The Construction & Destruction of Intelligence

The Construction/Destruction of Innate Intelligence.

See –”Were the Victorians cleverer than us?” Woodley, Nijenhuis, Murphy.

Since ‘Brexit‘ election and ‘Grenfell Tower’ disaster it is evident that the UK’s ruling Elite have assembled themselves around a void.

An insuperable deficit of innate intelligence has become as a ‘Black-hole’ or cancerous-cell in its unconstrained growth. Sapping the vital energy of the Nation’s body, every act is made negative. A catalogue of accumulated miss-intentions exponentially enlarges that impulse; but that local deficiency has, since WWII, progressively become the Western-World Imperative.

Purposely inoculated into UK’s social, economic and cultural systems in the 1950’s, a ‘Doctrinal Agenda’ was subsequently categorised and applied as ‘Post Modernity’.

It seems as though all those educated or operative since have been infected with a virulent form of “Acquired Intellectual Deficiency Syndrome [aids]”. This structurally precludes operation of that rational intelligence as Nature defensively disposes on all manifestation – up to ‘advanced’ humans negation of that in the 20th-century.

‘Civilisation’ was and is of human construction; social, cultural and economic organisation based on late [c.10,000 B.P.] discovery of that natural principle of ‘mineralisation’. This is a calcification that assembles restrictive structural frameworks – ‘Euclidean Grids’ – as rectilinear cages to preclude the anarchic independence of biomorphic freedoms.

Dominant exercise of that right-brain ‘spatial‘ operating system is aligned to masculinity in its purposeful imposition of restrictive authority. Subsequently, all Empires were so assembled on that productive and administrative format – as the primal colonies of corals, insects, ants, wasps and bees had first mastered, a constructive triumph of Evolution.

‘Westernism’ was Rome’s Imperial System in disciplines applied onto Greece’s tribal ingenuities. That ‘naturally’ came as appropriate to USA’s gridded-out landscape and its demanding-conformity of standardised mass-productive systems as slavery or ‘Fordism’.

Post-Roman era, Britain’s tribalised configuration and imported diversity was a cultural asset but productive and administrative weakness – especially later, as its Empire was casually accumulated and soon disassembled.

Japan, historically faced with that same problem (vis-a-vis a small tribe, off-shore confronted by vast Imperial China), arrived at the Zen system of fortitude. Imported Buddhism’s linearity + native biomorphic Shintoism set a disciplined anarchy as creative-exercised under Edo-era Shogunate ‘Sakoku’ – 200+ years of extreme world-isolationism.

However, that administered ‘aesthetic’ was 17th-century Dutch-discovered [Dejima – Nagasaki] and 19th-century ‘Germanic’ interpreted as ‘Modernity’, appropriated effective to mass-production. Such ‘japonified’ design-standards significantly aided industrialised consumerism to irreversibly transform our world.

‘Modernity’ had instantly arrived and over a century was explosively exported.

Via UK’s Arts & Craft, Art Nouveaux, Viennese Secessionists, German Kraftwerk and Bauhaus, Dutch De Stijl, Russian Constructivist and America’s Internationalist Architectures, along with furnishings from ‘Habitat’ or “Ikea”, an active Zen and ‘Japonified’ aesthetic has now conditioned world homes, food and urban existences.

Germany and Japan’s swift industrial advances to 20th-century technological and scientific supremacy was effective in that primary accommodation of a rationalist organised viewpoint and constructive aesthetic. After 10,000 years of ‘Civilisation’, a new form of Global Hegemony has become available, exercised via exclusive or predominant control of evolutionary-transformative products of a ‘neo-tectonic’ revolution.

However, as adopted and cross-culturally assimilated in late19th-century and 20th-century Europe and USA, that unprecedented technologically designed advance soon led to those cataclysmic confrontations with Anglo-American demands in global exercise of advanced Imperialism. WWII deployed every such innovation to unprecedented destructive effect.

Racism, xenophobic hatred in arrogance and ignorance, has so confused that profound philosophical insight as to allow the ‘might-is-right’ ethos to prevail.

Exercised as WWII and in the transformative arrival of Atomic Energy and the Space-Age, that era saw, in such chance-acquired potency, delusions of an ‘Innate Exceptionalism’. A naive racist belief of a Western ‘Manifest Destiny’ continued into Cold-War globalisms.

With its Acquired Intellectual Deficit, a new World Order is yet to crystallise. An ‘End of Time’ epoch is a terminating in self-devouring confusions. These forces extend into confronting visions of ‘Islamia’, devastating those lands where Western Civilisation had its Neolithic origins – 10,000 years ago.

The essence of my work was ever to arrive at an understanding of those base principles that formulate nature-conditioned existence and its inherent evolutionary progression.

From early WWII childhood it was clear to me [via ‘Meccano’] that every construction must emerge from some modular assembly of primary elements [atoms]. Sub-assemblies follow-on, whereby increased complexity emerges as dissociations and interactions.

Being traditionally tutored in Euclid’s discourse was/is key to unlock all other mysteries. Being the only indispensable and unalterable work, it comes to us from intelligence of archaic ages that long pre-dated its Greek-formatted assembly – as Stonehenge still testifies. In 1905 ‘Relativity Theory’ was its ultimate validation. So geometrically documenting the Universal formula in its base-materialisation and subsequent Architectonic assembly, Einstein’s Universal revelation set the New Age agenda; it began in two-dimensions – a vision projected of form and formation.

That most others were (are yet) indifferent or even hostile to recognising such logic seems incomprehensible; but, as I said, an ‘aids’ has subsequently infected all.

Aesthetic appreciation is inherent in the evolutionary formatting of elements; ‘music’ makes that most obvious. Harmony or contrived dissonance is in all structures prior to mankind’s recent interventions. So the relevance of the principles of ‘Modernity’ can be recognised in our local situation. However, that is not a comfortable prospect as an ‘Anglo-Saxon’ hold on ‘aesthetics’ is often contempt; diligently promoting ‘Post-modernity’ makes chaos active.

The emblematic portico of a ‘Men’s House‘ had demonstrated learned authority and diligence in it’s hold on humanity over the long epoch of ‘Civilisation’; its simple graphic of a protected entrance doorway everywhere symbolises Law, Governance, Justice, Learning, Security.

So it was only by inspired chance that I could photograph no better contemporary illustration of ‘Form equating Function’ than ‘Lehman’s’ Post-Modern Tokyo HQ in 2006 – prior to 2008’s crash, precipitous collapse of the Western Banking System.

Here, so effectively ‘freeze-framed’, is organised disassociation of emblematic elements – a well-foretold explosive self-demolition of that Old-World Order. TOKYO-LANAKA-06-B 004 (2)

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