Architecture & Evolution

Architecture & Evolution: How will we Build for a sustainable Global Society in this unprecedented extra-terrestrial era?

This Blog will examine our past progress in building ‘Civilisation’ – to show ways that Architecture has previously (and can again) organise and influence a successful Social Evolution.

John McClellan.

Space-Cell Systems” – Architecture & Evolution – a development plan @

The ‘Space-Cell’ project promotes a range of key ideas via related constructions, products, publications and references. These inform on those most basic principles of organisation that have now been proven to condition every aspect of existence.

Such base principles are critically important this 21st-century. This is our time of unprecedented technological, social & environmental changes – active as advances or threats to survival. Simply stated as the most familiar school-book geometrics they yet condition everything – for us, most effectively in the Architectures we construct and inhabit. Architecture & Evolution are taken together to frame this enterprise.

20th-century sciences were revolutionary – revealing interconnected existence is ever evolutionary active in its self-inventing, designing and fabricating of everything.

Einstein’s Relativity Theory [1905-15] had established this as generating the Universe.

Completely unexpected, that theory revealed an evolutionary-constructed Cosmology.

The Universe, in origin and evolutionary formation of every element and event, follows from applied principles that initiate and control its ongoing development – up to and including our interventions.

Those same formative concepts, though very familiar as experienced ‘metaphysically’ in Culture, are not yet well understood nor properly shown as its key active agents.

‘Civilisation’ was invented 10,000 years ago when those base-principles were human activated via a Neolithic Revolution. That made a new way of life, so organised to fundamentally change human existence. As constructed it framed the world situation up to the 20th-century. Then came World war I, financial collapse, WW II and post-war reorganisations in revolutions concomitant with ‘Modernist’ cultural transformations.

Now, in reapplying those same base-geometrics, we are again radically changing human life, the planet and expectations of future existences we can’t imagine.

A situation may have seemed too-long quiescent, then movement occurs very suddenly. Pent-up socio-economic energies are released as ‘earthquake and tsunami’ of forces and chaotic events; social metamorphosis is completed in just two or three generations. That was the Neolithic Revolution and so too our own time.

This new experience and understanding is already a global revolution – Neo-tectonic – computer-connected and controlled in instant-interactive lifestyles. This has extended the human endeavour far beyond Earth and the Solar System into exploring and resolving the most elemental mysteries of humanity’s place in the Cosmic creation.

We are newly-active again in precipitating and manipulating evolution.

So our time is very special – already one of critical transformation at an accelerating pace. Acceleration changes relationships in space-time, energy and mass to accord with those fundamental geometric principles of Relativity Theory.

Space-Cell Systems” shows how this consciously constructive process works. In momentous events we have ‘Al-chemically‘ reactivated those ‘Cosmic’ principles.


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