The House



20th-Century’s ‘Alchemical Revolution’ has shown it that way.

20th-Century Sciences established calculable frameworks structuring the material Universe.

 The same base-geometrics extend from microcosm to macrocosm. So-organised those geometric potentials activate ‘Mind’ to explore the metaphysical mystery of ‘Existence’.

Cosmological Revolution, geometrically staged, is being human-fomented as ‘The House’ is rethought and reshaped to accomodate and facilitate that endeavour.

Evolution is self-manipulative in Nature’s inherent interactions. As ‘Existences’ mysteriously emerged in violent Universal Genesis they are reformed and reconfigured on Earth in our Anthropocentric Age.

Over that violent course of the 20th-Century and until now humanly-organised existence is ruthlessly reconfigured in unprecedented physical, social, cultural and economic changes.

The Arts & Architectures of Modernity projected a Metaphysical Reality in a New Age; 21st-Century’s crucial challenge is advancing that onto a consciously Humanitarian path.

‘Culture’ is ever the prime mechanism of psycho-social realignments. Newly reorganised intelligence is relocating a Classically-conditioned society away from ‘Euclidean-determinate’ minerality. Now dynamic bio-potential resets indeterminacy as those freedoms reshape existences.

Advanced electronic integration and global application of ‘information’ allows unprecedented social relationships to prevail in undetermined cultural and economic conditions. Interaction in ‘trans-material’ cyber-space’ transforms time-honoured physical, mental and social engagements.

As Universal Evolution, Nature is designed survival in evolving complexity. From sub-atomic serendipity to molecule, microbe and mankind, ‘Form and Formation’ is both dynamic potential and stability in constraint – as basic Geometric organising principles condition all formation.        

Around 10,000 years ago, applying a specific geometric utility took humanity from hunter/gatherer-band’s mobile subsistence to protective and productive Civilisation.

“The House is a Machine for Living-in”. Le Corbusier.

Humans evaluated and directed the protective/productive effects of a Palaeolithic/Neolithic hand-axe, so to eventually rectilinearly organise a constructive ‘Cosmic’ engagement.

‘Civilisation’ socially and productively diminished the mobility of primal existence; it arose in its fixed-location from a permanent ‘Men’s House’, itself product of a ‘primal tool’ stone-age hand-axe.

Abandoning bio-cellular freedoms a mineral-crystalline gridded network was imposed to restructure society. In accessing that basic geometric utility ‘The House’ was invented and designed as rectilinear-shaped ‘work-tool’. That reorganisation tuned us individually and collectively to respond to Universal conditions that configure specific creative potential inherent in mental capacities facilitating symbolic literacy, writing and reading.

As with the hand-axe arising from that Silica-Quartz constructed situation a ‘Smartphone-chip’ retools productive mobility.

So, in our time the ‘House-form’ is being reconfigured to retune our mind-sets to new organising frameworks – as opportunities and facilities for evolutionary advance.

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