Augmented REALITY

This ‘New Age’ environment is technologically determined – as all our lives become technologically dependant. In that all-embracing physicality is culmination of a revolutionary enterprise – as one envisioned and instigated 10,000 years before.

At that ancient time, a mental vision was imposed to thereby transform existence. In a rectilinear reordering a geometric discipline was applied; a lifestyle evolved that might persistently augment the natural physical reality of cyclic and cellular biological formation.

In its finality, the 20th-century at last introduced complex mechanised facilities that exponentially augmented a previous Nature-constructed and conditioned ‘reality’. With that orthogonal and rectilinear extreme disciplining of computer-chip geometry came unexpected access to worlds previously only imagined – or even unimagined.

From micro-cosmos to macro-cosmos an entire new Universe is discovered as accessible – to thereby realise our past conceptions and projects yet to be imagined.

Previously extravagant conceptions – as powered Flight, trips to the Moon, Planets and Deep-Sea worlds, Radio and Television – all became everyday realities. Even Teleportation is technically conceivable in an electronically integrated Universe.

That outcome has formed a new ‘Material Reality’. As a computer artifice, ‘World-Mind’ is in input of every event to process and influence its every effect. Thus a technically augmented foundation is laid for a new enterprise as instigating and progressing towards eventually materially realising a completely new Vision.

So what must comprise that New Vision?

The 21st-century world is already reconditioned and sustained by Artificial Intelligence. Powerful calculating machines are pocket-sized, portable and remote connected. The whole Earth is immediately enveloped as the neurological network of an unprecedented noosphere.

To best understand and undertake this new enterprise it helps to consider how the present ‘World’ came about.

Neolithic Revolution has since brought-about our ‘Civilisation’ – as organised everywhere in that coherent ‘Imagination’ of its rectilinear productive foundations.

This, still our just-about viable situation, was periodically humanly constructed, all around the world via two then new and ever interdependent enterprises – rectilinear Architecture and Agriculture.

I first experienced that criticality of combination as a ‘Harvest Festival’.

Still much as it had persisted over thousands of years, in rural England a modestly sincere ceremony was Autumn held in a small and remote Parish Church.

From the self-or forced sacrifice of so many millions of others, in special Thanksgiving for the ending of most technologically terrible World War, a most auspicious event was etched into my childhood memory. A wondrously life-endorsing and celebrating relief was expressed in so continuing our self-supportive way of life – one that the Agriculture and Architecture was there so physically combined and spiritually endorsed.

That long-since constructed and ritually celebrated form of existence was soon to be ended. However, that founding-union of Architecture and Agriculture is yet ongoing – particularly perfectly endorsed as celebrated at an Iconic staged location in Japan – the Shrine at Ise.

There, a ritual ‘Granary’ is persistently maintained. Its Architectural form and implied practical relevance is exactly renewed every 20 years. In neighbourhood fields, as its rice varieties are annually sown and harvested, a societies ‘artificial’ but sole practical way of historical existence is protected as thus ritually organised and persistently preserved.

Such a ceremonial construction and celebration of a New Ordered Existence has yet to be consciously conceived. However, as our technology again overtakes that of Nature, its Architectural formation must lie in a cosmological ordering that promotes collective survival in a social consciousness of the ongoing wondrousness of the material evolution.


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