Towards a New Existence

Since the early 20th-century the base-principles active in the organising of Universal Material Existence were conclusively realised – proven as being fundamental geometrics.

Newfound ‘Relative’ conclusions inspired a World-transforming 20th-century of intellectual endeavour, as an ‘International Constructivist’ impulse creatively explored and exercised visual and environmental effects of those geometrics to advance human development.

Universality of geometric effects of those contemporary actions was dreadfully established, in an instant, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945; from that all else follows in duty of collective care.

Seeking of such Universality, the 19th-century conclusion of the European Enlightenment had catastrophically undermined or disproved age-long ‘certainties’ of human existence.

As World-viewpoints,’Darwinian’ principles of Evolution had been newly recognised in the overlying strata of aeons of Earth’s Geological Ages. Those ever progressing ‘Earth Ages’ are now clear-defined epochs as are the Universal Ages, physical recognition of ongoing ‘Cosmic’ transformation cyclically-phased towards materially active enlightenment, as Evolution’s imperative.

Evolution is recognised in progressive transformation of a primal energy, as a material creation that only occurs in those cataclysmically ‘instant’ reorganisations of Form. A new assembling of formations is in a Universal destructive/creative impulse to so acquire ever more complex networks of higher-energy-utilising constructions. A level of criticality effects those intellectual and material transformations as we now embody them, since 1945.

Humanity’s soon entering into the Atomic Era and of globally established Electronic Communications and Extra-terrestrial Space Age took only those two or three generations

That has laid the foundations for future millennia of living as we cannot yet imagine.

The historically established ‘Classical Age’ was an acquired ethos over those many past millennia. That socio-cultural impulse was a ‘civilising dream’ that will prevail for some-time in the extent that we are born-into and caught-up in that long-socialised and comfortably supportive (or uncomfortably enforced) economic network – now past the end of its days.

Yet as a shadow over social, practical and intellectual constructions, those ‘Classical’ conditions embody and maintain obsolete, ineffective or even dangerous mindsets. That ethos can yet be employed to destroy us and all our works; since 1945 the potentiality of warfare has never been more violent nor made more immediately omnipresent.

Distortions of evidence maintain well-faked confusions as we struggle to free ourselves from such long-established errors of judgement. The immensity of now necessary socio-cultural transformation makes an uncomfortable or even deathly-damaging situation in any promoting of ‘War for a New World Order’.

Now we can show everything is organised ‘Architecture’. All Cosmic existence is materially assembled from ‘plasma’ into a very small set of discrete atoms – organised then into a few restricted patterns to effect large-scale order, stability and progressive self-transformation.

So humanity has only socially progressed and accumulated that technological dexterity via our self-organised ‘Civilisation’. In our Architecture’s imposed order Nature selectively disposes onto mind and matter those evolutionary conditioning effects of ‘Geometric Form’.

Modularly organised, as bricks, blocks or timbers, in rectilinear-fixed accommodation the primary Civilised construction was and is ‘The House’. Its time-and-energy demanding fixity was/is impediment to those dependant on or enjoying primal-mobility. A sheltered encampment of hunter-gatherer lifestyle is inherently efficiently disposable/regenerative, Female-organised in seasonal-cyclic temporality and spherical-cellular bio-morphism.

‘Civilisation’ was Neolithic-era invented – instantly organised in spatial fixity of co-assembled agriculture and architecture. Productively maintained in thus radically reconditioned nature, an urbanised lifestyle was socially effective up to the 20th-century.

A lifestyle that was a collective mind-set in its spatial-logic is only effectively liberated and activated in rectilinearly-fixed accommodation and production. That then newly imposed and sustained Male characteristic of thought and activity is Right-brain located. Grid-organised to eliminate chance diversity – it imposes regulated ‘military’ discipline and predictably expansive productive uniformity into and onto everything.

That ‘Civilised’ circumstance was thus selectively biased in its Spatial-fixity to impose and enforce its predominance of Male characteristics onto Time-conditioned primordial-Female society. Now ‘timeless’ Global interaction has become instant-effective spatially as socially and economically re-organising ‘smart-phone’ projects of transport and accommodation.

As the electronic Computer Chip is rectilinear-organised in same logical-conditioning it imposes its robotic conclusion on the present and future work of humanity. What sort of work is left that people can best accommodate or have to do? Creative leisure for all or return to ‘natural simplicities’ of our hunter-gatherer forbears now becomes a practicality.

The UK had been at the forefront of this transformative enquiry up-to the 1950’s – as the ’51 South Bank Festival‘ promoted it. Trained and educated into creatively progressing that radical ethos, I was confused that my 1960’s work was pointedly ignored or disparaged as it built-on and advanced that endeavour. But ‘Modernists’ and ‘Constructivists’ since then have suffered that exclusion from effective progression of social amenity.

Since then I have continually tried to engage with others in explaining this crucial new understanding of that World-transforming situation. I have mostly met with indifference, but also most extreme and damaging hostility and vindictive abuse, in that endeavour.

But ‘Modernity’ was implicitly the main target of the 1950’s ‘Doctrinal Agenda’. In well-organised assaults on ‘Socialisms’ Western and World-wide progression of ‘Modernity’ was excised from ‘social plans’ for consequential World Development projects.

Post Modernity” imposes a ruthless ‘fascist formula’. In seemingly arrogant indifference to responsible social engagement that mind-set has led to ‘Grenfell Tower’, in its ‘socially-murderous’ inferno, being considered prosecuted as a case of ‘Corporate Manslaughter’.

But every Latin American nation had its very effective ‘Modernist’ cultural, economic and social advances murderously targeted. Those skilled practitioners were neutralised or exterminated; in their place malleable ‘Starchitects’ selected and promoted. Those on that prized list are seemingly oblivious to the elitist-servings of their confidently extravagant propositions or exorbitantly costly constructions; never showing shame in facilitating such explicitly anti-social endeavours. The chaos of ignorance and arrogance is imposed on the world in an energy-extractive neo-feudalism.

This is not a small consideration. The awesome facilities that those selfless pioneers of ‘Modernity’ made available are purloined, applied to use of lesser minds as abusements.

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