NOT LEARNING FROM LAS VEGAS – Where Fools and their Monies are soon parted!

The cataclysmic evidence of ‘Grenfell Tower’ summarises the UK Social Situation – and beyond. Fatally, that perfectly expressed how principles of ‘Modernist’ Architecture and its intrinsic ‘Social Agenda’ was corporate-state demoted. Since the 1970’s and yet ongoing a ‘Post-Modern’ ideology has been superimposed on every aspect of Western Existence.

The activating principles of “Post Modernity” were fomented and illustrated in “Learning from Las Vegas” – by Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown, in 1968. That endorsing thesis was Neo-Darwinian; by being commercially selective, unfettered force of free-will freedoms self-construct a ‘natural‘ Social and Economic Utopia, outside ‘intellectual’ prescription.

A well-organised demolition/desecration was enforced as creating ‘Sink-Housing’ in those prior estates in-and-around London. De-socialised in active refutation of the ‘primitive principles’ of such ‘old-world Socialisms’, the ‘Community Centre’ is re-branded as ‘The NACRO Centre’ – [National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders].

Such a basic accommodating of the ‘inherently inadequate’ was seen as inherently subversive to the Western [neo-Darwinian] Enterprise, where only the self-sufficient – ‘Economically Fit’ – should be encouraged to survive. ‘Social Architecture’ does not conform to progressing self-sufficient independence; rather, its ‘Form’ promotes non-productive demands in each and every societal process.

The ‘New Economic Order’ is a simple centralised construct, appropriate for the management of Machine Age Society. Post WWII, this was an unprecedented situation that powered flight, radio-telecommunication, atomic energy and extra-terrestrial access had so suddenly facilitated.

A conception of ‘Society’ was developed in the USA in the decades 1940’s-50’s and secretly promoted/enforced around the world within the terms of a 1953 ‘Doctrinal Agenda’: ‘The Cold War‘ was/is hard-fought and unrelenting.

The USA was then, ‘self-seemingly’, the natural commander of this Revolutionary Earth Epoch – one that would soon take mankind to the Moon, solar planets, Universe and stars beyond, as ‘Hollywood’ projected, at Fukuyama’s ‘End of History’.

Post-Modern” precepts promoting ‘economic growth’ seek maximum return on minimal Corporate investment, as its ‘Endorsement’ of socio-cultural enterprise secures for itself its authoritative privileges.

This constructed consolidation has already engendered an unprecedented bankers-coup; a silent socio-economic revolution that has swiftly constructed the global ‘Precariate’ as all but a 1% are parted of their hard-earned monies.

Now a neo-feudalist dependency is in an ‘economic enclosure’ of all property – living environments that Terry Farrell/CAPCO’s ‘Earl’s Court’ project well-defines. As Prince Charles endorses at ‘Poundbury‘, such self-contained ‘Disney Land’ environments are ‘Media’ projected as an ‘Augmented Reality’ – so well-learning from Las Vegas.

At ‘The End of History’, enthusing anti-socialisms towards 2008 collapse engendered a catastrophic economic implosion. As the ‘Black-Hole’ of temporal finality, that self-sustaining social-economic stasis had and has no positive-development potential.

These dire conditions necessitate a fundamental re-set – an architectonic revolution.

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