The Geometric Reordering of Existence

 Who are we? What are we doing? Where are we going?

To understand the origins of the unprecedented technological complexity of the Modern World it is necessary to appreciate how applied Geometric Principles have ever precondition existences and as we have self-constructed this ‘unnatural’ situation.

Mobile around the world, ancient humans began changing Nature’s provision by Nature’s force of mind – applied prediction in selection of Nature’s subsistence-supportive provision.

Such archaic beings then found control over Nature’s deepest secret in the ordered release of a powerfully destructive but mysterious ‘Cosmic’ energy – Fire-Making.

Discovery of that primal technology forced an unprecedented socio-economic change onto the chance-adaptive orderings of Evolution. Humans, in designed disruption, had secured ‘Promethean Powers’ – initiating and maintaining an unprecedented Earth-adaptive order.

Yet few in number, intimate family bands continued a dispersed lifestyle as over the millions of years previously. But now imaginations, discoveries and insights were transmitted in fire-side gatherings; new stories and ancient legends inspired deepest desires for creative access to other godly powers.

In control over Time, Space and Energy (as yet we hope to have) an understanding may be realised of the ultimate mystery of Universal origins – and the true nature of Life and Death.

Applied thought in freedom of enquiry brought unique transformative access to resources, tools and environments, far above the reach of the adaptive abilities of all other species.

So why have Humans only recently (as beginning 10.000 years ago) been significantly reshaping material existence in self-conscious imaginative and creative-constructive efforts?

What, just then, was the newfound reason for a seemingly so-belated but extraordinary rapid technological advance? Why are we again suddenly precipitating a greater immensity of change? How is ‘Designed Modernity’ a concept reshaping an evolving ‘Cosmic Scheme’?

Human organised changes came and come again as adaptive response, to so condition Earth’s and Cosmic Nature’s destructive and/or sustaining controlling forces. Ten-to-twelve thousand years ago immense natural disasters and sudden environment and geography changes followed from global warming ending a long ice age. A new way of life was made.

The key adaptive discovery then was Geometry. The considered application of confined ‘cosmic powers’ as directing forces inherent in ‘Shape and Form’ was evident everywhere.

Only then were these base concepts constructively imposed as new patterns of material and social organisation. Transformative-effective in a Neolithic Revolution, both locally intimate and large-scale reconditioning of lifestyle was activated, inherent in that applied ‘Geometry’.

Following from Nature’s aeons of evolutionary self-advance, in just two or three generations there was sudden radical change. In completely new living conditions new creative potentials have fully formed and informed our present circumstances as initiating another revolution.

Via the invention of agriculture and architecture ‘Neolithic Revolution’ was soon to create a new world-order in productive supremacy of monolithic orderings and rectilinear constraints.

Rectilinearly organised and administered ‘Civilisation’ came – a coercively efficient discipline; it imposed severe but economically and socially advantageous restrictions on Nature. Over thousands of years – as clearly demonstrated in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and China – planned gridded-out Houses, Fields, Temples, Towns, Cities were permanent constructed.

As an effective administered system and productive process this was variously maintained and successively advanced by nations and empires that came and went, up to our time.

Then, 20th-century, a neo-tectonic revolution came as ‘Modernity’. Again, everything has been radically changed in production and administration of resources and living conditions.

‘Civilisation’ was designed as enforced mass-productivity in a social reorganisation and technological transformation of an extended-family’s primal lifestyle. Rapid and spectacularly successful social and economic development was collectively fashioned and administered for efficient activity in permanent standardised development, as applied around the world.

A ‘Universal’ reordering system was simply-based on principles of infinite growth inherent in uniform extension of rectilinear ‘Euclidean’ geometry. Precisely directed progressive control transformed Nature’s challenging conditions to enlarge productive capacities on finite Earth’s spherically-closed limits.

Euclidean-planar extension is inherent in Civilisation; as it then reached a natural Earth-limit so that ‘Classical’ era self-terminated in the early 20th-century.

‘Modernity’ came as Einstein’s ‘Relativity Theory’ revealed a totally unexpected cosmology – newly finite as spherically-enclosed (non-Euclidean) Space-Time. That geometric discovery was explosively activated in rectilinear [Euclidean] logic of nuclear-radiant atomic weaponry.

With that new revelation of accessible ‘Promethean Fire’, one era ended as another began.

Now a new world of robotic technology is electronically administered in society’s interactive Globalisation – as it infinitely extends human experience into an extra-terrestrial endeavour.

This Neo-tectonic Revolution is already globally effective, disruptive of the old world order in administration of its socio-economic systems. The rapid and fundamental transformation of human existence is again taking place over just two or three generations of creative production and socially radical reformative activity. Its outcome is unknown – uncertain.

Transformations of a finite materialism must mean taking-apart of an old order to reassemble it as the new. The cataclysms of Evolutionary advance are ever in creative destruction.

As cosmic existence is violently generative we face huge obstacles and new perils as those changes have been and are made by ourselves. War, famine, disease, climate-change – unpredictable dangers come anytime to challenge our individual and collective existences.

However, as appropriate understanding of this immensity of unprecedented evolutionary transformation is presently lacking – dire-dangerous conditions of hubris take its place.

At all times, that duty of revelation and explication is the role of the Philosopher, Artist, Architect and Creative Designer – but it is essentially so in an age of evolutionary metamorphosis – as was the Neolithic era and now, crucially, is our own Neo-tectonic age.

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