• Bi-lateral asymmetry is the creative conditioning. The Universe seems a cosmic ocean; in waves and currents it is ever forming and transporting its bodies in water-like conditions of Space-Time dynamics.

    We too, so formed in womb-waters, are Universally born a brief product and ‘involuntary’ component of Universal fabricating conditions. Extant in Life’s mystery, each of us is pre-planned as DNA coded. So geometrically instructed to progress its dynamic evolution, 20th-Century we discovered the same-patterned logic activating all constructive process.

    The Universal creative and operative principles are its basic agencies – ‘Space’ and ‘Time’, asymmetric in binary interaction – everywhere evident at transformative work.

    Finite from its birth, this Universe is energetic at every level – made interactive from sub-atomic quantum foaming/forming. Primal-creative interaction of two dissimilar tendencies asymmetrically propels a materially evolving ascent. That has realised, sustained and advanced to our self-consciously enquiring into the origin and conditioning of everything.

    Open planar-space is separate but interactive with closed cyclic-time. Those Universal conditionings – matter-generating ‘logics’ – dynamically induce primal electrical energies.

    So, everything and everywhere must be ‘made’ – fabricated, organised and conditioned from and by those fundamental prior principles. The two different geometrics are inherently interactive at every level of a self-evolving, internally or externally stabilised existence.

    These base-geometrics are inherently incommensurable in Pi [Π] formula rectilinear v curvilinear form; infinite-ongoing interaction as that eternally unrealisable numerical ratio.

    Mind-sets are non-material ‘dreams’ recognised in conscious/unconscious outcome of dynamically differing logics. These operate via the different organisation (the ‘wirings’) of our split-brain in its interactive mind-sets – from-in-and-as those space-time geometries,

    Our left-brain logic is temporally-cyclic, integrative and verbally dominant. Our right-brain is spatially-planar organised, expansively predominant in visual logic. Selective/combinatorial as a Pi-junction of those twinned mind-sets, is the nerve-bundled ‘Corpus Callosum’.

    Mind’s thus active bi-lateral asymmetry was 1960’s revealed: Professor Roger Sperry’s invasive clinical studies of his patients brains cut the Corpus Callosum to break troubling interaction between those hemispheres. Those afflicted people thus made well, lived normally; but (as studied) each hemisphere then was shown evidently selective in space or time bias; firm-prejudices were expressed as ‘observations’ and ‘conscious’ enquiry.

    Universal space-time’s geometric-different conditionings were discovered and described by Einstein. Radiant Planar-Spatial in Special Relativity (1905) and Gravitational Spherical Temporality in General Relativity (1915) show separately opposing Universal dynamics; as a fixed-connection, ‘Unified-Field Theory’ ever eluded his and all others’ investigations.

    A ‘Galileo-Papal Encountering’ is taken as an aberrant past occurrence, now condemned as never to be repeated by a ‘Modern-Enlightened ‘ authority. Yet, an Establishment ever becomes blind to those most obvious or new facts of existence as may seem to undermine its self-assumed or presumed powers. So, even more obvious as proven ‘facts of life’, key and most-critical evidences are yet rejected or unspoken by ‘Elite’ authorities – so ‘illogical disparities’ are an outcome, as our split-brain demonstrably accommodates or promotes.

    The condition that we live under, of every individual tied into a globally imposed ‘Civilised’ ordering, has been radically transformed by recently enlightening activity – the genius of a questioning few. That has generated the electro-technological revolution now making for the transition of society and its economics into an unprecedented mode of existence.

    Mechanised and automated production makes shelter and the provision of plenty available for all – ‘utopian freedom’ only limited by decision of those with executive power over it.

    10,000 years ago, the primary realisation was that a rectilinear/planar reorganisation of Time’s cyclic ‘natural’ existence would generate a fixed-base in predictable conditions. Applied ‘Spatial Logic’ enabled humanity to reconstruct the world. ‘Eureka’ – an instant insight was crystallised. ‘Neolithic Revolution’ then made became world-wide effective in repeated occurrence. That reorganising process would eventually assemble technologies to produce and sustain terrestrial plenty; humanity could go-forth to explore the Cosmos.

    20th-century, that rectilinear-based programme was made absolute; politically, militarily, socially, economically and culturally active as ‘Modernity’. ‘Time’ thus fully ‘Spatialised’ (planar-orthogonally reorganised)* a global-realised framework was finality of that primary Neolithic ‘Civilised’ conception. A transition to the next major phase of progressed human-cosmic ordering was immediate: “We are the same stuff as dreams are made of”!

    Imposed via discoveries as ‘Special Relativity Theory’ and ‘Quantum Principles’, this new level of primary transition was radiant-evidenced in devastating atomic weaponry. Militarily applied social restructuring began its mid-century globalising, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    ‘Light’ [radiation] is proven constant ‘c2‘; potentially an infinite-extension. At that photo-graphic light-speed all ‘measured-length’ is reduced to zero, whilst ‘Time’ stands still. Such ‘radiant-space’ (alone from mass/matter) is thus 2-D Euclidean-flat. Absolute background dynamic to all ‘experience’, its two-dimensional planar condition is expressed in E=Mc2 – – so not ‘c’ [as linear] nor ‘c3‘ [volumetrically cubic]: thus a New Universe was discovered.

    This planar two-dimensionality of ‘Space’ was ‘radiantly’ revealed. That is an absolute operating and limiting Universal Conditioning as Painting, Drawing, Photography & Cinema ever light-define. Agriculture, Industry and Architectural Planning environmentally realised planar-extensive ‘Civilisation’ as outcome of a prescient Neolithic ingenuity.

    But that most obviously well-proven everyday-active perception is ‘disallowed’ by ‘Expert’ and ‘Common’ senses alike. The authoritative text-books avow ‘obvious’ universality of the ‘Cartesian’ ‘x+y+z’ three-dimensional fixity of ‘Space’ – only now dynamic integrated ‘four-dimensionally’ with ‘t’ as the one-dimensional, historically-progressive, ‘Line of Time’.

    Yet ‘Time’ is known as experienced – finite – local – variable [General Relativity measured]. An integration-aspect of Mass/Gravity, ‘Time’ is ‘Mass-conditioned’ as realised spherically – uniform in a centred location. An individually unique ‘life’ experience, never possible as an ever-ongoing linear progression, ‘Time & Life’ are closed contracting in periodic cycles* – as atomic oscillations and/or local planetary rotation formations. In time-cycles ‘body-clocks’ keep track of repeat events, sustaining at every local level, formed and regulated in tune with dynamic cosmic origins and conditionings in night/day + month/year.

    Base programme of ‘Modernity’, spatial-geometric frameworks progressed a 20th-century to its epoch-transformative conclusion. So ‘Modern Art & Architecture’ were definitive and instrumental in our collective arrival at this ‘Civilised’ terminus. Temporal ‘Post-Modernity’ ‘naturally’ misconstrues that conclusion; since 1950’s active in its Universal Control.

    Einstein’s perception (now well-proven) of a precise but variable Geometrical Conditioning of all existences, should have been elucidated by Art Experts and Documenters – cultural analysts as so trained to ‘constructively’ operate in our social development. Given a radical new understanding impacting on the Universal purpose and effects of Art, Modernist Works must be re-evidenced as definitive at the epicentre of a momentous (yet barely comprehended – even misunderstood) organised metamorphosis of Terrestrial Existence.

    The rectilinear infinite-expansive logic of ‘Civilisation’ is brought to a finite Earth-confined conclusion; but yet active, since pursed in seemingly limitless extra-terrestrial adventures.

    Temporal Logic cyclically reconditions the delicateness of biological form – adapts it to ensure its survivalist reproduction. Spatial Logic forms skeletal/planar architecture/carapace, protective mineral-stable lasting support of those unstable or vulnerable productive operations.

    Our biologically-inherent bi-lateral asymmetry sets-up the interactive space-time dynamic that maintains and progresses human existence. Male-female gender differentness as individual split-mind facilities define different geometric-formed ‘logics’. Each constructed separated but mutually attractive is creative/productive as interactively brought together.

    Feminine Logic, Integrating Cyclic Spherical, interacts with Masculine Extensive Planar Logic – as Spherical Left-brain ‘Time Logic’ interacts with Planar Right-brain ‘Space Logic’. Yet adversarial in asymmetry, each conjoins in necessary universality of creative activity.


  • 29/01/18

  • *NOTE: the final spatialsing’ of ‘Time’ came 19th-century – with mechanised transport and electronic communications around the local–timed cyclic-rotational world, setting practical need for a few homogenised planar-extensive National and Region “same-time zones”.

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