but dynamically interactive constructions. Simple productive/destructive propositions were shown as Universal – precisely defined in his ‘Relativity’ formulations.

‘Spatial Logic’ was shown expansive; inherently civilised-planar-dynamic c2 constant at absolute-fixed speed-of-light. ‘Time’ was revealed spherical-gravity ‘g’ based, local-varied in finite-life. As ‘Time’ conditions reproductive humanity to proliferate in the bio-diversity of evolution, organic Nature was set to be critically effective in its Geometric reordering.

In 1945, Einstein’s atomic-energies (as weapons) radiantly activated that proposition. A new World Ordering was imposed – as ‘Modernity’ had creatively developed its facilities.

Empires, expansive as ever, continued warring. Each, now super-power-equipped as aggressor/defender, demanding unconditional final and absolute control over ‘space’.

In its directed association and development, the electro-techno revolution has instantly integrated everyone to thus set Earth-collective humanity onto an unprecedented and unknown course of Cosmic engagement – in a new Earth Epoch.

As I describe that situation at this Epochal turning, the Arts and Architectures of Society define and activate its ideals, aims and operative potential. Selectively and intelligently promoting and critically appraising them is crucial to survival in a life-long, life-transforming endeavour.


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